Steampunk Jewelry

Steampunk jewelry embraces a wide variety of eccentric and alternative styles, ensuring that any piece is sure to stand out. At Medieval Collectables, we carry an excellent range of unique period jewelry inspired by the science fiction subgenre. Steampunk tales envision a time where the world still depends on steam technology for power, combining an Edwardian aesthetic with anachronistic devices. Here, you can find fantastic steampunk accessories suiting that technical fantasy style, including many pieces showing off oxidized devices and cogwheel-driven parts. We offer Neo-Victorian bracelets, steampunk lapel pins, gentlemens cufflinks, Victorian earrings, cyberpunk necklaces, vintage rings, retro pocket watches, and more, ensuring that men and women can create complete looks. Browse to see antique key necklaces, cameo collars, cogwheel buttons, gas mask pins, kraken earrings, and much, much more. We can provide the pseudo-Victorian jewelry for all your needs.
Steampunk Bracelets, Steampunk Cuffs, and Steampunk Bangles
Medieval Collectables carries a fantastic array of Neo-Victorian jewelry, including fun steampunk wristwear for men and women. Our steampunk bracelets include leather and metal cuffs, cyberpunk bangles, and even period sleeve garters to suit nobles or airship aviators. Our steampunk wrist bands and Victorian bracelets show off alternative decorations like antique keys, gearwheels, steam devices, and more.
Steampunk Brooches, Steampunk Pins, and Neo-Victorian Brooches
While steampunk bracelets and rings are great, Medieval Collectables does not restrict you to those forms of Neo-Victorian jewelry. Our vintage brooches and steampunk lapel pins make fantastic additions to any lady or gents period ensemble. We carry a wide variety of cameo pins, steampunk brooches, kilt pins, utility pins, and other unique accents.
Steampunk Cufflinks, Clockwork Cufflinks, and Steampunk Buttons
Adding a touch of cyberpunk flair to your outfit just got easier, thanks to Medieval Collectables steampunk cufflinks and buttons category. Here, you can find Victorian buttons in various sizes and designs that can be used to tweak dress shirts or decorate clothing or crafts. Our vintage cufflinks provide another fun option for formal outfits, adding that perfect element of gentility that is so essential to any Edwardian gentlemans style.
Steampunk Earrings, Gear Earrings, and Neo-Victorian Earrings
Medieval Collectables carries a wide variety of Neo-Victorian earrings, including post earrings and dangle earrings. Our steampunk earrings are decorated with eclectic designs like gears, antique keys, anchors, pocket watches, cameos, tentacles, and more. Combining the elegance of Victorian fashion with counterculture eccentricity, these pieces can help to create distinctive styles ranging from elegant lady to enterprising airship captain.
Steampunk Necklaces, Steampunk Chokers, and Steampunk Pendants
Medieval Collectables carries steampunk accessories for every occasion and style, including wide array of Neo-Victorian pendants, vintage lockets, steampunk collars, and other Edwardian necklaces. Many pieces incorporate steampunk devices, including sprockets, cogs, cranks, pistons, and other machinery in their design, while others show off antique keys, cameos, insects, and vintage elements.
Steampunk Rings, Neo-Victorian Rings, and Steampunk Bands
Steampunk accessories are well-known for eccentric designs and inclusion of sprockets, cogs, cranks, and other pieces of machinery. The steampunk bands at Medieval Collectables are no exception, showing off a number of unique appearances. Our steampunk rings come in all shapes and sizes with designs ranging from vintage designs like antique keys and cameos to ingenious steampunk devices.
Steampunk Pocket Watches, Neo-Victorian Watches, and Steampunk Watches
In the retro-futuristic universe of the steampunk genre, vintage timepieces remain an important part of good dress sense. Medieval Collectables provides amazing steampunk wrist watches and antique watches for costume use or daily wearing. Our steampunk fob watches come in different styles ranging from mini watches to clock necklaces. Our steampunk watches provide another great option for ladies and gentlemen.