Musketeer Swords and Musketeer Rapiers

Musketeer rapiers and swords have an important place in history and pop culture. The musketeers were masters of swordsmanship, using their talents to defend the crown. They remain well-known figures due to the Alexandre Dumas novel, The Three Musketeers, which relates the adventures and misadventures of D'Artagnan, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. Medieval Collectables carries quality musketeer rapiers, main gauches, and Renaissance swords that can be used for display or re-enactments. Our battle-ready musketeer swords are made from fine steel to withstand sword fights and duels. Other cavalier swords are purely decorative with attention to detail and intricate designs. Whether you are a collector or modern swordsman, you can be sure to find superb musketeer weapons here.
Padded GambesonPadded Gambeson
Item #MCI-2327
This padded gambeson is perfect for LARP, so it is better for leather armour or light steel armour. The sleeves are a half sleeve length and the underarms are designed with holes which provide ease of movement and good ventilation.
Price: $45.00
On Sale For: $42.75
Musketeer Rapier
Item #500784
The musket, though the prime weapon of the French Musketeers, was a cumbersome firearm, both to load and fire, so a good rapier was a necessary second weapon that no musketeer was likely ever without.
Price: $265.00
Musketeer Sword
Item #ED6102
Ancient art figures and swirled cut-outs embellish this cup hilt sword. This Italian made full size decorator sword features cast metal handle and an antique brass finish. The blade has intricate engraved designs stamped into it.
Price: $83.60
Musketeer Main Gauche
Item #401348
Carried at the back for a left hand draw, the main gauche was brought into play with the rapier for a two handed fighting style. This dagger has cut-outs and notches to slow a blade, while the hand is well-protected by the knuckle bow.
Price: $135.00
Brandenburg Rapier
Item #501409
The rapier is a classic evolution of the sword, changing as warriors began to favor finesse and skill over strength. This Brandenburg Rapier is equal parts form and function, possessing a dashing look and a blade fit for any swordsman.
Price: $285.00
Italian Brass Basket Rapier
Item #AH-3341
The rapier, born of the 16th and 17th centuries, was a change in the sword that shifted from a focus on cutting to thrusting. This Italian Brass Basket Rapier demonstrates a long blade, as well as an ornate yet defensive hilt design.
Price: $180.00
Spanish Fluted Cup Rapier
Item #AH-3213
Rapiers came in all sorts of different hilt styles, many of them divided up by the regions they were favored in. This Spanish Fluted Cup Rapier leaves little question as to where its design originated, or where it was most popular.
Price: $134.00
Black Hilt RapierBlack Hilt Rapier
Item #ZS-926850
Not all rapiers were made for the social elite of the renaissance. They were the common sword of the day, and so some, like this Black Hilt Rapier, were made to be less ornate. Being less fancy hardly decreased their effectiveness.
Price: $99.90
On Sale For: $89.91
Wood and Gold Cup Hilt Rapier
Item #NP-K-5920
An ornate take on the famous Renaissance blade, the Wood and Gold Cup Hilt Rapier features gold tone finishing throughout the cup hilt, quillion, and pommel, surrounding a wooden inlay grip patterned with golden fleur de lis.
Price: $93.90
Don Quixote Spanish Rapier
Item #NP-L-886
One of the most influential writings of Spanish literature, Don Quixote is a story centered around a man entranced by tales of knighthood. The Don Quixote Spanish Rapier features scenes of the novel upon its antique style hilt.
Price: $105.90