Womens Steampunk Dresses

With the help of these dieselpunk dresses, you can create the perfect Neo-Victorian ensemble for a themed party or convention. The steampunk gowns that we offer here at Medieval Collectables come in a variety of styles ranging from cyberpunk dresses to Edwardian dresses to retro sundresses. Many of our full-length dresses display tiered ruffles, Victorian bustles, and puffy sleeves. Our Neo-Victorian corset dresses and sleeveless dresses provide a flirty look that can be dressed up with fun accessories like lace gloves and steampunk leggings. Offered in lots of colors, patterns, and fine materials, these steampunk dresses suit just about any look. Take a moment to browse our selection for your next fine piece of womens vintage apparel.
Empire Woman's Steampunk Gown
Item #101140
This stylish black Steampunk gown has a pleated skirt layered with a floral veil. A faux sealskin corset with faux leather front straps and armbands complete the look. Our steampunk gown comes with mini top hat and veil.
Price: $225.00
HMS Gown
Item #101327
This layered crimson satin HMS Gown consists of 3 layers. The bottom layer of the gown is trimmed in black net. An attached overskirt is a black net with black rayon fabric that can flow freely or be tied in a bow for a sassy look.
Price: $149.00
Striped Medieval Gown
Item #DC1120
The Striped Medieval Gown is an elaborate and stylish dress worn by the young ladies of royal Medieval houses. The Striped Medieval Gown has lace on the back that gives a proper fit and shape.
Price: $140.00
The Tempest's Dress
Item #DC1227
Almost shocking in its color, the Tempests Dress is a remarkable garment that is bound to add a touch of style to your wardrobe. And with its unique style, this dress is a fantastic way to stand out in a crowd and set yourself apart.
Price: $35.00
Ophelia Renaissance Dress
Item #101533
Named after the great beauty in Shakespeare's play Hamlet, the Ophelia Renaissance Dress is a vision of loveliness, possessed of rich detailing and style that will transform any woman into a beauty straight out of Shakespearian lore.
Price: $140.00
Steampunk Ladys Fancy DressSteampunk Ladys Fancy Dress
Item #LS-113
Not all steampunk style is eccentric gadgets and technological marvels. Sometimes, it is infused with a spark of revival and ingenuity. Such is the case with this Steampunk Ladys Fancy Dress, which merges the old and new.
Price: $199.00
On Sale For: $125.00
Ladys Lace Trimmed Steampunk DressLadys Lace Trimmed Steampunk Dress
Item #LS-102
When it comes to class, the Victorian age had it all. The influence of that era is strong even today. For a sampling of its beauty and appeal, you need only glance towards a woman wearing this Ladys Lace Trimmed Steampunk Dress!
Price: $123.00
On Sale For: $88.00
Dita Corset Dress
Item #101532
The Dita Corset Dress is a fine showing of exotic style, possessed of several features that make this an appealing dress for any woman to wear, thanks to its style and a level of detailing that makes this garment look fit for the stage.
Price: $120.00
Vintage Goth Womens OutfitVintage Goth Womens Outfit
Item #WENCH-42
Black and white make for such a striking contrast, it is no wonder that this Vintage Goth Womens Outfit is such an eye-catching ensemble. Not to mention, it is also perfect to wear for both formal scenes and for everyday events.
Price: $172.00
On Sale For: $154.80
Steampunk Brown Lolita Dress
Item #DR-1182
Check out this playful dress when you are looking for something to wear to your next social occasion or steampunk gathering. The Steampunk Brown Lolita Dress has a youthful design that looks great on its own or overtop a blouse.
Price: $90.00
Metropolis Dress
Item #SR-SW232
Fans of the 1927 science fiction classic film, Metropolis, will enjoy this fun dress inspired by the work. The Metropolis Dress features a deconstructed appearance that gives it a great sci-fi aesthetic.
Price: $110.00
Steampunk Long Brown Tiered Ruffle Dress
Item #DR-1178
You may begin to feel like Cinderella when you put on this fantastic floor-length dress! The Steampunk Long Brown Tiered Ruffled Dress features shimmery brown ruffles down the front of the dress with a striped top and overskirt.
Price: $148.00
Steampunk Black and Brown Striped Dress
Item #DR-1189
Combining the rockabilly fashion from the 50s with steampunk style, the Steampunk Black and Brown Striped Dress features a bold black and brown striped pattern and a thick black waist belt that emphasizes your curves.
Price: $69.00
Steampunk Brown Cotton Belted Halter DressSteampunk Brown Cotton Belted Halter Dress
Item #VG-0227
The most charming steampunk dress you have ever seen is here to take over the world of fashion with its retro flair! The Steampunk Brown Cotton Belted Halter Dress shows off solid brown material with a brown belt to accent the waist.
Price: $66.00
On Sale For: $62.70
Steampunk Brown Belted Dress
Item #DR-1181
Do you love the look of steampunk fashion? If so, then be sure to check out this sleeveless dress! The Steampunk Brown Belted Dress features decorative buttons down the front and a belt that accentuates your waistline.
Price: $72.00
Steampunk Long Sleeved Brown Cotton Chain DressSteampunk Long Sleeved Brown Cotton Chain Dress
Item #VG-0228
This season, try something new like this ultra-chic, long-sleeved steampunk dress! The Steampunk Long Sleeved Brown Cotton Chain Dress shows off a rich brown color accented by chains that drape around the sides of the waist.
Price: $74.00
On Sale For: $70.30
Steampunk Leatherette Ruched Strap Dress
Item #PH-1161
Get ready to head to a fan convention, formal event, or night out with the fabulous Steampunk Leatherette Ruched Strap Dress! This gorgeous brown leather dress that ruches in the front features a caramel-colored satin underskirt.
Price: $105.00
Steampunk Striped Peasant Dress
Item #PH-1005
Anyone can enjoy the playful look of the flared skirt and lace trim that this dress displays. The Steampunk Striped Peasant Dress shows off black and brown stripes with a brown section hugging the waist of the piece.
Price: $105.00
Steampunk Flared Frill Dress
Item #PH-1004
For a smart and beautiful steampunk look, this black steampunk dress makes a great choice. The Steampunk Flared Frill Dress shows off a rich brocade pattern that ends in a ruffle along the bottom hem of the skirt.
Price: $115.00
Trennen Steampunk Corset Dress
Item #VG-0335
Neo-Victorian style has never looked as good as it does in the elegant Trennen Steampunk Corset Dress. This formal sleeveless gown features a built-in sweetheart corset that creates a glamorous hourglass silhouette.
Price: $76.80