Zombie Costume Accessories

If you want to blend in with the shambling legions, make sure to stock up on the fantastic zombie accessories that we carry here at Medieval Collectables. These costume accessories will transform you into a convincing member of the living dead with items like blood-spattered bandages, costume cosmetics, synthetic blood, injury prosthetics, and horror wigs. Our zombie blood comes in gel packs, blood capsules, blood sprays, and bottles as large as a gallon, ensuring that you can create the effect you want. Our gory latex appliances range from hideous slashes to unsightly rashes to wicked scars that are sure to make others wince when they see you. We offer undead make-up in colors that are ideal for mimicking bruises, decomposing flesh, and other horrific creatures, as well as the necessary applicator tools and effect removal products. These undead costume accessories are ideal for Halloween parties, haunted houses, zombie walks, theatrical performances, and other eerie events. These cosplay accessories are great for other spooky costumes, as well.
Bloody Bandages, Zombie Bandages, and Gory Bandages
Some bloodstained bandages are just what the doctor ordered whenever walkers are on the loose. Here at Medieval Collectables, we carry a variety of ghoulish costume accessories, including a range of wound bandages that can make anyone look like the survivor of a gruesome attack. Our blood-spattered bandages include arm bandages, head bandages, and leg bandages that you can use in any combination to show the severity of the encounter.
Zombie Costume Make-Up, Zombie Make-Up, and Horror Make-Up
Transform yourself into one of the living dead with ease this October when you bring home this zombie Halloween make-up! Medieval Collectables carries a wide range of professional make-up, applicator tools, setting sprays, cosmetic removers, special effect sets, zombie fake nails, ooze gel, zombie temporary tattoos, and glo-mouth costume accessories. You can find everything you need to get your zombie look off to a great start.
Zombie Blood, Fake Blood, and Blood Capsules
Medieval Collectables carries excellent synthetic blood products that can create horrifying displays of gore for your undead look. We carry blood bottles in various amounts, blood capsules, blood gel packs, blood sprays, and other special effect gore materials that will leave you dripping with ick factor. Our non-toxic blood works great for movies, theater performances, zombie walks, and costume parties, so be sure to pick some up today!
Zombie Prosthetics, Zombie Scars, and Zombie Wounds
Medieval Collectables is happy to offer a number of eerie and grotesque costume prosthetics, false scars, and gory latex appliances, all of which are perfect for adding gruesome detail to your zombie look! Some of these fake wounds are fairly typical, like costume scratches, rashes, and cuts, while others are truly grisly spectacles like cut throats, irritated stitches, maggoty gashes, and severe burns.
Zombie Wigs, Zombie Hairpieces, and Zombie Costume Wigs
Medieval Collectables is the first place you should come when you want a fantastic horror wig with eerie undead style. Our undead wigs come in designs for men and women in a range of creepy colors, textures, and lengths. Whether you want to be a zombified pirate, a radioactive walker, or a tomb robber, these zombie hairpieces are sure to start your look off right!