Scottish and Celtic Jewelry

Medieval Collectables offers a wide selection of Celt and Scottish jewelry for re-enactment ensembles and daily wearing. Our Celtic jewelry is made from fine metals like white bronze, pewter, and sterling silver that has often been decorated with sparkling gems, enamel, or other ornamentation. In addition to classic pieces like Claddagh rings and trinity knot pendants, we carry gorgeous Celtic ankle bracelets, Celtic bangles, Celtic lapel pins, Celtic earrings, and Celtic necklaces that show off triskelions, shamrocks, the Green Man, Celtic crosses, the tree of life, and other distinctive motifs. Additionally, various pieces combine knotwork patterns with animals important during ancient times like boars, butterflies, dragons, cats, hares, dragonflies, horses, and ravens. These pieces of gorgeous Celtic knot jewelry work great as gifts and come in a range of affordable prices.
Celtic Anklets, Celtic Ankle Bracelets, Triquetra Anklet, and Celtic Knotwork Anklets
Celtic art features a number of elegant designs that appear among our Celtic ankle bracelets at Medieval Collectables. Our Celt anklets show knotwork patterns like trinity knots, triskelions, and shield knots, as well as classic icons like the Claddagh and shamrocks. Check out our stunning link ankle bracelets and charm ankle bracelets to find the perfect piece to accessorize your outfit!
Celtic Bracelets, Knotwork Bracelets, and Celtic Bangle Bracelets
Medieval Collectables is pleased to offer an excellent range of Celtic jewelry, including these beautiful Celt bracelets. We carry torc bracelets, Celt link bracelets, metal cuff bracelets, Celtic bangle bracelets, and leather wrist bands decorated with trinity knots, triskelions, Celtic crosses, Scottish thistles, shamrocks, Claddaghs, the Green Man, and other iconic motifs.
Celtic Brooches, Knotwork Brooches, and Celtic Pins
Whether you want a collectible pin or a device to fasten a cloak or cape, you can find excellent options here at Medieval Collectables among our Celt brooches. These Celtic lapel pins include Scottish brooches that display thistles and shamrocks, as well as classic Celtic knot pins featuring Claddaghs, trinity knots, the Green Man, and other iconic motifs.
Celtic Charms, Claddagh Charms, Shamrock Charms, and Celtic Knot Charms
Ideal for adding a bit of Celtic flair to a phone, keychain, or bracelet, our selection of Celt charms at Medieval Collectables come in a wide variety of styles and designs. We carry endless knot charms, Claddagh charms, clover charms, Celtic cross charms, Greenman charms, and much more. Take a moment to browse through our fantastic array of silver charms to find the perfect trinket for your look!
Celtic Earrings, Knotwork Earrings, and Scottish Earrings
Our gorgeous Celt jewelry at Medieval Collectables is an excellent way to show pride in your heritage or your appreciation of traditional Celtic designs. Many of these Irish hook earrings and Scottish post earrings are crafted from precious metals, and a number are decorated with colorful gems. These endless knot earrings pair extremely well with our other Celtic jewelry and work great as gifts.
Celtic Necklaces, Knotwork Necklaces, and Celtic Cross Necklaces
Medieval Collectables offers a great selection of Celtic necklaces for men and women. These endless knot necklaces are crafted from precious metals like sterling silver, copper, brass, white bronze, or pewter. Some Celtic fashion necklaces feature Celtic crosses, Claddaghs, Celtic dragons, the Tree of Life, the Green Man, triquetras, triskeles, Scottish thistles, shamrocks, and other iconic motifs.
Celtic Pendants, Knotwork Pendants, and Scottish Pendants
Medieval Collectables has the perfect Celtic pendant to complement any outfit. Crafted from fine materials like pewter, white bronze, and sterling silver, our inventory includes pieces like Celtic cross pendants, trinity knot pendants, triskelion pendants, Scottish thistle pendants, tree of life pendants, Green Man pendants, knotwork cat pendants, shamrock pendants, and many more.
Celtic Rings, Knotwork Rings, and Celtic Bands
The excellent Celt rings offered here at Medieval Collectables include endless knot rings, mens bands, crystal rings, Claddagh rings, poison rings, meditation rings, and other excellent pieces showing designs like trinity knots, triskelions, the Green Man, Scottish thistles, Celtic crosses, and shamrocks. These Irish fashion rings can serve as engagement rings, promise rings, or lovely gifts.