Roman Armour

Roman armour was the final line of defense against the enemy during battle. Medieval Collectables carries many pieces of historical Roman armour. We have Roman soldier armour such as Lorica Segmenta, scale armour, and muscle armour. Lorica armour was used by the Roman Empire between 2nd and 3rd century AD, consisting of metal strips that wrapped around the front and back of a Roman legionnaire. For leg protection, we carry centurion greaves and gladiator leg guards. Arm protection includes gladiator bracers and Roman arm guards. Medieval Collectables is your online resource for the historical armour that will transform you into a centurion or legionnaire of the ancient world. These pieces come in leather armour and steel armour designs.
Centurion Leather Body Armour
Item #DK5001
This attractive harness provides full frontal and rear torso protection. Our Centurion Armour has a classic Roman Style making this perfect for Roman soldiers, gladiators, centurions, and even praetorian guards!
Price: $220.00
Praetorian Leather Battle Armor Set
Item #RT-207
Clad in the Leather Praetorian Battle Armor Set, you will look the part of a ranked warrior and soldier of Ancient Rome. The armor is crafted for both protection and flexibility, and it will serve the warrior that wears it well indeed.
Price: $1,285.00
Praetorian Cuirass and Pauldron Set
Item #RT-206
The Praetorian Leather Cuirass and Pauldron Set expands on the classic look of an armored Roman soldier by adding protective shoulder pieces to the mix. The result is a suit of leather armor that any warrior would gladly wear!
Price: $580.00
Gladiator Pauldron
Item #DK5102
Our leather Gladiator Pauldron is intentionally sold individually and not as a pair because Gladiators wore armor on the arm that was not using a sword. Pair this pauldron with any of our Roman armor for a great gladiator ensemble.
Price: $36.00
Leather Lorica Segmentata
Item #DK5004
Our leather Lorica Segmenta gives you the chance to own Roman armor without the weight, and at a great price. Our Lorica Segmentata is made from medium weight 7/8 oz. (LARP Grade) leather and is available in black or brown.
Price: $250.00
Cuirass And Vambraces Of The Spaniard
Item #880016
From the movie Gladiator we bring you Armor of the Spaniard. The cuirass has all leather construction with adjustable straps. The vambrace and wrist strap are leather. Vambrace features adjustable leather lacing, so one size fits most.
Price: $236.00
Leather Gladiator Greaves
Item #DK5201
Similar to the greaves worn by Russell Crowe in the movie Gladiator, these leather greaves are made of thick armor grade, 13/15 oz. leather and have two buckles in the back for securing them on to your legs.
Price: $69.00
Lorica Segmentata
Item #ED8208
Lorica Segmentata includes the Roman breastplate and backplate. This Lorica Segmentata wearable armour is sized for the average person of ancient Rome. The Lorica Segmentata is sold without a helmet or stand.
Price: $355.30
Roman Steel Greaves
Item #300010
Greaves are designed to protect the lower leg from the cut of a sword or the vicious kicking that occurred during battle. Our Roman Greaves feature an articulated knee piece that provides extra protection.
Price: $79.00
Steel Lorica Segmentata
Item #300176
The Lorica Segmentata is believed to have been widely used at the height of the Roman Empire, although it never completely replaced the mail and scale armor. To the modern mind the Lorica Segmentata typifies the Roman soldier.
Price: $295.00
Roman Troopers Amour Set
Item #ED8200
Rome ruled one of the greatest empires the world has ever seen, an empire of united government, communication, and a strong army of well drilled fighters. This set recreates the armour that those fighters would have worn.
Price: $533.90
Roman Lorica Segmentata
Item #AB0006
The Roman Lorica Segmentata is solidly constructed in 18 gauge steel and based on an original piece. This Lorica Segmentata will fit chest sizes up to 44 Inches (over garments). Fittings are authentically styled and cast in brass.
Price: $269.00
Roman Phalerae Harness
Item #AH-6761B
A phalerae was a military decoration in ancient Rome, often given for good conduct and distinction in service. This Roman Phalerae Harness consists of several of the ornate disks, all bound onto a single harness to wear and display.
Price: $312.00
Roman Leather Subarmalis
Item #AH-6082
What the padded gambeson was to the knight in shining armor, this Roman Leather Subarmalis was to a legionary in gleaming steel lorica. Designed as a padded under-armor, this protection was worn by most armored soldiers in the Legion.
Price: $400.00
Praetorian Leather Battle SkirtPraetorian Leather Battle Skirt
Item #RT-203
To a ranking Roman soldier, a war skirt was a stylish addition to their armor and an extra piece of protection to keep him safe in battle. This Praetorian Leather Battle Skirt offers to you a similar accent with ancient style.
Price: $195.00
Early Roman Officers Armour Set
Item #ED8155
Early armor of Rome was influenced heavily by earlier Greek armour, and it would not be unusual to see early Roman armies wearing armour and helmets similar to those worn by the soldiers of Greece and Gaul.
Price: $537.70
Lorica Segmenta Arm Bracers
Item #DK6004
Our Lorica Segmenta Bracers will compliment any Roman or medieval outfit. Wear them with your Lorica Segmenta or with any other armour, and they will look great. They are made of layered 7/8 oz. leather with laces in the back.
Price: $29.00
Blond Plumed Roman Centurion Armour Set
Item #ED8157
A select number of distinguished Roman officers known as Centurions were so-named because they originally were in control of units of 100 men. The historical Roman Centurion Armour Display comes complete with stand, helm, and segmentata.
Price: $589.00
Gladiator Leather Segmentata Left Arm Guard
Item #AH-6231L
Some gladiators wore very little armor, choosing instead to go into the arena carrying their given weapon, limited clothing, and this Gladiator Leather Segmentata Left Arm Guard, preferring to rely on offense to grant them victory.
Price: $126.00
Praetorian Leather Cuirass
Item #RT-205
Flexible, fast, and protective, this Praetorian Leather Cuirass is the armor for a warrior who needs to stay mobile and light. Plus, its old-world Roman style and rich color makes it a great way for a warrior to show off style, too.
Price: $330.00