Junior Zombie T-Shirts

The fashion of the walking dead is not only for adults! At Medieval Collectables, we know that zombie enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we offer a number of ghoulish junior t-shirts for children and teenagers who enjoy putrid style. Our junior zombified t-shirts are sized slightly smaller than adult undead t-shirts, many made in slim cuts and fitted designs. One thing all of our junior zombie tees have in common, though, are their rocking monster themes! Ranging from hilarious to gory, virtually all of our undead youth t-shirts show colorful graphics and fun slogans inspired by the end of the world. Whether you want to wear a frightening zombie shirt on your day out on the town or a funny zombie graphic tee on weekends, you are sure to find great options here at the Medieval Collectables!
Junior Moonlit Horde T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3008
Youth does not grant immunity to zombification or fascination with the walking dead. The Junior Moonlit Horde T-Shirt depicts the creepy silhouettes of dozens of zombies as they gather, all lit by the pale, eerie glow of a full moon.
Price: $26.00
Junior Game Over T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3053
Fans of classic video games will certainly find the Junior Game Over T-Shirt styled to their liking. If all of life is a game, then what this shirt depicts would be the screen that all players would see after the end of the world.
Price: $26.00
Junior 2012 Resolution T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3049
2012 has been an ominous year for quite some time. Largely regarded as the year that the world ends, the Junior 2012 Resolution T-Shirt states a simple yet appropriate new years resolution for the only year that humanity might have left.
Price: $26.00
Junior What's Your Problem T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3051
The Junior Whats Your Problem T-Shirt poses an interesting question, one that has a logical answer. The problem, as this shirt so kindly points out, is that according to the Mayan calendar, the world is supposed to end in the year 2012.
Price: $26.00
Junior Five Ways T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3044
As the Junior Five Ways T-Shirt depicts, there are five basic ways to kill a zombie. Other methods builds on one of these five basic methods. And each method is depicted here, via a series of informative little boxes.
Price: $26.00
Junior Zombie Crossing T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3010
When you look at the Junior Zombie Crossing T-Shirt, what do you think the right course of action is when faced with a zombie crossing sign? Do you speed up or slow down for zombies crossing the road?
Price: $26.00
Junior the End is Near-ish T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3059
When predicting the end of the world, The Junior End Is Near-ish T-Shirt is as close to accurate as possible. How precise is this prediction? Well, the end could be at the end of the year, which makes the shirt fairly accurate.
Price: $26.00
Junior Must Eat Brains T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3034
It is only fair to the world that when you are feeling something like a zombie, you warn others. And the perfect and stylish way to warn others of your zombie-like condition is to wear the Junior Must Eat Brains T-Shirt!
Price: $26.00
Junior End Of The World Party T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3055
If the world is ending, what else is there to do but live life to the fullest? The Junior End Of The World Party T-Shirt has the right idea. Is not it better to celebrate and enjoy life than languish in fear of the inevitable end?
Price: $26.00
Junior Zombie Within T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3042
Let the zombie inside you see the world with the Junior Zombie Within T-Shirt. There is no letting your inner zombie go completely. For now, letting it see the outside world while it claws through your chest and shirt is enough.
Price: $26.00
Junior Breakfast Time T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3029
There is not a human alive who would want to start the day eating this breakfast, but to the undead, the Junior Breakfast Time T-Shirt depicts a meal that any zombie would want to chow down on when they rise from the grave.
Price: $26.00
Junior Voodoo Zombie Graveyard T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3022
This zombie is not your typical brain-hungry corpse. The Junior Voodoo Zombie Graveyard T-Shirt depicts a fully-fledged ghoul that looks capable of using voodoo and mysticism to raise the dead from their graves as zombie servants.
Price: $26.00
Junior Walking Dead T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3039
This visceral shirt is not for the squeamish or the faint of heart. The Junior Walking Dead T-Shirt features a close-up on a zombie. While the result is certainly impressive, it is not pretty, as the zombie is bloody and decayed.
Price: $26.00
Junior Rapture Survivor T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3046
Surviving an event like the rapture is quite a feat. As simple as the Junior Rapture Survivor T-Shirt looks, the message and design are really more like a small boast, indicating resilience and fortitude for having survived the rapture.
Price: $26.00
Junior Zombie Pin Up All A Girl Wants T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3003
Do not let her looks fool you because this zombie woman, like all zombies, is only interested in one thing. The Junior Zombie Pin Up All A Girl Wants T-Shirt depicts a zombie woman on a black background as she cradles her hearts desire.
Price: $26.00
Junior Zombie Walk T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3019
There is not a person alive who cannot support the walking deads continued protest of their unabated hunger! Support their plight today with the Junior Zombie Walk T-Shirt. Its the best thing for helping their cause.
Price: $26.00
Junior Zombie Target T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3013
The Junior Zombie Target T-Shirt is the shirt of a zombie slayer in the making. Everyone will know what you aim at when you point your gun down range, and everyone will know what you aim for, given that only one shot counts.
Price: $26.00
Junior Three Dead Zombies T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3036
Hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil are they age-old concepts that were once displayed using three monkeys. But now, with the Junior Three Dead Zombies T-Shirt, these concepts can be displayed on three dead zombie heads.
Price: $26.00
Junior Need A Hand T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3027
When you are wearing this shirt, you will never be totally short-handed. The Junior Need A Hand T-Shirt features a helping hand that you can carry around wherever you go. The hand has limited uses, but some help is better than none.
Price: $26.00
Junior Zombie Love T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3024
The Junior Zombie Love T-Shirt takes the traditional pictogram of I Heart You and zombifies it completely. The message is mostly the same, professing a love of zombies through words and a heart, although this heart is bloodier.
Price: $26.00