Western Hats

There is perhaps no item more essential to the classic Wild West look than a fantastic ten-gallon hat. At Medieval Collectables, we carry an excellent selection of cowboy hats, sheriff hats, Stetson hats, and other wide-brimmed leather hats for regular wearing, costuming, historical re-enactments, or use as theatrical props. Our Old West hats come in a range of sizes and styles to suit any need. Whether you want to dress as an outlaw, a US Marshal, a Texas Ranger, a gunslinger, or a cowpoke, you can be sure to find a Wild West hat to suit your look. Certain designs even feature rattlesnakes, braid bands, engraved graphics, and other accents to help them stand out. Our cowboy headwear will send you back to the time of Calamity Jane, Buffalo Bill, Butch Cassidy, Billy the Kid, Annie Oakley, and other legendary figures of the West.
Western Leather Hat
Item #OC015
This leather Western hat is great for finishing your cowboy outfit or use as a stage prop. The Western hat comes in a variety of sizes and is only available in brown. The cowboy hat has a braided leather band around the base of the hat.
Price: $76.00
Roadkill Top HatRoadkill Top Hat
Item #MCI-6030
Nothing quite says wild man like this hat. Impressive and intimidating, this Roadkill Top Hat is an eccentric touch of style for the hunter, explorer, or bushman in any age who likes to show off his prowess on the hat atop his head.
Price: $499.95
On Sale For: $450.00
Rio Topper Snakeskin Top Hat
Item #MCI-6023
A wild, western theme combines well with this leather top hat to create something that is quite the eye-catcher. The Rio Topper Snakeskin Top Hat is a stunning accent that draws the eye and holds attention, thanks to its unique look.
Price: $367.00
Deadwood Rattlesnake Top HatDeadwood Rattlesnake Top Hat
Item #MCI-6024
This is a hat that does its name proud. Named after the infamous Wild West town, this Deadwood Rattlesnake Top Hat combines the look of a Victorian top hat with a necrotic symbol of the Old West for a shocking combination.
Price: $349.95
On Sale For: $315.00
Serpent Western HatSerpent Western Hat
Item #MCI-6064
For the Celtic cowboy, we have got the Serpent Western Hat. We have successfully combined the style of the old west with the elegance of Celtic knot work. Fans of both can now take advantage of this truly unique accent piece.
Price: $229.95
On Sale For: $206.00
Silverado Western Hat
Item #MCI-6047
Reminiscent of a pork pie but with a distinctive brim, the Silverado Western Hat is lean and mean. Leave the brim low for a gun slinger look, or you can bend it up and give it some attitude. This hat is one fierce piece of headwear.
Price: $177.00
Falcon Western Hat
Item #MCI-6066
For a cowboy hat that is great for the farm and even better for formal events, pick up the Falcon Western Hat. A truly versatile item, this hat is capable of showing your rough and tumble side, as well as your fashionable side.
Price: $247.00
Django Bounty Hunter HatDjango Bounty Hunter Hat
Item #MCI-6067
Inspired by the film Django Unchained, the Django Bounty Hunter Hat is a great western hat. The design is something any cowboy would be proud to wear, and with its durable construction, you, too, can wear it on the range.
Price: $159.95
On Sale For: $130.00
Storm Snakeskin Hat
Item #MCI-6063
Make a statement with the Storm Snakeskin Hat. With rattlesnake, alligator, and lizard elements crafted into the pinched crown, this hat is a showstopper, ideal for a true outdoorsman who wants to add some flair to an outfit.
Price: $297.00
Wana Western Hat
Item #MCI-6124
A true lone wolf, the cowboy knows solitude as he herds his cattle throughout the prairies and grasses of the Wild West. The Wana Western Hat displays a gorgeous, laser engraved image of a wolf on the side of its crown.
Price: $187.00
Lace Concho El Dorado Hat
Item #MCI-6131
Your unique sense of style will be evident when you show up wearing the Lace Concho El Dorado Hat. This handmade top hat displays a wide band with diamond shaped conchos. Lacing decorates the space between the silver tone accents.
Price: $217.00
Garbo Hat
Item #MCI-6137
Evoking the legendary silver screen icon Greta Garbo, the Garbo Hat is an incredible Steam haute masterpiece. Featuring an engraved ultra-suede brim and Celtic knot centerpiece, the Garbo is an expression of class and confidence.
Price: $247.00
Sturgis Topper Hat
Item #MCI-6125
Strong with style, character, and Old West flair, the Sturgis Topper Hat displays a wide band embellished with oval silver conchos and decorative studs. Handmade from black leather, this mid height top hat has a regal profile.
Price: $367.00
Rider Hat
Item #MCI-6138
Displaying a sophisticated style, the Rider Hat is handmade from fine American leather. The leather band displays a Celtic knot centerpiece. The sleek design and durable construction make it a perfect choice for many outfits.
Price: $167.00