Scottish and Celtic Swords

Medieval Collectables is a leading web provider of Scottish and Celtic swords. Inspired by weapons wielded by the Scots and Celts throughout history, the battle-ready swords and ornamental swords that we carry come from some of the top manufacturers around the world. Our Highland claymores, Celt short swords, Scotsman cutlasses, and basket-hilted blades provide plenty of options for collectors and re-enactors. The term claymore refers to large, double-handed swords used in the Middle Ages as well as large basket-hilt regiment swords issued to Scottish troops in the 18th century. Its strength and size made it one of the most prominent weapons wielded by the Scottish clans. Today, it stands as a great symbol of Scottish heritage. Whether you are looking for a Robert the Bruce sword or a Celtic blade that could have been carried by the fierce Boudicca, you can find excellent options among our inventory.
Claymore Sword
Item #SH2060
Mainstay of the Highland warriors of the late 15th and 16th centuries, the Claymore had a uniquely styled hilt that sets it apart from other great swords of the period.
Price: $365.00
Celtic Combat Sword
Item #ED2002
The Celts were brave warriors from early as 500 BC, fighting with strength and fury. The close combat sword was the chosen weapon in battle, as its flared blade possessed a strong and deadly edge that could be wielded quickly.
Price: $227.05
Celtic Norse Sword
Item #ED2045
The Early Norse and Celtic people of the Middle Ages created functional swords beautifully that were adorned with designs from their myths and legends. This beautiful Celtic Norse sword has a curled scroll hand engraved into its pommel.
Price: $284.05
Claymore Antiqued Sword
Item #SH2060N
The Claymore had a uniquely styled hilt that sets it apart from other great swords of the period. Typically of hand-and-a-half length, this versatile weapon could deliver great sweeping slashes or powerful thrusts.
Price: $365.00
Scottish Cutlass
Item #500920
The crashing of waves, the roar of cannons, the shout of rogues through the foreboding mist - this new cutlass cannot help but unleash adventurous images. Scottish born Capt. William Kidd, we are sure, would have favored this sword.
Price: $215.00
Basket-Hilt Backsword
Item #SH2003
Early highland swords almost invariably carried the double-edged broadsword blade, but by the time of the Battle of Culloden in 1746 the single-edged backsword was at least equal in popularity.
Price: $485.00
Great Claymore Sword
Item #ED2011
Finally, a real Claymore for all those modern Scots who long to possess a functional and battle ready Highland sword! Through history, tales have been told of mighty Scotsmen, hearty and ready to stand against seemingly unbeatable odds.
Price: $559.55
Celtic War SwordCeltic War Sword
Item #ZS-901055-BK
This Celtic War Sword features a black wooden grip with a silver half moon shaped guard and pommel. The Celtic War Sword has an overall length of 31 inches and has a stainless steel blade, making it great for carrying or display.
Price: $35.90
On Sale For: $32.31
Brass Basket Hilt ClaymoreBrass Basket Hilt Claymore
Item #500922
The pierced basket-hilt is a faithful reproduction of one found on the Culloden Moor. The fully tempered high carbon steel blade is of the typical fullered, double-edge, broadsword pattern favored by highlanders of the 1740s.
Price: $285.00
Celtic Sword
Item #SH2370
Every Celtic warrior or nobleman needs a sword to complete their historic ensemble. This Celtic Sword, with its thoroughly eye catching and authentic details, is not only a reenactment ready weapon, but also a handheld work of art.
Price: $300.00
Single Hand Highland Sword
Item #SA3602
Based on the two-handed Wallace sword, this single-hand version is easy to carry. The blade is high-carbon stainless steel, and the fittings are nickel-plated brass. The highland sword is a must for a sword collector or re-enactor.
Price: $72.00
Claymore SwordClaymore Sword
Item #ZS-901042-WD
Finish off your Scottish look with our 54 inch Claymore Sword. This beautiful sword has a stainless steel blade with a blood grove. The claymore sword has a pommel and guard in a gold finish with a long, smooth hard-wood handle.
Price: $67.50
On Sale For: $60.75
Hero's Warsword
Item #501228
This massive Lowland Claymore is like one held by the Bruce clan, which they assert belonged to Robert the Bruce himself. It is certainly the correct type for that age when knights wore mail, barrel helms, and small pieces of plate.
Price: $285.00
Celtic War SwordCeltic War Sword
Item #ZS-901055-WD
The Celtic War Sword has an overall length of 31 inches and has a stainless steel blade. In the center of the blade is a fuller running almost the entire length. The Celtic War Sword comes with a hand stitched leather scabbard.
Price: $35.90
On Sale For: $32.31
Claymore SwordClaymore Sword
Item #ZS-901042-BK
The claymore sword has a pommel and guard in a silver finish with a long smooth black handle that completes the lean, long look of this impressive sword. A leather scabbard comes with the Claymore Sword, to protect you and it.
Price: $67.50
On Sale For: $60.75
Brass William Wallace SwordBrass William Wallace Sword
Item #ZS-901064-BS
This Brass William Wallace Sword is a great collectors item. The overall length of the sword is 52 inches, with a blade length of 39 inches. The blade of this sword is constructed from stainless steel with a leather covered wood handle.
Price: $67.50
On Sale For: $60.75
Scottish BroadswordScottish Broadsword
Item #07-88SB
A Scottish broadsword, with its long, two-edged blade and distinctive basket hilt, when combined with targe and dirk, has proven to be more than a match for enemy soldiers on battlefields the world over.
Price: $399.99
On Sale For: $320.00
Celtic Flame Sword
Item #ED2017
This magnificent medieval Celtic Flame sword has magical Celt appeal! Each flame like blade of steel is masterfully forged by hand and comes with its own leather sheath, which is made individually to fit each kris blade.
Price: $274.55
Basket-Hilt Broadsword
Item #SH2002
Although Basket-Hilt swords appeared throughout Britain from the mid-sixteenth century on, their association with the seventeenth and eighteenth century Scottish highlander has become legendary.
Price: $475.00
William Wallace Steel Claymore
Item #ED2014
The earliest Scottish clansmen were strong and fearless. They wielded large swords with a simple yet powerful design. One was a man named William Wallace, who could have carried an early Scottish claymore sword like this in battle.
Price: $502.55