Pirate Daggers

No pirate is ready to head to sea without a side-arm. A battle-ready dagger made a convenient alternative to a flintlock for close combat skullduggery, avoiding the misfires and other dangers that plagued the use of vintage firearms. Medieval Collectables offers a wide variety of pirate daggers for any occasion. These excellent corsair daggers and sailor daggers will suit collectors and re-enactors with their high-quality construction and eye-catching details. A number of our privateer daggers display historically accurate designs, while others show off the more fantastical representations of buccaneer knives in popular culture. Take a moment to browse, and you are sure to find top notch swashbuckler blades to enjoy.
Captains Fighting Knife
Item #MC-FM-467
Engage in the knife-fight of your life with the Captains Fighting Knife! Do not let your carousing crew leave you behind because you are the captain. Go out and enjoy your booty together - after taking the proper precautions!
Price: $46.00
Pirate Scimitar DaggerPirate Scimitar Dagger
Item #ZS-DH-8008
For the soul who enjoys the excitement and wealth found while sailing with the Brethren of the Coast, a good dagger proves its value. The Pirate Scimitar Dagger guarantees the seafaring adventurer stands strong, ready for combat.
Price: $25.90
On Sale For: $23.31
Tribal Pirate Skeleton Dagger
Item #NP-M-305
One cannot help but think about remote islands and lost treasure when viewing the Tribal Pirate Skeleton Dagger. Just think of all the adventures that await the buccaneer who chooses this blade as companion when sailing the Seven Seas.
Price: $29.90
Shipwreck Dagger
Item #NP-H-539
The blade of the Shipwreck Dagger offers us a glimpse into Davy Jones locker. Allow your imagination to conjure up the misbegotten tale of how these sailors met their doom while viewing this decorative piece in your home or office.
Price: $21.90