Gothic Watches

If you are you searching for a great gothic wristwatch to go with your goth jewelry collection, then look no further! Medieval Collectables has an extensive line of gothic watches, goth pocket watches, clock necklaces, and other fashion timepieces to choose from. These goth watches come in a range of high-quality designs with quartz movement. Many designs are crafted from polished pewter, sterling silver, or stainless steel with leather, Swarovski gem, and enamel accents. These mens and womens gothic watches show off skulls, hearts, roses, dragons, dark fairies, crows, bones, and other sinister icons, ensuring that each one serves as a lovely goth accessory. These excellent alternative watches make great gifts, as well!
EER Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator WristwatchEER Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator Wristwatch
Item #AG-AW15
Now you can Measure the decay of time using Carnots second law of thermo dynamics via the EER Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator. This wrist gizmo features a 35 mm diameter quartz movement and a unique Galvanic Scale watch face.
Price: $311.00
On Sale For: $279.90
EER Patent Solar Powered Turbine Fob WatchEER Patent Solar Powered Turbine Fob Watch
Item #AG-AW18
This EER Patent Solar Powered Turbine Fob Watch is the second, and even more advanced timepiece from Rosenstein. Its brass turbine blades rotating to generate the transformed power, and the turbo may also be hand cranked.
Price: $125.00
On Sale For: $112.50
Rose Garden Wrist WatchRose Garden Wrist Watch
Item #AG-AW10
The Rose Garden Wrist Watch is a forgotten bed of roses and crystals with stainless steel cobwebs. This wrist watch features a 24 mm uniquely designed watch face that is inset with quartz crystal movements and presented in a gift box.
Price: $115.00
On Sale For: $103.50
The Nevermore FOB WatchThe Nevermore FOB Watch
Item #AG-AW17
Edgar Alan Poes epitome, incorporating the POE monogram and engraved with extracts from The Raven. The Nevermore Fob Watch features a 35 mm watch face that is inset with quartz crystal movements and presented in a gift box.
Price: $85.00
On Sale For: $76.50
Magistus' Double-Albert Fob ChainMagistus' Double-Albert Fob Chain
Item #AG-AWC2
An elegant 24 inch rope chain for the well-accented gentleman, with a central t-bar, double sided fob, and an Albert swivel at either end. The Magistus' Double-Albert Fob Chain is a brilliant way to add some detail to your ensemble.
Price: $49.00
On Sale For: $44.10
Imperial Dragon WristwatchImperial Dragon Wristwatch
Item #AG-AW16
With all the mystique of the orient and the elegance of a Victorian connoisseur collector, this Imperial Dragon Wristwatch is an impressive sight for any to behold. It is a perfect element for fantasy, medieval, and gothic enthusiasts.
Price: $79.00
On Sale For: $71.10
Artemisia Bracelet WatchArtemisia Bracelet Watch
Item #AG-AW20
The wrist piece features translucent two-color green enameled wings and an adjustable chain fitting. The Artemisia Bracelet Watch features a 24 mm watch face that is inset with quartz crystal movements and presented in a gift box.
Price: $110.00
On Sale For: $99.00
Womens Heartfelt Strap WatchWomens Heartfelt Strap Watch
Item #AG-AW24
For keeping time as well as looking gorgeous, nothing compares to this Womens Heartfelt Strap Watch! Elegantly crafted pewter, pale pink Swarovski crystal, and black leather combine to make this a ravishing and ornate accent.
Price: $100.00
On Sale For: $90.00
Bed of Blood Roses Wrist WatchBed of Blood Roses Wrist Watch
Item #AG-AW22
Few things are as tangled the web of emotion known as love, although the comparison of love and a tangled bed of roses is an apt one. This Bed of Blood Roses Wrist Watch embodies that comparison quite nicely, thanks to its design.
Price: $99.00
On Sale For: $89.10
Telford Chronocogulator TimepieceTelford Chronocogulator Timepiece
Item #AG-AW23
The beauty and appeal of antiquarian icons is readily apparent for all to see when it comes to this Telford Chronocogulator Timepiece, which merges the old concept of a wrist watch with all the new technologies of a steampunk world.
Price: $156.00
On Sale For: $140.40
Heart Of Lazarus Bracelet Wristwatch
Item #AG-AW28
Dark angels watch over your every moment of tellurian time, waiting to escort you into the realms of eternity. The Heart of Lazarus Bracelet Wristwatch acts as a reminder to gather your rosebuds, to live life to its fullest potential.
Price: $85.00