Scottish and Celtic Daggers

Medieval Collectables carries many unique Celtic and Scottish daggers inspired by different historical knives. The Scottish dirk is one of the most well-known Scotsman daggers, descending from the medieval bollock dagger. This Highland dagger, wielded by various regiments, had a heavy blade that was thick at the back and a single edge that was tapered uniformly from hilt to point. Another common Scot dagger was the sgian dubh, which was originally kept as a concealed weapon in a boot and could double as an eating utensil. Over time, these boot blades have gained prominence as formal daggers with gemstones set into the pommels and intricate ornamentation. These Scottish and Celtic daggers make excellent collectibles, though many of them can also serve as battle-ready daggers, as well.
Bonny Scottish Dirk
Item #400806
This 11.75 inch long dirk showcases crisp etchings of the traditional Scottish foliage and thistle motif on both sides of the blade. A 5 inch long false edge and a knurled pattern on the blade back mark this dirk with distinction.
Price: $110.00
Irish Dagger
Item #IP-002-2
This Irish dagger features a full tang construction, high carbon blade that is flexible and strong. It has a highly polished steel cross guard and pommel with a leather wrapped handle. The Irish dagger is very light and quick.
Price: $126.00
Scottish Sgian Dubh
Item #ED2209
The traditional Scottish dagger, this personal 6.5 inch long knife is small enough to be worn tucked away in a sock or boot for easy retrieval and use. The Sgian Dubh is made of Ebony wood and brass handle and comes complete with sheath.
Price: $26.60
Sgian Dubh
Item #400910
A Scottish tradition, the original Sgian Dubhs were frequently worn under the shirt close to the armpit. Now it is traditional for the Sgian Dubh to be worn in the stocking, and the knife is frequently called a stocking dirk.
Price: $40.00
Early Scottish Dirk
Item #400508
This style of dirk is a direct descendant of the medieval bollock dagger. The grip form began to change, probably sometime in the late 16th century, but soon developed a form that was purely Scottish.
Price: $115.00
Primitive Scottish Dirk
Item #402352
This early type of dirk evolved from the Kidney Dagger and was the first step toward the ornate Scottish Dirk we know today. The grip is solid hardwood and the parts are steel. The blade is crafted in high carbon steel.
Price: $95.00
Sgian Dubh
Item #SNB11
This sgian dubh is a beautiful dagger that is very functional. This Sgian Dubh features a high quality, file-worked carbon steel blade, a black leather-wrapped scabbard, and a traditional basket weave pattern on the handle.
Price: $44.00
Celtic Flame Dagger
Item #ED2203
This magnificent Celtic Flame dagger has magical Celt appeal! Each flame like blade of steel is individually and masterfully forged by hand and comes with its own leather sheath which is made individually to fit each kris blade.
Price: $122.55
Celtic Sgian DubhCeltic Sgian Dubh
Item #MC-HK-26136
Sometimes a classic historical item is brought into the modern era with a twist that not only gives the item a newer look but creates an entirely new item. Such is the example with the Celtic Sgain Dubh.
Price: $20.00
Wood Sgian DubhWood Sgian Dubh
Item #MC-HK-26083BN
In the far-off days of antiquated Scotland, it was typically unsafe to go anywhere completely unarmed, and thus the Black Sgian Dubh had its place in society as a hidden weapon, to be kept at all times in case of attack.
Price: $18.00
Highland Dagger
Item #MC-HK-3457
Mimicking the design elements of its larger relatives, the Highland Dagger is a perfect small blade to accompany an ultimately larger and far more intimidating weapon.
Price: $14.00
Scottish Dirk by Cold SteelScottish Dirk by Cold Steel
Item #07-88SD
The Scottish Dirk is a modern replica that harkens back to an earlier time, when the dirk was a tool and weapon. The 13 inch blade is forged from 1055 Carbon steel. It is 1.5 inches wide and comes fully sharpened and battle-ready
Price: $199.99
On Sale For: $160.00
Black Sgian Dubh
Item #MC-HK-26083BK
In the far-off days of antiquated Scotland, it was typically unsafe to go anywhere completely unarmed, and thus the Black Sgian Dubh had its place in society as a hidden weapon, to be kept at all times in case of attack.
Price: $18.00
Scotland Sgian Dubh Collection
Item #MC-KS-5845-44
Typically worn with traditional Scottish Highland attire, the Scotland Sgian Dubh Collection could easily be found tucked into a kilt-hose as a hidden knife, and no one would give it a second look.
Price: $14.00
Curved Celtic Dagger
Item #MC-FM-646
Sometimes, the best inspiration for fantasy is a bit of reality. This Curved Celtic Dagger draws on a few sources, taking a curved shape and traditional Celtic knot design to create a handsome dagger that is sure to appeal to many.
Price: $28.00
Damascus Sgian Dubh
Item #MC-HK-2516
In the ancient days, a sgian dubh was carried for self-defense, though the practice continued into modern day as a decoration. Ornate and effective, the Damascus Sgian Dubh fills both needs surprisingly well.
Price: $14.00
Scottish Dirk, Fork, and Knife Set
Item #AH-3251D
The dirk is an iconic part of the ceremonial Highland attire, and this Scottish Dirk, Fork, and Knife Set reflects a more modern form of the dagger, possessing not only the highland dirk itself, but camping utensils for casual use.
Price: $86.00
Sgian Dubh
Item #IP-006-2
The Sgian Dubh is a ceremonial dagger that is traditionally worn as a part of Scottish Highland dress along with a kilt. Historically, the Sgian Dubh was considered a secret weapon, which is one possible meaning behind its name.
Price: $29.00
Celtic Boot Blade
Item #MC-FM-645
It is usually the little blades you have to look out for. In the case of this Celtic Boot Blade, that is doubly true, not because this dagger is dangerous, but because its stunning design is one that you will not want to miss seeing.
Price: $24.00
Highland Sgian Dubh
Item #AH-3255
It is often the little touches that transform an attire into something great. For the classic Scottish Highland look, one of those little touches is a black dagger, like this Highland Sgian Dubh, tucked into your sock on one side.
Price: $29.00