Zombie Nation Tee Shirt
Item #ST-31269
In the event of a zombie outbreak, certain precautions must be taken. In the event that these precautions are not taken, the total collapse of civilization is likely. The end result is portrayed on the Zombie Nation Tee Shirt.
Price: $16.00
Zombie Liberty Tee Shirt
Item #ST-31267
Ah, the zombification of lady liberty herself. She stands tall as a monument to the liberty and freedom of all zombies - the freedom to eat brains! In wearing your Zombie Liberty Tee Shirt, you show your support for zombie freedom.
Price: $16.00
Breakfast Time T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3028
How do zombies start the day? With the breakfast of undead champions! Featuring a meal that would get a zombie up and moving in the morning, the Breakfast Time T-Shirt is a gruesome yet humorous look at how a zombie would start the day.
Price: $24.00
End Of The World Party T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3054
If the world is ending, what else is there to do but live life to the fullest? The End Of The World Party T-Shirt has the right idea. After all, is not it better to celebrate and enjoy life than languish in fear of the inevitable end?
Price: $24.00
What's Your Problem T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3050
The Whats Your Problem T-Shirt poses an interesting question, one that has a very logical answer. The problem, as this shirt so kindly points out, is that according to the Mayan calendar, the world is supposed to end in the year 2012.
Price: $24.00
2012 Party T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3056
The 2012 Party T-Shirt advocates going out with a bang. Given that some believe that the world will end, it will likely be a year filled with parties and festivities like the world has never seen. It should make for an interesting year.
Price: $24.00
Moonlit Horde T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3007
There is nothing prettier than a full moon, and the zombies have gathered to celebrate it. The Moonlit Horde T-Shirt features the creepy silhouettes of a horde of shambling zombies, all lit by the pale, pristine glow of a full moon.
Price: $24.00
Zombie Stack Tee Shirt
Item #ST-31268
There is nothing quite as depressing as the sight of what is on the Zombie Stack Tee Shirt. You will swiftly begin to utter prayers or curses upon seeing this graphic tee, possibly interspersed with a, Why Me?
Price: $16.00
The End is Near-ish T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3058
When it comes to predicting the end of the world, The End Is Near-ish T-Shirt is as close to accurate as possible. How precise is this prediction? Well, the end could be at the end of the year, which makes the shirt fairly accurate.
Price: $24.00
Game Over T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3052
Fans of classic video games will certainly find the Game Over T-Shirt styled to their liking. If all of life is a game, then what this shirt depicts would be the screen that all players would see after the end of the world.
Price: $24.00
Warlord Premium T-Shirt
Item #762-501-503
Prospering among the age old remains of war, this reaper sits as ruler of the battlefield. The Warlord Premium T-Shirt displays the true victor of war, who from time immemorial has claimed soldiers as his spoils of war.
Price: $19.95
Colored Ravenous Zombie T-Shirt
Item #ZB-4001
It is a fact that zombies like to eat humans, whether it is brains, or any fleshy part that they can get a hold of. The Colored Ravenous Zombie T-Shirt serves to remind you that zombies are out there, looking for fresh human meals.
Price: $19.00
Zombie Love T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3023
The Zombie Love T-Shirt takes the traditional pictogram of I Heart You and zombifies it completely. The message is mostly the same, professing a love of zombies through words and a heart, although this heart is more sanguineous.
Price: $24.00
Zombie Target T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3012
When you wear this shirt, there is no questioning what your favorite target is when it comes to putting live ammunition down-range. The Zombie Target T-Shirt shows exactly where you should be aim on the walking dead.
Price: $24.00
All-Over Zombie T-Shirt
Item #ZB-4003
The All-Over Zombie T-Shirt is definitely for the most die-hard of zombie enthusiasts. This zombie is not your typical cartoon zombie or a stylized zombie, but rather a detailed flesh-eating ghoul that is begun to rot and decay.
Price: $22.00
2012 Resolution T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3048
2012 has been an ominous year for quite some time. Largely regarded as the year that the world ends, the 2012 Resolution T-Shirt states a rather simple yet appropriate new years resolution for the year that humanity might have left.
Price: $24.00
Zombie Football T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3005
As the Zombie Football T-Shirt shows, the zombies have one game plan when it comes to how they attack. Unfortunately for humanity, it is a tough play to beat. What it lacks in complexity, it more than makes up for with numbers and zeal.
Price: $24.00
Zombie Within T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3041
Everyone has a bit of zombie inside them, trying to escape. Unfortunately, escaping is rarely a good thing. The Zombie Within T-Shirt shows a zombie as it claws and rips its way through flesh in order to reach its freedom.
Price: $24.00
Need A Hand T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3026
Are you in need of an extra hand to help you out? You can get exactly that when you wear the Need A Hand T-Shirt! Of course, the extra hand is somewhat limited in what it can do, but one extra helping hand is certainly better than none.
Price: $24.00
Zombie Walk T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3018
No one can say that humanity is unaware of the plights of the undead. With the Zombie Walk T-Shirt, you too can support this charitable event, which supports zombies everywhere in their protest against the continuation of undead hunger.
Price: $24.00