Womens Steampunk Skirts and Bustles

Combining elements of period fashion with the eclectic appearance of Jules Vernian styles, our womens Neo-Victorian skirts cover a broad range of looks for you to enjoy. Medieval Collectables is happy to present our selection of ladies steampunk skirts and vintage bustles for your wardrobe. We carry full-length Edwardian skirts, fitted mermaid skirts, retro A-line skirts, layered skirts of various lengths, tiered period skirts, and dieselpunk mini skirts. Our ladies overskirts and Victorian bustles look great over these alternative skirts as well as the many steampunk gowns we offer. Our cyberpunk skirts come in a variety of patterns, including solid colors, stripes, and intricate prints. Many of our skirts display decorations like ruffles, lace, embroidery, buttons, chains, buckled straps, and more. Whether you want a piece to suit your formal blouse or a bold retro top, we have a unique skirt style to fit your needs.
The Downshire Skirt
Item #DC1220
This beautiful skirt makes it easy to create a casual Steampunk look that is big on Victorian style, all while remaining fairly easy to assemble. Pair The Downshire Skirt with a nice blouse and a few Steampunk techno-wonders.
Price: $51.00
Satin Pegged Skirt
Item #DC1225
Sleek, stylish, and without equal, the Satin Pegged Skirt truly is a striking skirt that is covered with impressive details. Wearing this skirt almost makes it a challenge to look like anything but a member of the social elite.
Price: $63.00
Layered Bustle Skirt
Item #DC1218
Nothing quite says old time style for a woman quite like a bustle. And this Layered Bustle Skirt is a simple yet beautiful looking garment with a long, flowing form, giving it a look that immediately resonates with an older style.
Price: $75.00
The Whitfield Skirt
Item #DC1228B
The Whitfield Skirt is fantastic skirt that is elegant enough for a woman concerned with style yet adventurous enough for a woman on the go. It makes a great addition to Steampunk styles and looks, as well as contemporary styles.
Price: $35.00
Lady Of The Manor Bustle
Item #DC1231C
The lady of the manor should always look sophisticated, noble, and well-dressed. The Lady Of The Manor Bustle helps to create a look that is all three of those qualities by enhancing her look and silhouette with a classic bustle.
Price: $26.50
Desdemona Dual Skirt
Item #DC1221
Fashion-conscious fanatics will no doubt fall in love with the Desdemona Dual Skirt, and given its impressive appearance, who can really blame them? This incredible skirt has a striking look and can be worn in different ways.
Price: $87.00
Steampunk Short Skirt
Item #DC1222
Not everything Steampunk is inspired by Victorian style and fashion. This Steampunk Short Skirt is a more modern touch that nonetheless features a distinctive Steampunk style, thanks to its decorative little metal embellishments.
Price: $33.00
Step In Time Full Length Ruffle Skirt
Item #DC1224
The first step in creating a solid and great Steampunk look is to have a good base to build on. This Step In Time Full Length Ruffle Skirt has a simple look that can be quite receptive to additional layers of Steampunk styling.
Price: $47.00
The Duggin Frilly Skirt
Item #DC1207
Simple and elegant in its appearance, this Duggin Frilly Skirt is the perfect way to complete a wide assortment of different ensembles and outfits, ranging from Victorian styles to incredible neo-technological Steampunk looks.
Price: $59.00
Brocade Dinner Skirt
Item #DC1230B
Whether you are wearing this striking skirt to a dinner party among the nobility or out and about a Steampunk city, you can rest assured that the Brocade Dinner Skirt will always help you to look your absolute very best.
Price: $135.00
Victorian Skirt
Item #DC1226
There is no question that this Victorian Skirt has a style that can be defined as sleek and sultry. How will you choose to wear such a style since it goes so well with gothic looks, Victorian ensembles, and Steampunk styles?
Price: $43.00
Duchess Judith Skirt
Item #DC1229B
With a name like the Duchess Judith Skirt, you would expect this skirt to look fit for nobility, and in that regard, it does not disappoint. This skirt has elegant styling that looks great in Victorian and neo-Victorian looks.
Price: $137.00
Mary Kingsley's Safari Skirt
Item #DC1219
This skirt is a skirt made for adventure, for a woman who wants the elegance of a skirt while retaining the ability to move and be active. The Mary Kingsleys Safari Skirt delivers on that front, elegant and very easy to move about in.
Price: $41.00
Sister Ledwidge Skirt
Item #DC1232B
There is almost nothing subdued or muted about the Sister Ledwidge Skirt. This garment is bright, vivid, and loud, serving to add character and style to any look it is paired with, all while calling out with its own intrinsic style.
Price: $43.00
Lady Of The Manor Skirt
Item #DC1231D
The lady of the manor should always look sophisticated, noble, and well-dressed. With its simple yet striking appearance, the Lady Of The Manor Skirt is a great garment that can be worn to help any outfit capture those qualities.
Price: $43.00
Steampunk Ladys Lace Voile BustleSteampunk Ladys Lace Voile Bustle
Item #LS-105
Once, the bustle was a classic part of Victorian fashion, used to accentuate the figure and add extravagance to a womans attire. This Steampunk Ladys Lace Voile Bustle brings it back in a versatile form that can be added to any garment.
Price: $121.00
On Sale For: $79.00
Brown Gathered Steampunk Skirt
Item #VG-0001
Enjoy the practical fashion of the Neo-Victorian age with this first-rate gathered skirt! The Brown Gathered Steampunk Skirt makes an excellent costume for explorers with its earth-toned fabric and faux leather pouch.
Price: $89.60
Vanessa Fitted Skirt
Item #DC1223
Just because it is Steampunk does not mean that it has to be covered in technology. Some pieces of Steampunk clothing, like the Vanessa Fitted Skirt, favor a style that is less industrial and cluttered and a little more sultry and chic.
Price: $45.00
Fairytale SkirtFairytale Skirt
Item #JD-0007
The best kinds of pieces in your closet are the ones that possess flexible functionality. The Fairytale Skirt can be worn in a number of ways depending on your desire, from gothic ensembles to fairy or peasant costuming.
Price: $68.00
Steampunk Pouch Mini Skirt
Item #RL-SP090
Pieces of apparel that combine functionality with its superb style make up the best sort of fashion. The Steampunk Pouch Mini Skirt includes a pouch that clips to one side that is perfect for holding your necessities on the go.
Price: $60.00