Viking Jewelry

The Viking jewelry at Medieval Collectables includes a combination of authentic historical pieces and modernized patterns featuring elements from Viking culture and mythology. Within this category you will find Nordic charms, Nordic earrings, Norse necklaces, Norse pendants, Norse rings, Viking bangles, Viking wrist watches, Viking buckles, and much more. These Nordic jewelry pieces show off popular designs like Thors hammer called Mjolnir, intricate Nordic knotwork, Viking runes, the Raven Banner, drakkar ships, and Norse axes, among others. Many of these pieces are carefully crafted from pewter, white bronze, or sterling silver, and a number of them are decorated with shimmering crystals, colorful enamel, or gold plating. Our gorgeous Norse fashion jewelry includes pieces for men and women to enjoy, making it a great choice for gifting or using in re-enactments.
Viking Charms, Viking Keychain Charms, Viking Bracelet Charms, and Viking Phone Charms
Perfect for any powerful berserker or courageous Valkyrie, the Norse Charms at Medieval Collectables offer a unique way to show your appreciation of Viking culture and mythology. We carry pieces that can easily be used as bracelet charms, mobile phone charms, or keyring charms. Many designs are inspired by Viking art, such as Nordic knotwork and Norse runes. Browse through our selection to find the perfect item to accent your look with Viking style!
Viking Earrings, Norse Earrings, and Nordic Earrings
Here at Medieval Collectables, we are pleased to offer many fantastic Viking accessories, including this selection of Norse earrings. Inspired by classic Nordic designs, our Viking earrings feature elements of Norse mythology and culture, such as bearded axes, Viking knots, round shields, and more! Check out our variety of Norse hook earrings and Norse post earrings to see the different styles that are available.
Viking Necklaces, Mjolnir Necklaces, Rune Necklaces, and Nordic Necklaces
Perfect for showing off your love of Scandinavian culture and mythology, our Norse necklaces at Medieval Collectables display a number of striking designs featuring traditional Viking symbols and icons like Mjolnir, runes, drakkar ships, bearded axes, and more. Each of our Viking necklaces comes with a chain or cord of some kind for easy wearing, and each shows meticulous craftsmanship and intricate details.
Viking Pendants, Mjolnir Pendants, Nordic Pendants, and Viking Ship Pendants
Create your own unique Nordic accessory with the help of our Viking pendants available at Medieval Collectables. These striking Norse pendants feature designs influenced by Viking mythology - including figures like Thor, the Valkyries, Odin, Tyr, Loki, Freya, and others - and culture for a stunning look. Nordic knotwork and runes make a frequent appearance in the designs, as well. Chains and cords for these pendants are sold separately.
Viking Rings, Nordic Rings, and Rune Rings
Fans of Norse art and culture will adore the stylish Nordic rings available here at Medieval Collectables. We carry mens and womens Viking rings in a number of styles and sizes. Many of these fashion rings feature runes and Norse knotwork, and several of our pieces are replicas of ancient rings found in ruins and treasure hoards. Check out our Viking jewelry bands to find the perfect accessory for your look!
Viking Wristwear, Viking Bracelets, Viking Watches, and Viking Wrist Bands
Medieval Collectables is proud to provide an excellent assortment of Norse wristwear for men and women. We carry a variety of Nordic bracelets, Viking wrist watches, and Nordic wrist bands crafted from fine metals and leather. Many of our designs feature elements from Norse art and mythology, including braided leather bracelets and torc bracelets. Browse through our find selection to find the ideal piece for your look!
Celtic Thunderhammer Leather BraceletCeltic Thunderhammer Leather Bracelet
Item #AG-A98
In legend, Norse god Thor could make his legendary hammer Mjolnir shrink down to fit in his pocket. Why pocket it when you can wear it instead? This Celtic Thunderhammer Leather Bracelet gives you an accessory worthy of the gods.
Price: $45.00
On Sale For: $40.50