Are you determined to live through the necropocalypse, or do you just enjoy hearing stories of the living dead? No matter what kind of fan you are, Medieval Collectables carries a great assortment of zombie merchandise to help you celebrate or survive the zombie apocalypse. We provide tactical gear and zombie survivalist weapons, including functional machetes, walking dead knives, zombie combat axes, undead throwing weapons, and more. Our zombie-themed apparel and zombie costumes will allow you to dress like you are a member of the zombie legion with items like monster t-shirts, horror prosthetics, and ghoulish accessories. Fans of the Walking Dead and other media are sure to enjoy our other zombie novelties like zombie card decks, zombie fridge magnets, licensed POP figurines, costume props, and zombie tableware. Finally, our variety of zombie decor will allow you to fill your life with all things undead - whether you prefer to use them as Halloween decorations or display them all year round!
Zombie Apparel, Zombie T-Shirts, and Zombie Hoodies
If you want to show off your enjoyment of the walking dead in your attire, you are in luck! Medieval Collectables carries an assortment of cadaver-themed clothes for men and women. Our zombie apparel includes zombie tees, zombie sweatshirts, biohazard jewelry, and licensed robes with gory prints or humorous art in their designs. Many of our zombie humor t-shirts riff on other pop culture icons, while other designs incorporate creepier themes.
Zombie Costume Accessories, Zombie Prosthetics, and Zombie Make-Up
If you want to blend in with the shambling legions, make sure to stock up on the zombie accessories that we carry at Medieval Collectables. These undead costume accessories will transform you into a convincing member of the living dead with blood-spattered bandages, costume cosmetics, synthetic blood, injury prosthetics, and horror wigs. These Halloween costume accessories are ideal for parties, haunted houses, zombie walks, and stage performances.
Zombie Costumes, Undead Costumes, and Zombie Halloween Costumes
Join the zombie horde with the zombie costumes that we carry at Medieval Collectables! We offer zombie costumes for men, women, and children, so the whole family can look like the walking dead. In addition to complete monster costumes, we also provide excellent zombie latex masks, zombie hands, and zombie feet that you can use to round out any zombie ensemble.
Zombie Latex Weapons, Zombie LARP Weapons, and Zombie Apocalypse LRP Weapons
Medieval Collectables provides a wide array of undead latex weapons ranging from traditional role-player weapons like LARP swords, LARP shields, and LARP battle axes to contemporary LARP weapons like LARP throwing bricks, LARP sport bats, LARP wrenches, and other post-apocalypse weapons. Our LARP cleavers, LARP hammers, and LARP throwing grenades will ensure that you can fight off even the hungriest shamblers.
Plastic Zombie Weapons, Zombie Costume Weapons, and Zombie Prop Weapons
Unless you are going to be facing real zombies, it is probably best to choose plastic weapons from Medieval Collectables to accent your look. Safer than functional weapons, these plastic knives, plastic hand axes, animated chainsaw replicas, and other plastic costume tools will help prevent accidental injuries among your survivors. These zombie prop weapons work great for haunted houses, zombie walks, stage productions, and costume parties.
Real Zombie Weapons, Zombie Machetes, and Zombie Axes
There is no better place to buy a real zombie combat weapon than Medieval Collectables. Our undead weapons come in a range of designs, including battle-ready axes and hatchets, battle-ready machetes, battle-ready katana, battle-ready spears, and other battle-ready blades. We even offer ranged weapons like undead throwing weapons and tactical slingshots, ensuring that you do not need to get too close to the corpse horde.
Zombie Decor, Zombie Gifts, and Zombie Games
Medieval Collectables is the perfect place to find all the zombie home decor and zombie giftware to satisfy your hearts desire. We carry excellent undead decorations, undead collectibles inspired by The Walking Dead, undead games, Halloween body parts, fountains and misters, zombie apocalypse statues, vinyl POP figures, and zombie wall hangings. These pieces are ideal for haunted houses, creepy collections, and parties.