Steampunk Necklaces and Pendants

Medieval Collectables carries Neo-Victorian necklaces and pendants for every occasion and style! In a world powered by steam technology, fashion branches into many unique looks, as you can see from our wide array of vintage pendants, cyberpunk lockets, Victorian chokers, and other Edwardian necklaces. Some of our steampunk necklaces look like they belong around the neck of an scientist or mechanic, while other steampunk pendants embrace vintage elegance suitable for nobles. Many pieces incorporate steampunk devices, including things like sprockets, cogs, cranks, pistons, and other machinery in their design, while others show off antique keys, cameos, insects, and period elements. Still others embrace a maritime theme straight out of a Jules Verne novel, displaying ship anchors and octopuses. No matter what kind of ensemble you are wearing, our cyberpunk jewelry will add charm and eccentricity.
Anguistralobe PendantAnguistralobe Pendant
Item #AG-P188
The Anguistralobe Pendant features a working miniature of the 18th century tool used to measure the path of destiny among heavenly bodies. The gothic instrument employs a dark design tailored to the crueler twists of fate.
Price: $39.00
On Sale For: $35.10
Steampunk Chains & Gears Necklace
Item #LU14009
Steampunk jewelry can sometimes be considered just slightly over the top. It typically is esoteric and attention-grabbing. In this regard, the Steampunk Chains & Gears Necklace is not so different from other styles of Steampunk jewelry.
Price: $12.00
Quantum Displacer Control PendantQuantum Displacer Control Pendant
Item #AG-P541
An essential piece of equipment for any respectable neo-Victorian mechanic, the Quantum Displacer Control Pendant offers the means to calibrate the compensation for an entropic shift in matter that enables transportation.
Price: $102.35
On Sale For: $92.12
Steampunk Dragonfly Gears Necklace
Item #LU14007
The Steampunk Dragonfly Gears Necklace is an amalgamation of nature and Steampunk technology. It looks like a winged box of gears. It is an intriguing piece of jewelry works equally well alone or matched to a Steampunk outfit.
Price: $9.00
Steampunk Gear Necklace
Item #LU14004
Most Steampunk jewelry is not simple, but then again, this Steampunk Gear Necklace is not most Steampunk jewelry. It does, however, keep with Steampunk style, and therefore, goes great with almost any Steampunk costume.
Price: $12.00
Foundryman's Ring Cross PendantFoundryman's Ring Cross Pendant
Item #AG-P606
The Foundrymans Ring Cross Pendant is a powerful symbol of an old faith embodied and embedded in the gears and steel of an ironworkers soul. Words that speak of the powerful faith and belief that are embedded in this talisman.
Price: $59.00
On Sale For: $53.10
Proto-X-Ray Cross PendantProto-X-Ray Cross Pendant
Item #AG-P543
Displaying an early, pioneering excursion into the world of the X-ray technology, the Proto-X-Ray Cross Pendant offers a view into the human head! This X-ray pendant displays the glass image set into a chaos cross.
Price: $48.30
On Sale For: $43.47
Steampunk Multi-Gear Necklace and Earring Set
Item #LU14005
The Steampunk Multi-Gear Necklace and Earring Set is an over-the-top jewelry combination that will make a perfect accompaniment to almost any Steampunk outfit. The fine details simply overpower how busy the jewelry set actually is.
Price: $15.00
Laboratory Chatelaine NecklaceLaboratory Chatelaine Necklace
Item #AG-P542
An eclectic bijouterie for the absent-minded neo-Victorian engineer, the Laboratory Chatelaine Necklace features the assembled flotsam from the household of an eccentric scientist in its unique steampunk design.
Price: $71.30
On Sale For: $64.17
Steampunk Butterfly and Gear Necklace
Item #LB218
This Steampunk inspired necklace features a filigree butterfly pendant with formed wings (it is not a completely flat piece) attached to an antique brass gear wheel. This pendant hangs on a brass chain that has a lobster claw clasp.
Price: $19.00
Black Steampunk Gear Choker
Item #LU14006
A nice choker is a wonderful accessory to add to a womans outfit. For a touch of Steampunk style to either your everyday wear or to a Steampunk styled outfit for a fair, why not add the Black Steampunk Gear Choker?
Price: $4.00
Daedalus Penna Scientia Steampunk PendantDaedalus Penna Scientia Steampunk Pendant
Item #AG-P594
Revealing the intrinsic beauty of the miraculous, mechanical, bat-winged flying machine, the Daedalus Penna Scientia Steampunk Pendant is as strange a flying machine as anyone will ever witness, odd-looking yet charming.
Price: $120.75
On Sale For: $79.00
Cerulean Dragon's Eye Pendant
Item #LB357
Wearing this medallion will make it seem as though you have the eye of a great and ancient beast draped around your neck. The Cerulean Dragon's Eye Pendant is a touch of fantasy style that looks awesome with costumes and modern styles.
Price: $15.00
The Duellist Cantosonic Wave Gun PendantThe Duellist Cantosonic Wave Gun Pendant
Item #AG-P581
The Duellist Cantosonic Wave Gun Pendant is an unprecedented, neoteric side-arm, boasting echolocation range finding. It fires hi-grade ultrasonic frequency charges for guaranteed audio-molecular meltdown.
Price: $57.50
On Sale For: $51.75
Large Antique Key Gear Necklace
Item #LU-520630
Even the keys are advanced in a Steampunk world! And with such an impressive look, why not wear something like the Large Antique Key Gear Necklace, flaunting this impressively designed item like an ornate and attractive accessory?
Price: $10.00
Eye of the Dark Lord Pendant
Item #LB358
Unyielding and infernal, this Eye of the Dark Lord Pendant is inspired by the all-seeing eye itself. Far from subtle, this pendant is as sinister as it is stylish, and it will send chills down the spines of all those who meet its gaze.
Price: $15.00
Victorian Key Necklace
Item #LB219
This necklace has a very romantic feel to it. It features a lovely Victorian key pendant hanging from the chain. The key is suspended by a beaded drop segment consisting of cream colored glass pearls and a beautiful cranberry rondelle.
Price: $22.00
Large Gear & Propeller Steampunk Pendant
Item #LU14011
The Large Gear & Propeller Steampunk Pendant is one of the more visually complex pieces of Steampunk jewelry available. At first glance, you may not think so, but after a second look, you can begin to notice the intricate details.
Price: $12.00
Steampunk Butterfly Gear Necklace
Item #LU14008
Despite being nearly polar opposites, nature and machine frequently find themselves meshed together, usually resulting in strange yet visually stunning combinations. The Steampunk Butterfly Gear Necklace is one such combination.
Price: $9.00
Burnished Silver Keys Necklace
Item #FJ-123
How nice it would be to carry a skeleton key around at all times! This Burnished Silver keys Necklace features three such little trinkets that look like they would open their fair share of locks.
Price: $8.75