Viking Clothing

The Vikings often crafted their clothing from wool, a material which helped to protect them from frigid winters and could be handmade with relative ease. Norsemen often wore long tunics and Viking trousers, which were held up by a belt or sash. In cold weather, warriors added a fur cloak or long-sleeved vest to this ensemble. Many hooded cloaks fastened at the shoulder with a brooch or a pin. For foot protection, Viking raiders often wore leather shoes. Viking ladies wore similar clothing to men, often substituting a long chemise with a Nordic overdress in place of a tunic. Capes, shawls, and handkerchiefs were also worn by women. At Medieval Collectables, we carry an excellent assortment of Norse apparel like rus pants, gowns, tunics, Norse shirts, and period shoes that work well for Ren fairs, re-enactments, and theatrical productions.
Woolen Viking Tunic
Item #100804
These are some of the finest Viking tunics we have ever offered. Made from 100% wool, the rich fabric is heavy and accurate to the period. The sleeves, collar, and hem are accented with a thick Nordic design trim.
Price: $99.00
Viking Tunic
Item #100018
The Viking Tunic was worn during the Norman and Saxon periods, when men of all classes wore tunics. This tunic is a very versatile piece and will go with many different outfits, making it a great addition to any wardrobe.
Price: $69.00
Villager BootsVillager Boots
Item #FW1031
The Villager Boots come up to the knee and has a wrap around front that laces on the side of the boot for closure. These boots are a simple style and will go with many different looks from Viking and barbarian to peasant and medieval.
Price: $43.00
Medieval TunicMedieval Tunic
Item #MCI-2339
The Medieval Tunic is a must have for any re-enactors wardrobe. This versatile piece can be worn with just about anything, by both men or women. The neckline, sleeves, and bottom of the garment are trimmed with contrasting colored trim.
Price: $34.00
On Sale For: $32.30
Viking Leather Shoes
Item #GB1779
Footwear has been important all throughout history. In the middle ages shoes represented both fashion and necessity. Modern re-enactors who need footwear will love the look of these Viking Leather Shoes.
Price: $97.00
Viking Shirt
Item #GB3442
Our Viking Tunic is suitable for use with many period outfits. This tunic is an authentically tailored, mid thigh length garment that features decorative trim around the edges. The Viking tunic features half length sleeves.
Price: $39.00
Kids Medieval TunicKids Medieval Tunic
Item #MCI-2352
This Kids Medieval Tunic is a must-have for any child re-enactor wardrobe. This versatile piece can be worn by boys and girls with just about anything. The neckline, sleeves, and bottom of the garment are trimmed with contrasting colors.
Price: $34.00
On Sale For: $32.30
11th Century Norman Shoes
Item #GB1139
These side-laced shoes, while specific to the Norman period, will complement a wide range of medieval re-enactors costumes. Our 11th Century Norman Shoes are crafted by cobblers, using the same techniques as their medieval counterparts.
Price: $129.00
Saxon Tunic
Item #DC1164
During the Norman and Saxon periods, men of all classes wore tunics. Continuing that tradition, our Saxon tunic has been made using durable Brown Twill fabric. The sleeve and garment were cut as one piece using only one seam.
Price: $91.00
Norse Trimmed Viking Tunic
Item #AH-PA2001
Fine craft was inherently a part of the Viking culture, and this Norse Trimmed Viking Tunic proves as much. It stands alone as a Viking tunic, with just that right touch of detail to make it into a stellar piece of apparel to wear.
Price: $38.00
Lady's Saxon Style Dress
Item #MCI-222
The Lady's Saxon Style Dress is a great outfit for a woman who not only wants to look pretty, but also wants something that can be worked in, if need be. This simple yet attractive dress is made entirely from light-weight Muslin cotton.
Price: $125.00
Fur Trimmed Norse Overdress
Item #MCI-319
This Fur Trimmed Norse Overdress is exactly the type of garment that one could imagine a Viking woman wearing. It is a straight-forward over-Overdress that is designed to be worn day after day, through all seasons, with little upkeep.
Price: $130.00
Saxon Skirt
Item #MCI-235
The Saxon Skirt is a simple skirt, one suited for a wide variety of uses. There is no best use because it can fill a variety of needs. It is a perfect skirt for a female serf or for female nobility. It all depends on your need.
Price: $85.00
Odin ShirtOdin Shirt
Item #MCI-3127
The Odin Shirt is an early Middle Age-style garment with a long V-shaped neckline that is designed for both authenticity and style. The striking period shirt falls just above the hip and is made from comfortable, dyed cotton.
Price: $31.00
On Sale For: $29.45
Ketill Canvas Pants
Item #MY100097
Inspired by the Rus pants of the Vikings, the Ketill Canvas Pants come in a pattern that allows excellent freedom of movement. These baggy trousers fit loosely around the waist and upper leg before snugging tightly around the calf.
Price: $39.00
Viking Nobleman Tunic
Item #101639
The Viking Nobleman Tunic exudes the style of the Dark Ages and recalls the tales of fierce Norse raiders. This Viking shirt is made of heavy 100 percent cotton with a wide, natural edging at the collar and bottom of the garment.
Price: $120.00
Bjorn Fur Trimmed Cape
Item #MY100148
The perfect piece of outerwear for any warrior from the northern lands, the Bjorn Fur Trimmed Cape provides an impressive look with the faux fur trimming the edges. The rectangular cape is crafted from dense cotton canvas material.
Price: $55.00
Ragi Fur Cap
Item #MY100329
Dress yourself in the practical style of the North with the Ragi Fur Cap. Made of suede, this hat features a band of faux fur. With this hat, you can guard yourself against winter winds and snows or just stay cozy on a cooler day.
Price: $27.39
Norman Tunic
Item #101660
From the age of William the Conqueror comes this courtly Norman Tunic. Manufactured of sturdy homespun blue and grey cotton twill, this tunic is designed to give the look of layered garments with the comfort of a single shirt.
Price: $79.00
Wilfred Cotton Tunic
Item #MY100576
Whether your character is a pragmatic merchant, a medieval nobleman, or an adventurer of almost any sort, the Wilfred Cotton Tunic will have you dressed in distinct medieval style with its classic shape and cool color block look.
Price: $39.00