Viking Accessories

The Vikings played a significant role in history, spreading their culture and influencing the lands that they raided. The Norse accessories at Medieval Collectables include a wide range of historical items inspired by these fierce warriors and their mythology. We offer a number of options for the Ren fair, including camp tents and supplies, leather pouches, and Norse belts, among others. Many of these Viking raider accessories work well for historical re-enactments, stage productions, and costume parties, and virtually all of them can be paired with our other Viking novelties and apparel. Peruse our selection of Norse costume accessories and other pieces to find the perfect item to bring home.
Viking Drinking Horn with Stand
Item #801884
This is the ultimate in Norse feastware, a drinking horn made of a real antler! This impressive drinking tankard is made using fine, nickel free pewter and real horn, and can hold any of your favorite beverages.
Price: $95.00
Simple Medieval Tankard
Item #CG8916
This Medieval tankard is simple in design. The Simple Medieval Tankard could be used by any social class from Peasant to Noble. It features a stainless steel base with a satin finish body. This item is ideal for engraving.
Price: $19.00
Mug Frog - Tankard Strap
Item #DK1025
Our Tankard Strap is simple, functional, and very affordable! Hang your tankard from these mug frogs when you are not using it. It is available in black with silver snaps or brown with brass snaps and will fit up to a 4 inch belt.
Price: $4.00
Berserker Leather Belt
Item #DK2025
Our Berserker Leather Belt is a mean looking belt, and possibly one of the coolest we have designed. The belt is crafted from 7/8 oz. leather. It is topped off with thinner overlaying straps that brace O-rings along its length.
Price: $39.00
Medieval Leather Coin Pouch
Item #AH-4165S
In the ancient world, when pockets were relatively non-existent, people needed a way to safely carry about their money and coinage. The common solution was something akin to this Medieval Leather Coin Pouch.
Price: $10.00
Viking Horn TankardViking Horn Tankard
Item #AG-AAT25
Take hold of this Viking Horn Tankard and down your meat like a real warrior! This impressive tankard takes the classic medieval drinking vessel and transforms it with a horn handle that you will love to get your hands on!
Price: $130.00
On Sale For: $117.00
Replica Viking Drinking Horn with Stand
Item #AH-3961
Vikings might not have begun to raid until after the fall of the Roman empire, but their customs were alive and well even during the Roman age. The Viking Drinking Horn With Stand is a Roman replica with distinctive Viking style.
Price: $39.00
Horn Beer Mug
Item #AH-3960
In a world were smithed, worked metal was often worth its own weight in gold, other materials were often used to great effect to create other necessary items. The Horn Beer Mug is one such item that features a classic, natural look.
Price: $27.00
Executioners Axe Frog
Item #DK1003
This is a heavy duty axe frog. The 2 inch wide O-ring is attached to the steel hardware and mounted onto the frog. This frog will hold any axe and fits most belts up to 3 inches wide. It is a must for reenactors who favor hafted weapons.
Price: $15.00
Small Nordic Bag
Item #MCI-332
This Small Nordic Bag is hand-crafted from quality leather and fastens using an attractive little wooden button. It features a simple and elegant belt loop, which accommodates most average 2-inch width belts with relative ease.
Price: $50.00
Viking Knot Leather Belt
Item #AH-6786
This Viking Knot Leather Belt puts a unique spin on a classic accessory, allowing you to enhance your own Norse styles with a finely detailed leather belt that possesses a flare of iconic knotwork and authentic looking Viking style.
Price: $47.00
Norse Fur Trimmed Bag
Item #MCI-320
If there is a drawback to medieval clothing, it is their lack of storage space. If you are going to be dressing in medieval fashion and do not want to leave your amenities behind, consider using the Norse Fur Trimmed Bag.
Price: $42.00
Simple Viking Drinking Horn
Item #AC-30-61
The Vikings were a rough and tumble group who loved mead and ale almost as much as they loved battle! Viking drinkware was ferocious, often made from horns, just like this Simple Viking Drinking Horn appears to be.
Price: $30.00
Viking Rune Leather HeadbandViking Rune Leather Headband
Item #DK2031-1
Accent your combat or fantasy attire with the look of Viking Nobility provided by the Viking Rune Leather Headband. This design embraces Nordic styling with runes engraved upon each panel and an antique copper Concho on the forehead.
Price: $18.00
Glass Potion Bottle with Mjolnir Holder
Item #DK1031
You will be hard pressed to find an accessory as versatile as this Glass Potion Bottle with Mjolnir Holder. The benefit is quite obvious, as it can be used to carry virtually anything, from dry goods to drinkable liquids and more.
Price: $24.00
Buckled Black Medieval Leather Pouch
Item #AH-4167
Between all the modern amenities and the necessary personal accents, it is easy to see how you might run out of space at a reenactment or Ren Fair. Never fear, as this Buckled Black Medieval Leather Pouch can help with that.
Price: $50.00
Buckled Medieval Leather Pouch
Item #AH-4168
Do you ever feel like you just need an easier way to carry your things around? This Buckled Medieval Leather Pouch is a perfect way to gather up your trinkets and accessories, making them less a handful and much easier to handle.
Price: $34.00
Classic Medieval Tankard
Item #CG8915
The Classic Medieval Tankard is a drinking vessel for those who want something subtle and understated, yet adorned with that touch of flourish that makes it stand out more than the average cup at a medieval feasting table.
Price: $26.00
Viking Warband Belt BuckleViking Warband Belt Buckle
Item #AG-B99
There are two things that every Viking needs to have - the battle shield and the war sword. This Viking Warband Belt Buckle combines the two into a rune-cut accent that you can wear on your belt to ensure that you never without either.
Price: $55.00
On Sale For: $49.50
Einar Belt
Item #MY100156
A fantastic period accessory to add to your striking Renaissance fair or historical re-enactment apparel, the Einar Belt is crafted from leather uppers and brass. The leather belt was cut from a single piece of thick leather.
Price: $39.00