Nautical Decor

If you feel the pull of the sea in your heart, then show your love for the briny waves by choosing excellent nautical home decor for your house or office. Medieval Collectables offers a broad array of marine-themed items ranging from working navigational devices like antique compasses and sextants to pirate spyglasses and ship telescopes to ornamental ship wheels. Crafted from brass, chrome, leather, and wood, many of these nautical gadgets show incredible craftsmanship that makes them true collectibles as well as functional tools. Additionally, our ship wheel reproductions come in designs that have been transformed into analog clocks and wall mirrors for added usefulness. If you want to show off your seafaring style wherever you go, be sure to also check out our range of sailing keychains and other maritime collectibles. These ship key rings display anchors, bosun whistles, lanterns, ship wheels, cannons, portholes, and other ornaments. Browse this category, and you are sure to find many superb items that catch your eye!
Brass BinocularsBrass Binoculars
Item #08-BI-0315
A good pair of binoculars like these Brass Binoculars is a must-have for explorers. They are phenomenally useful for viewing distant objects while maintaining a steady, clear view, thanks to a two-handed grip.
Price: $139.99
On Sale For: $90.00
24-Inch Ship Wheel Clock
Item #08-SW-1721A24
The 24-Inch Ship Wheel Clock is made out of real shisham hardwood, giving it great authenticity, and is a great addition to any home and office as a nautical decoration or an interesting, esoteric piece to spark conversations.
Price: $90.00
Brass Edgar Allan Poe Poem CompassBrass Edgar Allan Poe Poem Compass
Item #08-CO-0634A
Let imagination and inspiration be your guides, aided by the finely crafted Brass Edgar Allan Poe Poem Compass. Inscribed on the outside lid are the inspiring words of wisdom by the famed poet Edgar Allan Poe
Price: $59.99
On Sale For: $60.00
Titanic CompassTitanic Compass
Item #08-CO-0653-TIT
The commemorative Titanic Compass is truly a great gift to any nautical enthusiast in your life. This 4 inch in diameter compass is fully functional and features a solid brass body and face with a gorgeous finish.
Price: $49.99
On Sale For: $30.00
Brass Alidade CompassBrass Alidade Compass
Item #08-LI-1523
The Brass Alidade Compass, featuring a telescope with a bubble-level, makes for a beautiful nautical desktop gem, or it can rest perfectly on a mantel or bookshelf as an impeccable piece of nautical decor.
Price: $69.99
On Sale For: $60.00
Brass Push-Button CompassBrass Push-Button Compass
Item #08-CO-0602
The Brass Push-Button Compass is an absolutely beautiful item, polished to a mirror-like shine and is a great companion for the true navigator. This compass looks just like a 100-year-old antique but with a shiny and brand new feel.
Price: $19.99
On Sale For: $16.00
Wooden 24-Inch Ship WheelWooden 24-Inch Ship Wheel
Item #08-SW-1716
Our Wooden 24-Inch Ship Wheel is a quality item, the likes of which could be as easily imagined at the helm of a ship as easily as it decorates a wall and adds nautical flair to any room, making it great for pirates and boat enthusiasts.
Price: $69.99
On Sale For: $60.00
Executive Desk Gimble CompassExecutive Desk Gimble Compass
Item #08-CO-0539
This Executive Desk Gimble Compass is a solid brass reproduction of an antique sailing ship cabin compass. The compass is mounted on a 360-degree double-gimbaled ring system on a heavy wooded base.
Price: $44.99
On Sale For: $40.00
Brass Gentlemans CompassBrass Gentlemans Compass
Item #08-CO-0589
The Brass Gentlemans Compass is truly a great gift to any nautical scout in your life. This is a perfect gift for anyone who has need of a tasteful, yet functional compass that features both style and reliability.
Price: $29.99
On Sale For: $25.00
Anchor Lantern KeychainAnchor Lantern Keychain
Item #08-K-224
This nautical-themed key chain is both adorable and functional, featuring a burning anchor lantern key fob. Crafted from solid brass, the Anchor Lantern Keychain is as beautiful as it is durable and functional.
Price: $6.99
On Sale For: $5.00
Bosun Whistle KeychainBosun Whistle Keychain
Item #08-K-237
The Bosun Whistle Keychain, also known as a boatswain whistle, is a nautical-themed item that happens to be both adorable and functional, featuring a bosun whistle key fob. It makes for a great collectible or nautical accessory.
Price: $6.99
On Sale For: $6.00
Brass Hourglass KeychainBrass Hourglass Keychain
Item #08-K-251
The Brass Hourglass Keychain is a nautical-themed item that happens to be both adorable and functional, featuring a brass hourglass key fob for timing short periods. This sand timer acts as a decoration for your keys.
Price: $7.99
On Sale For: $6.00
Brass 4.5 Inch Gimble CompassBrass 4.5 Inch Gimble Compass
Item #08-CO-0525
The Brass 4.5 Inch Gimble Compass is a beautiful reproduction of an antique brass British compass in a handsome brass-inlaid hardwood box. The compass is fully gimbaled with a solid brass double-gimbal.
Price: $69.99
On Sale For: $30.00
Brass Oil Lamp KeychainBrass Oil Lamp Keychain
Item #08-K-290
The Brass Oil Lamp Keychain is a nautical-themed item that happens to be both adorable and functional, featuring a brass oil lamp key fob with a transparent bulb near the bottom to represent the oil receptacle.
Price: $6.99
On Sale For: $5.00
Captains Brass SpyglassCaptains Brass Spyglass
Item #08-FT-0224
A step under Admiral, yet still a position worthy of respect, every great captain of a ship should never be without a trusty and functional Captains Brass Spyglass to take in the sights from a distance while at sea.
Price: $49.99
On Sale For: $38.00
Telescope KeychainTelescope Keychain
Item #08-K-250
The Telescope Keychain is a nautical-themed item that happens to be both adorable and functional, featuring a telescope key fob (a.k.a. keychain). Quality-crafted from solid brass, it is as beautiful and durable as it is functional.
Price: $7.99
On Sale For: $7.00
Brass Dumpy Level
Item #08-LI-1517
The Brass Dumpy Level, also known as an Engineers Transit, is an instrument of impressive quality and craftsmanship. This decorative item is also a fully-functional level and transit that you can use in a pinch.
Price: $70.00
Scouts Brass and Leather Spyglass
Item #08-FT-0241
No one should forget the importance of a scout. They can inform you of what lies ahead on a journey, and that can mean the difference between success and failure. Ensure they always have the Scouts Brass and Leather Spyglass handy.
Price: $20.00
Boatswain WhistleBoatswain Whistle
Item #08-K-236B
The Boatswain Whistle is one of the oldest and most distinctive pieces of nautical equipment. The boatswain pipe, whistle, or flute was first used in Ancient Greece and Rome to keep rhythm in the stroke of galley slaves.
Price: $14.99
On Sale For: $12.00
Admirals Brass and Wood SpyglassAdmirals Brass and Wood Spyglass
Item #08-FT-0217A
The Admirals Brass and Wood Spyglass is a great gift for a nautical navigator in your family. The spyglass measures 24 inches when its four brass tubes are fully extended and a compact 9 inches when fully collapsed.
Price: $129.99
On Sale For: $80.00