Viking Swords

During the Viking Age, a raider owning a sword was a matter of prestige, since only free men were allowed to carry weapons. Viking blades were typically single-handed swords used along with a shield. Blades ranged from 23 to 37 inches in length, and the shape resembled many other weapons of the Dark Ages. Many featured deep fullers and lobed pommels. At Medieval Collectables, we are proud to carry an excellent variety of Norman, Viking, and Anglo-Saxon swords inspired by the weapons wielded by these ancient warriors. Our inventory includes single- and double-handed sword designs, Nordic short swords, and warrior broadswords. We carry Viking swords specific to the 7th through 11th centuries, including sword reproductions modeled on blades held in museums like the Cawood sword, Trondheim sword, Leuterit sword, Korsoygaden sword, Suontaka sword, and others. Other designs are named for historical figures, such as the Godfred sword, Ulfbert sword, and Erik the Red sword. We carry functional swords and decorative swords, ensuring that you can find blades for re-enactors, WMA combatants, theatrical performers, or collectors.
Damascus Viking Sword
Item #500262
Early Viking swords were forged from layers of iron interwoven with strands of steel to produce a very tough sword. This is a beautiful reproduction of an actual artifact found in Finland, fit for any Viking warrior.
Price: $425.00
Sticklestad Viking Sword
Item #500670
Made from high carbon steel, the sword is a beautifully balanced and highly effective weapon. Capable of both cutting and thrusting, it is also a delight to the eye. Pommel and guard are tastefully decorated with copper.
Price: $245.00
Godfred Sword
Item #SH1010
Named for the feared 8th century Viking raider, our Godfred Sword is built around a beautifully patterned folded steel blade to replicate the pre-9th century originals.
Price: $700.00
Viking SwordViking Sword
Item #07-88VS
The Viking sword of the 9th and 10th centuries featured a long wide blade with a broad central fuller and two keen edges. The preferred stroke was a hard slash or chopping blow, so the point was rounded and sometimes used for thrusting.
Price: $469.99
On Sale For: $376.00
Viking Short Sword
Item #ED4422
The Viking Short Sword features a hammered and blackened iron pommel and guard welded to a hefty steel blade. The Viking Short Sword is durable and suitable for stage and reenactment fighting and come to you at a great price.
Price: $140.60
Swedish Viking Sword
Item #501054
This beautiful and unique sword was unearthed in Sweden and can be seen in Cultural Atlas Of The Viking World, as well as other publications. Quite famous as an artifact, it displays the unknown swordmakers skill and imagination.
Price: $255.00
Erik the Red Viking Sword by Marto
Item #MA-543S
The Erik the Red Viking Sword by Marto is the sword of the legendary Viking settler who discovered and named Greenland. It echoes a classic Viking design, accented with unique touches that make this sword distinct.
Price: $318.75
Leuterit Viking Sword
Item #500806
The British Museum has many fine Viking swords, but one of the most beautiful is the Leuterit sword. This replicas grip is wood with silver pins, while the blade is made from high carbon steel and comes complete with a scabbard.
Price: $265.00
Viking Ulfbert Sword
Item #500864
This Viking Ulfberht Sword is a stellar replica modeled from a sword shown in Ian Pierces book Swords of the Viking Age. An old legend has it that a Nordic smith named Ulfberht developed the first all steel blade.
Price: $210.00
Trondheim Viking Sword
Item #SH2296
Patterned after swords that have been discovered in the area around Trodheim, Norway, the sword exhibits early ninth-century styling, a time when the Norwegian Vikings were pillaging Britain and Ireland.
Price: $850.00
Viking SwordViking Sword
Item #ZS-910887
This Viking Sword has an overall length of 36.5 inches. The blade is constructed from stainless steel with a wood handle wrapped with imitation leather. The Viking Sword includes a leather scabbard that has a brass throat and tip.
Price: $53.90
On Sale For: $48.51
Sword Of The Viking King
Item #501168
The Vikings exploded out of the north to raid and settle most of the known world. They also warred among themselves and it was not unusual for kings to lead and engage in combat themselves, wielding fine swords such as this.
Price: $295.00
Chieftain's Viking Sword with Scabbard
Item #AH-3305M
Modeled after the typical Viking sword, this blade is a weapon fit for a Viking leader or warlord. Historical in its design, the Chieftain's Viking Sword with Scabbard is a straight-forward blade that was designed for battle.
Price: $167.00
Viking Chieftain Sword
Item #ED2046
This Viking sword looks so authentic in the hand that if you close your eyes you can almost feel the fog rolling off the shore and hear the crash of waves. The Chieftain leads another raid, taking your Viking band to far away lands.
Price: $296.40
Practical Viking Broadsword
Item #SH2047
Vikings are known as some of the most brutal warriors to have ever existed, so of course their battle weapons must represent that quality. The Practical Viking Broadsword will bring the authenticity you want to your reenactment.
Price: $205.00
8th Century Viking Sword
Item #IP-033
This Viking Sword is fashioned after an Eighth Century Design. This beautiful sword has a highly polished 33-inch blade with fuller and a dark hardwood handle with a polished, solid steel pommel and cross guard.
Price: $279.00
Tinker Pearce Sharpened 9th Century Viking Sword
Item #SH2408
While not a direct copy of any particular sword, the Viking sword design was inspired by historical examples from the 9th Century, most notably finds from the area around Trondheim, Norway, where the circular hilt was popular.
Price: $355.00
Tinker Pearce Sharp Norman Sword
Item #SH2426
The Tinker Pearce Sharp Norman Sword displays a distinctive cruciform guard and brazil-nut pommel. This sword is harmonically balanced, optimizing the cutting ability of its sharpened blade.
Price: $335.00
11th Century Norman Sword
Item #SH2326
Based upon designs popular during the famed Norman conquest of England led by William the Conqueror, this 11th Century Norman Sword is a functional stage weapon that is perfect for your reenactment or stage combat from this era.
Price: $210.00
River Witham Viking Sword
Item #IP-702-2
The original River Witham sword was dredged up from the river Witham, giving the blade its name. The original can be seen in Ian Peirces Swords of the Viking Age on page 77. This sword is hand forged from 5160 carbon steel.
Price: $299.00