Womens Steampunk Jackets and Capelets

Feel free to wear your favorite vintage styles all year round with the simple addition of one of these fabulous womens Neo-Victorian jackets or steampunk coats. Medieval Collectables is pleased to offer a fine selection of womens period outerwear in a range of styles to help you stay warm and fashionable in any kind of weather. We carry a number of leather jackets, womens Edwardian frock coats, formal cyberpunk blazers, and sheer shoulder capes. Whether you prefer to dress as an aristocrat lady, steampunk swashbuckler, or sci-fi apocalypse survivor, we are sure to have something you will enjoy. These steampunk jackets are available in a number of sizes to help you find one with a great fit. Decorated with details like buttons, faux fur, ruffles, floral lace, D-rings, and metal cogwheels, our womens retro jackets and Victorian capelets offer incredible style to your steampunk costume.
HMS Short JacketHMS Short Jacket
Item #101326
HMS short black jacket is a rayon blend shoulder jacket with rayon lace sleeves. It goes well with our HMS gown and engineer corset. This Steampunk jacket will definitely complete your outfit for any steampunk faire or convention.
Price: $55.00
On Sale For: $49.00
Lace Bolero Cape
Item #101531
Capes are a great way to transform any look, adding that extra accessory as well as that touch of greater style that really pushes an ensemble into the beyond. This Lace Bolero Cape brings with it a touch of classic Victorian style.
Price: $30.00
Countess Multi-Layered Shrug
Item #DC1208
The accessories and small touches are what makes an outfit great. For example, adding this Countess Multi-Layered Shrug is a great way to accent any Victorian or neo-Victorian outfit while maintaining the look of aristocracy.
Price: $47.00
The Walsingham Shrug
Item #DC1206
Wearing this shrug, you can wrap yourself in an envelope of warmth, grace, and confidence. The Walsingham Shrug is the perfect accessory for a lady of note to wear when demonstrating her own impressive level of taste and style.
Price: $27.00
Collared Goth-Punk Bolero ShrugCollared Goth-Punk Bolero Shrug
Item #LS-152
This Collared Goth-Punk Bolero Shrug brings an element of style to any attire. The pin-stripe pattern and high collar echo a formal look, while the leather, zipper, and partial sleeves make it far more eclectic than typical formalwear.
Price: $78.00
On Sale For: $48.00
Admiral To Admire Shrug
Item #DC1204
In the Admiral to Admire Shrug, you will have an elegant accessory that can be draped over your shoulders and worn like a small jacket, all while adding a touch of style and beauty to virtually any look or ensemble you can imagine.
Price: $37.00
Steampunk Brown Pirate CoatSteampunk Brown Pirate Coat
Item #DR-1108
You can easily imagine yourself as the member of a pirate crew when you wear this Neo-Victorian coat. The Steampunk Brown Pirate Coat falls to knee-length in a rich brown color that looks fantastic with bold accessories.
Price: $83.00
Lady Wales Brooch Bolero JacketLady Wales Brooch Bolero Jacket
Item #PH-1099
When you want to enjoy your steampunk ensembles even when the days begin to turn cool, try out this fashionable jacket! The Lady Wales Brooch Bolero Jacket fastens at the front of its mandarin collar with a brass brooch.
Price: $62.50
On Sale For: $56.00
Steampunk Striped Button Lapel Jacket
Item #DR-1110
When you want to look trendy and polished while still showing off your personal style, give a jacket like this a try. The Steampunk Striped Button Lapel Jacket displays horizontal brown stripes and a long tuxedo tail.
Price: $58.00
Steampunk Single Breasted Ruffle Jacket
Item #RL-SP020
When you want a formal look with a touch of steampunk flair, you can find just what you are seeking in this lapel jacket! The Steampunk Single Breasted Ruffle Jacket buttons twice in the front before swooping down to a long ruffled tail.
Price: $98.00
Steampunk Golden Rose Bolero Jacket
Item #PH-1108
Roses have long been associated with beauty and love, making them a charming flower to decorate clothing with a Victorian twist. The Steampunk Golden Rose Bolero Jacket features sophisticated gold rose and leaf trim on the front hem.
Price: $52.50
Steampunk Buckled Tartan Bolero Jacket
Item #PH-1106
Make this light jacket the final touch of your next steampunk ensemble! The Steampunk Buckled Tartan Bolero Jacket makes an excellent cover up for days with a faint chill in the air with its long sleeves and cropped design.
Price: $62.50
Steampunk Striped Frill Cape
Item #PH-1109
When enjoying the period look embraced by steampunk style, this shoulder cape makes a great addition to your day or evening wear. The Steampunk Striped Frill Cape displays black and brown stripes that offer a distinctive look.
Price: $62.50
Steampunk Fashion Short JacketSteampunk Fashion Short Jacket
Item #RL-SP053
Make a statement when you walk into any room by wearing a dramatic jacket as the final touch to your steampunk attire. The Steampunk Fashion Short Jacket adds a spark of fierceness to the mechanical aesthetic of steampunk.
Price: $59.00
On Sale For: $52.00
Long Victorian Button CoatLong Victorian Button Coat
Item #PH-1076
Period clothing displays an iconic look that stands out from modern styles with an eye-catching effect. The Long Victorian Button Coat drapes near the floor, displaying a high collar and long sleeves that end in flared cuffs.
Price: $167.50
On Sale For: $150.00
Steampunk Striped Button Bolero Jacket
Item #PH-1110
Offering some minor protection from the elements, this charming steampunk jacket makes a great final touch to your outfit. The Steampunk Striped Button Bolero Jacket has long sleeves and ends above the bust in the front.
Price: $52.50
Steampunk Mistress Bolero Jacket
Item #RL-SP138
Perfect for adding that touch of edginess to your steampunk attire, the Steampunk Mistress Bolero Jacket serves as a striking piece of outerwear. This steampunk shrug has sheer floral lace sleeves that end in a ruffle.
Price: $70.00
Steampunk Airship Tailcoat
Item #101376
What fine lady would not want to ride an airship wearing this smart brown tailcoat? The Steampunk Airship Tailcoat makes a great piece of Neo-Victorian outerwear for ladies with a taste for adventure and exploration.
Price: $185.00
Steampunk Military Bolero Jacket
Item #DC1351
Create a bold ensemble with the Steampunk Military Bolero Jacket as the finishing touch. This short jacket has long sleeves and cuts off below the shoulders in the back, ensuring a dramatic appearance no matter what it is worn with.
Price: $39.00
Spanish Noblewoman Shawl
Item #101571
You will look like elegance personified wearing the Spanish Noblewoman Shawl draped over your shoulders! This sheer black floral lace shawl comes in a triangular shape, detailed with a 4-inch fringe running along the edges.
Price: $35.00