Zombie Apparel

Whether you want to dress like a lurker or show off a bold cadaver graphic in your attire, the selection of zombie-themed clothing that we offer here at Medieval Collectables gives you creative options for displaying your enjoyment of these grotesque monsters. We carry a variety of walking dead t-shirts and zombie sweatshirts for men and women that allow you to wear something outbreak-inspired at any time of year. Our zombie fashion designs range from gory to funny, so you can find something according to your taste. Many of the zombie humor t-shirts make use of pop culture art in their prints, such as our Walken Dead t-shirt or Zombie Care Bear t-shirt. Others mimic the rotting wounds and putrefaction of the undead, making them excellent additions to horror costumes. Pick out your favorite pieces of zombie attire to wear as comfortable garb for any day of the week!
Zombie Footwear, Survival Footwear, and Combat Boots
Medieval Collectables is your one-stop shop for all things undead, including an amazing range of walking dead footwear for men, women, and kids. Our tactical footwear includes an assortment of combat boots, army boots, and other leather boots, as well as zombie flats, stiletto boots, pumps, and bloody high heels. These zombie boots are great for wilderness adventures and Halloween.
Zombie Hoodies and Jackets, Zombie Sweatshirts, and Zombie Humor Hoodies
Now you can wear your favorite zombie apparel all year round with our zombie sweatshirts and zombie hooded jackets! Medieval Collectables carries warm and comfortable zombie pullovers and undead outerwear featuring striking graphics that fans of the living dead are sure to love. Our zombie humor designs offer a unique take on the gruesome beings, offering quips and twists on pop culture icons. Alternately, check out our creepier apocalypse hoodie designs.
Junior Zombie T-Shirts, Teen Zombie T-Shirts, and Zombie Apocalypse T-Shirts
At Medieval Collectables, we know that walking dead fans come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we offer a number of zombie junior t-shirts for children and adolescents who enjoy putrid style. Our junior zombie tees are sized slightly smaller than adult t-shirts, many made in slim cuts and fitted designs. Ranging from hilarious to gory, our youth t-shirts show colorful graphics and fun slogans inspired by the end of the world.
Zombie Bathrobes, Zombie Loungewear, and Zombie Sleepwear
Take advantage of the few moments of rest you can get during the necropocalypse with the zombie bathrobes and undead lounging clothes that we carry here at Medieval Collectables. This comfortable zombie loungewear includes pieces like fleece robes and sleep attire. Our licensed Walking Dead robes provide several fun designs that fans of the AMC TV series are sure to love.
Womens Zombie T-Shirts, Zombie Graphic Tees, and Zombie Humor Shirts
Transform yourself into the ghoul of his dreams with the fantastic zombie womens shirts you will find at Medieval Collectables. These ladies zombie t-shirts will provide any fan of the undead with clever designs inspired by the shambling legion. We offer an assortment of gory and funny zombie tees for gals that make excellent casual wear options.
Zombie Jewelry, Biohazard Jewelry, and Survival Jewelry
Our zombie accessories and survivalist jewelry at Medieval Collectables will appeal to anyone who plans to fight back against the shambling legion. We carry undead pendants, undead necklaces, undead rings, undead bracelets, undead earrings, and undead dog tags. Our biohazard jewelry shows off the warning symbol, while our other weapon jewelry shows off bullets, razors, grenades, knives, and knuckledusters.