The Vikings were Norse or Scandinavian people famous for being pirates, explorers, and merchants who raided and colonized areas in Europe. Norsemen used their drakkar ships or Viking vessels to travel as far as Russia, North Africa, and North America, spreading their culture and engraving their legend on history. The main period of Viking exploration is known as the Viking Age. Viking swords and Viking armour indicated a Norsemans social status. A wealthy warrior would own a Viking helm, Norse shield, mail shirt and a leather coat made from animal skin or reindeer hides. A poorer raider may only own a single weapon and a shield. The Viking spear and shield were the basic armaments of a warrior, while others would carry a blade known as a seax, an archers bow, or a Viking war axe. Medieval Collectables carries an excellent selection of Viking products, including re-enactors clothing, Norse jewelry, ancient coins, Viking sculptures, and a variety of Viking weapons.
Viking Accessories, Norse Accessories, and Viking Costume Accessories
Explore the history of the Vikings in a whole new way with the help of our Norse accessories at Medieval Collectables. Our Viking accessories include a range of products that are useful at the Ren fair, for theater performances, or at a costume party. Check out our Norse belts, Viking belt bags, Nordic tents, and other fantastic accents.
Viking Armour, Norse Armour, and Viking Re-enactment Armour
At Medieval Collectables, we allow you to outfit yourself in the style of a Viking warrior with our excellent selection of authentic Norse armour. This decorative and functional armour includes Nordic greaves, Nordic bracers, Nordic body armour, and more. We offer barbarian and berserker armour styles as well as ladies armour styled after the mythical Valkyries.
Viking Axes, Danish Axes, Viking Throwing Axes, and Mammen Axes
Medieval Collectables carries many types of ancient axes, including Dane axes, Norse throwing axes, Mammen axes, beard axes, and Franciscan axes. We also offer Viking battle axes inspired by the hit show following the life of the legendary leader, Ragnar Lothbrok. Many of our Viking hand axes feature authentic designs and are fully functional for re-enactments.
Viking Clothing, Viking Tunics, and Viking Boots
Norsemen frequently wore long tunics and pants along with fur cloaks or long-sleeved vests. Viking ladies wore similar clothing to men, often substituting a long chemise with a Nordic overdress in place of a tunic. At Medieval Collectables, we carry an excellent assortment of Norse apparel like rus pants, gowns, tunics, Norse shirts, and leather shoes.
Viking Coins, Norse Coins, and Anglo-Saxon Coins
Medieval Collectables offers a number of authentic Viking coin replicas of ancient currency used primarily by the Vikings, Normans, and Anglo-Saxons. Each of these Nordic coins is made from antiqued or gold-plated pewter showing fantastic detail based on actual antique coins like the Viking cnut and Norse penny. These historic coins are somewhat rough in appearance in order to provide an aged look.
Viking Daggers, Viking Seax, and Viking Knives
Here at Medieval Collectables, we carry many variations of fully functional Norse daggers, scramaseax, and Viking knives for re-enactments or combat. Our Nordic blades come in a wide array of authentic designs from the Viking Age. Viking blades served as a status symbol, since only free people in Viking culture had the right to bear arms.
Viking Gifts, Viking Key Rings, and Viking Pencil Toppers
At Medieval Collectables, we carry an excellent assortment of Viking giftware inspired by the rich Nordic culture and history. Included among our number of Viking novelties are various trinkets like Viking key chains, metal miniatures, knife letter openers, decorative spoons, collectible thimbles, jewelry boxes, and pencils, as well as larger pieces like longship replicas. Each Viking keepsake is carefully crafted with distinctive style.
Viking Helmets, Norse Helmets, and Nasal Helms
Medieval Collectables carries many authentic and fully functional Norse helmets, as well as Anglo-Saxon helms and Norman helms. Our inventory of Viking helms includes a number of distinctive styles, such as Gjermundbu helmets, nasal helms, Spangenhelms, Nordic horned helms, Coppergate helms, spectacle helms, leather helms, and Sutton Hoo helms.
Viking Jewelry, Viking Pendants, and Viking Necklaces
The Viking jewelry at Medieval Collectables includes Nordic charms, Nordic earrings, Nordic necklaces, Nordic pendants, Norse rings, Norse bracelets, Viking wrist watches, Viking buckles, and much more. These Norse jewelry pieces show off popular designs like Thors hammer called Mjolnir, intricate Nordic knotwork, Viking runes, the Raven Banner, drakkar ships, and Norse axes, among others.
Viking LARP Weapons, Viking LARP Swords, and Viking LARP Axes
Our high-quality LARP weaponry at Medieval Collectables comes in a wide variety of styles, including excellent Norse LARP weapons. Our LARP Viking swords, LARP scramaseax, LARP dirks, LARP battle axes, LARP round shields, and LARP polearms are perfect for role-play fighting and practice. Browse our Viking LARP weapons to find a foam sword or other latex tool that goes with your Viking warrior, Norman invader, Anglo-Saxon fighter, or barbarian brute character.
Viking Shields, Norman Shields, and Norse Shields
At Medieval Collectables, you can find many Viking replica shields inspired by the ones used by the historical warriors. Many of these Nordic shields display colorful graphics and patterns on their front, such as Norse dragons, knotwork, arrows, and spirals. We carry functional round shields, as well as ornamental wooden shields that look great on display in your home.
Viking Spears, Norse Spears, and Viking Polearms
Medieval Collectables carries many Norse spears, Viking spear heads, and wood staves perfect for historical re-enactors, combatants, and collectors. Our inventory includes designs like Norse thrusting spears, Norse throwing spears, short blade spears, and Nordic war spears. These Norse polearms look great on display when they are not in use.
Viking Statues, Norse Statues, and Viking Busts
If you happen to be in the market for a Norse statue, then Medieval Collectables is the ideal place to bring your search. Our Viking figurines depict many popular figures from Norse culture, such as Odin, Valkyries, Thor, Tyr, Frigga, Loki, Freya, Fenrir, Baldur, Heimdall, and others. Some of our Viking statues and Nordic busts depict famous scenes from mythology, while others are simple depictions of the Viking gods.
Viking Swords, Norse Swords, and Norman Swords
At Medieval Collectables, we are proud to carry an excellent variety of Norse swords, Anglo-Saxon swords, and Norman blades inspired by weapons wielded by Viking warriors. Our inventory includes single- and double-handed swords, Norse short swords, and Nordic broadswords. We carry Viking sword reproductions modeled on blades held in museums, including designs for re-enactors, combatants, theatrical performers, or collectors.