Pirate Hats and Wigs

As Jack Sparrow attests, no true swashbuckler can be complete without his pirate hat. At Medieval Collectables, we carry excellent privateer headwear for men, women, and kids. Many of these captain tricorns and seafarer hats show off feathered plumes, golden braid, ribbons, and Jolly Rogers in their design, while other leather hats possess a more roguish look. Our buccaneer wigs and costume hairpieces often extend from headscarves and bandanas, showing off long hair or dreadlocks decorated with beads and braids. Other designs include corsair costume beards, as well. Lady sailors can also appreciate several miniature pirate hats, which go fabulously with pirate costumes. These tricorn hats come in a wide range of affordable prices, so there is no reason not to finish off your ensemble with privateer flair.
Captain Jack Tricorn
Item #200550
This Tricorn Hat is inspired by the swashbuckling antics of Captain Jack and is for those who still live by the Code. It is made from top grain leather with a weathered dark brown finish and is a must for any pirate.
Price: $75.00
Skull and Crossbones Leather Hat
Item #200664
This stylish variation of the standard pirate tricorn hat is certain to make your crews blood run cold. This fine black leather hat has an antiqued brass skull and crossbones emblazoned on the front.
Price: $78.00
Pirates Black Bandana
Item #100972
The Black Pirate Bandana has a suede-like textured finish with rough weathered lace to show that you can pillage and plunder the high seas right away. It is made from 100% rayon and looks great on its own or under a tricorn.
Price: $34.00
Blackbeard Pirate Hat
Item #LU42607
It is not hard to imagine a fearsome pirate like Blackbeard favoring an ornate hat. After all, in the old world, even a hat could be viewed as a symbol of status. So display your wealth and power by wearing the Blackbeard Pirate Hat.
Price: $33.00
Scalawag Tricorn Hat
Item #201173
These sturdy pirate tricorn hats are made of 100% polyester, which has been textured to look like weathered suede. Our Scalawag Tricorn Hat is available in colors midnight black, blood red, or classic brown.
Price: $25.00
Jack Sparrow Pirate Hat
Item #LULA7401
And now you, too, can feel like a genuine pirate of the Caribbean with the Jack Sparrow Pirate Hat. This authentic tricorn is a licensed reproduction of the hat that was used during the incredible film, 'Pirates of the Caribbean'.
Price: $24.95
Pirate's Leather Head Wrap
Item #SS-PHW
The Pirates Leather Head Wrap is truly a manly-man accessory. This simple, stylish head wrap is styled after the wraps that were worn for centuries by men on the sea and off for reasons of personal style or safety.
Price: $14.00
Lady's Ornate Buccaneer Hat
Item #FM-62137
You did not often see a woman on a pirate ship, but that does not mean that ladies cannot be pirates. In fact, she can be a pretty darn good one. Not only can she be fierce, but she can also be stylish in her Ladys Ornate Buccaneer Hat.
Price: $11.00
Pirate Captain's Faded Braided Wig
Item #FM-67405
Wearing this Pirate Captains Faded Braided Wig is the perfect way to get your crew to respect your authority as captain, not to mention give yourself a the look of an authentic and experienced pirate captain of the seven seas.
Price: $18.00
Caribbean Pirate Wig
Item #FM-58471
Pirates were well-known for their scraggly appearances. If you want to create a perfect pirate appearance but do not want to ruin your own hair in the process, than this Caribbean Pirate Wig is just what you need.
Price: $12.00
Buccaneer Beauty Head Scarf
Item #FM-68653
Pirates often have to make difficult choices. Luckily, you do not have to choose between beauty and plunder, because with this Buccaneer Beauty Head Scarf, you can accent your good pirate looks and still get your treasure in the end.
Price: $5.00
South Seas Buccaneer Wig
Item #FM-65380
The moment you put on this South Seas Buccaneer Wig, it is a pirates life for you and nothing else. This is a pirate wig at its finest, featuring a scraggly style contained under a pirates bandana and decorated with beaded tassels.
Price: $20.00
Decorative Pirate Captain's Hat
Item #FM-57501
Naturally, the pirate captain would look the best among his crew, thanks to a higher position and a larger share of the plunder. This Decorative Pirate Captains Hat makes it easy to identify yourself as a captain of quality.
Price: $12.00
Miniature Pirate Beauty Skull Hat
Item #FM-68618
There is not a she-pirate on the waves that would not find herself jealous of this Miniature Pirate Beauty Skull Hat. This adorable hat is elegant and feminine, while also featuring a striking pirate look.
Price: $10.00
Mini Buccaneer Beauty Hat
Item #FM-68617
If it is a pirates life for you, lass, well, than this Mini Buccaneer Beauty Hat is just the headpiece to wear! Not only does this hat allow a woman to maintain a level of elegance, but it also features a style not seen in larger hats!
Price: $10.00
Pirate Tricorn with DreadlocksPirate Tricorn with Dreadlocks
Item #RC-49063
Pirates out of the Caribbean were particularly well known for their exotic styles. This Pirate Tricorn with Dreadlocks saves any would-be pirate from having to style their hair, because the hat features hair already attached and styled!
Price: $13.30
On Sale For: $11.00
Child's South Seas Buccaneer Wig
Item #FM-65384
Now even your kids can enjoy a pirates life of sailing, plunder, and adventure on the high seas! In this Childs South Seas Buccaneer Wig, they will look just the part, possessing black hair, a pirates bandana, and beaded pirate trinkets!
Price: $16.00
Feathered Buccaneer Tricorn
Item #RC-49314
Sometimes as a pirate you just have to show off some style and really make an impression. This Feathered Buccaneer Tricorn hat is perfect for doing just that thanks to its fine make, gold braiding and of course the feathered decoration.
Price: $12.83
Ladies Fancy Pirate Wig with Wrap
Item #RC-51189
A bit of fancy detailing never hurt anyone every now and then, and it especially will not hurt your style as a pirate either. This Ladies Fancy Pirate Wig with Wrap offers both color and style to any females future pirate ensemble.
Price: $10.45
Leather Pirate HatLeather Pirate Hat
Item #MCI-3119
There is no better way to finish off your pirate look than with a rakish hat like the Leather Pirate Hat! This high quality pirate headwear features excellent craftsmanship and an authentic appearance for taking to the high seas.
Price: $101.00
On Sale For: $95.95