Pirate Boots

Ahoy, there! If you are looking for the perfect pair of pirate shoes to set off your roguish sailor ensemble, then you have come to the right place. Here at Medieval Collectables, we carry a wide selection of high-quality buccaneer footwear suitable for any character that sails the high seas. These pirate boots are made from fine materials like genuine leather and faux leather, and many come in black or brown color options. A number of these sea captain boots feature a folded cuff along the top, and several display large buckles, buttons, or lacings as detail. Now you can dress up as Calico Jack, Mary Read, Captain Kidd, Anne Bonny, or Blackbeard himself for your next Halloween party or stage performance. With a pair of these leather boots, you can look like a positively rakish sailor or a dashing admiral with ease!
Captain Jack Boots
Item #FW1033
The Captain Jack Boots are sure to make any Pirate ensemble a hit! These boots are made from a synthetic leather and come up to the knee. These boots have a 1 inch heel and a non-slip sole. They are available in four sizes.
Price: $78.00
Men's Ornate Captain BootsMen's Ornate Captain Boots
Item #FW2075
Despite being thieves and raiders, pirates and their captains have the means to wear impressive and exquisite things like the Mens Ornate Captain Boots. The pirate boots have an aged look that is complemented by tasteful detailing.
Price: $79.95
First Mate BootsFirst Mate Boots
Item #FW2011
Our Mens First Mate Boots are top quality footwear made from real leather. These leather Pirate Boots have the signature folded over cuffs and display a traditional style without modern zippers, perfect for any Buccaneer ensemble.
Price: $124.00
Cavalier Boots
Item #101087
Our Cavalier Boots are a soft, stylish, all purpose period boot made of genuine leather. These boots have a fold-over cuff that can be worn up or down. They also have an all rubber non-slip soles and heel.
Price: $174.00
Ladies Capt Morgan Boots
Item #FW1021
Our Ladies Captain Morgan Pirate Boots are perfect for the female Captain. These fun and flirty boots have a 2.5-inch heel and a folded over cuff that has red ribbon lacing and is trimmed with black lace.
Price: $58.00
Lady's Brigadier General Boots
Item #FW2052
The Ladys Brigadier General Boots are a great accessory for your Pirate ensemble. These elegant and stylish boots are made of a soft microfiber fabric and feature brass colored adjustable straps and buckles across the ankle and shin.
Price: $79.95
Regal Captain Boots
Item #FW1032
The Regal Captain Boots are a great accessory for your pirate garb. These boots are available in black or brown and comes with a removable sash. These boots feature a strap with buckle around the ankle, and a cuff with brass buttons.
Price: $82.00
Thigh High Maiden Boots
Item #FW2013
Our Medieval Maiden Boots are the perfect addition to your Medieval or Pirate themed outfit. These thigh high boots are crafted from top quality pig leather with a matte finish that is also fantastic for modern ensembles.
Price: $128.95
Swashbuckler Boots
Item #FW2063
Our Swashbuckler Boots are the perfect addition to your Medieval or Pirate themed outfit. These Renaissance boots have a wide folded cuff that offers a classic standard look for any Pirate Captain.
Price: $59.95
Black Raven Leather Boots
Item #FW2010
Our Womens Black Raven Leather Boots are a very versatile boot. They will go with just about any style from Medieval to Musketeer. You can wear them as thigh high boots or fold the cuff over and make them knee boots.
Price: $134.00
Gypsy Wench BootsGypsy Wench Boots
Item #FW2058
The Gypsy Wench Boots are perfect for any Gypsy or Pirate Wench! These synthetic leather boots feature a rich gold stiletto heel and platform sole. Brass coins, chains, and trim add decadence to these cuffed pirate boots.
Price: $58.00
On Sale For: $49.00
Elegant Pirate Boots
Item #FW1027
The Elegant Pirate Boots are perfect for any pirate wench! These synthetic leather boots feature a great gold heel and sole, a 4 inch skinny high heel, and buttons and lace on the cuff.
Price: $72.00
Lady's Ornate Captain Boots
Item #FW2076
When stepping onto a ship, a lady needs to be prepared. It goes without saying that she should be armed and have the right attitude, but she also needs a good pair boots like the Ladys Ornate Captain Boots.
Price: $83.95
Lady Morgan Boots
Item #FW2007
Our Lady Morgan Pirate Boots are perfect for a female Captain. These fun and flirty boots have a 3.75-inch heel and a folded over cuff that has red ribbon lacing and is trimmed with black lace. They are a must for any Wench or Maiden.
Price: $59.95
Lady's Cavalier BootsLady's Cavalier Boots
Item #FW1028
The Lady's Cavalier Boots are a great addition to any musketeer or pirate ensemble. These synthetic leather boots feature a 4 inch skinny high heel and a pointed toe. There are two silver buckles on the back of the calf.
Price: $44.00
On Sale For: $37.00
Rugged Cavalier BootsRugged Cavalier Boots
Item #CLS-FW001
These Rugged Cavalier Boots are a stylish twist on our traditional pair. Offered with a rugged sole with plenty of tread, these boots give good grip to ensure that you have sure footing at all times, as well as a historic look.
Price: $169.00
On Sale For: $105.00
Classic Pirate BootsClassic Pirate Boots
Item #FW2100
Perfect for creating an authentic buccaneer ensemble, these mens boots offer a versatile footwear option. The Classic Pirate Boots display a folded over top and a 1-inch heel to give your outfit excellent swashbuckler flair.
Price: $60.00
On Sale For: $56.00
Buttoned Pirate Boots
Item #FW2116
Perfect for Pirates or Renaissance noblemen, the Buttoned Pirate Boots feature a striking look any man can enjoy. These knee high boots display a convertible upper cuff and a row of decorative silvery buttons along the outer side.
Price: $80.00
Pirate Queen Platform Shoes
Item #FW2107
Display the wealth of your buccaneering exploits in your style of footwear with these stunning platforms! The Pirate Queen Platform Shoes show off intricate golden floral patterns over the black faux leather shoes.
Price: $56.00
Octopus Buckle Pirate Boots
Item #FW2141
Nothing perfectly finishes off a great pirate outfit quite like the right pair of boots. The Octopus Buckle Pirate Boots feature a low heel for comfort and a unique buckle to make your pirate ensemble worthy of sailing the high seas.
Price: $70.00