Gothic Bracelets

Our goth bracelets at Medieval Collectables are carefully crafted with fine materials like polished pewter, delicate lace, sparkling crystals, silk ribbons, and smooth leather. We carry many gothic cuff bracelets, goth bangles, gothic wrist bands, and other darkly chic bracelets to suit men and women. These designs include skull cuffs, gothic rose bangles, raven wrist bands, Grim Reaper bracelets, pentacle bracelets, vampire bracelets, and many more, ensuring that you can find something to suit almost any occasion. Other designs show off dragons, snakes, pistols, card suits, and even more unique features. These bold goth accessories make excellent gifts and personal accents, so check back regularly to see our latest additions!
Pentagram Gaelic Plait Leather BraceletPentagram Gaelic Plait Leather Bracelet
Item #AG-A37
The Pentagram Gaelic Plait Leather Bracelet is a hand plaited, black leather wristband with pewter pentagram button fastening. The Pentagram Gaelic Plait Leather Bracelet makes a great gothic bracelet for everyday use.
Price: $25.00
On Sale For: $22.50
Spectrostatic Nocturnium BraceletSpectrostatic Nocturnium Bracelet
Item #AG-A15
The Spectrostatic Nocturnium Bracelet represents an early scientific instrumental band for controlling moonlight wavelength emulations with antiqued pewter and solid brass. The Spectrostatic Nocturnium bracelet is hand cast in pewter.
Price: $60.00
On Sale For: $54.00
Curse Of Ezekiel BraceletCurse Of Ezekiel Bracelet
Item #AG-A68
Ezekiel was the Old Testaments prophet of horror. This Curse Of Ezekiel Bracelet brings to grisly fruition his foretelling of rising bones. In this prophecy come true, the bones rise up and take firm grasp of the wearers wrist!
Price: $85.00
On Sale For: $76.50
In Nomine Patrie BraceletIn Nomine Patrie Bracelet
Item #AG-A41
The In Nomine Patrie Bracelet embodies an old Latin phrase often used in prayers for the recently or soon-to-be deceased. This fine bracelet is made in pewter and accented with the full phrase as well as amethyst crystals.
Price: $45.00
On Sale For: $40.50
Vertebrae BraceletVertebrae Bracelet
Item #AG-A29
The Vertebrae Bracelet is the metalized spine of a vanquished predator, formed into a solid bangle with safety chain. The Vertebrae Bracelet is hand cast in fine English pewter with a wicked look that is sure to complement your look.
Price: $60.00
On Sale For: $54.00
Galvanic Magneto Inducer Cuff-BraceletGalvanic Magneto Inducer Cuff-Bracelet
Item #AG-A71
The primary power source behind the GMT system, providing tension to the receiving transposition chamber. The Galvanic Magneto Inducer Cuff-Bracelet is a one-size adjustable-setting hinged cuff fit for any steampunk setting.
Price: $166.75
On Sale For: $150.08
La Fleur De Baudelaire BraceletLa Fleur De Baudelaire Bracelet
Item #AG-A69
La Fleur De Baudelaire Bracelet is inspired by a celebrated 19th century gothic poet, visionary, and champion of the supernaturally creative powers of absinthe. Set with a Swarovski crystal, this bracelet evokes elegance and intrigue.
Price: $65.00
On Sale For: $58.50
Elizabethan BraceletElizabethan Bracelet
Item #AG-A78
Romantic and gothic all at once, this Elizabethan Bracelet combines fine pewter and glimmering crystal into a cuff style bracelet. The trio of amethystine accents only helps to enhance its appealing and eye-catching design.
Price: $59.00
On Sale For: $53.10
Passion BraceletPassion Bracelet
Item #AG-A80
A tangled cuff of bloody thorns, encrusted with Swarovski crystal drops. The Passion Bracelet brings gothic influence to a natural appeal, combining Mother Nature with a darker design that is nothing shy of beautiful.
Price: $59.00
On Sale For: $53.10
Grim Reaper Dragon Bracelet
Item #CCJ137
Possessing a startling and detailed appearance, the Grim Reaper Dragon Bracelet is nothing less than a thoroughly impressive accessory. This attractive cuff bracelet features a stunning grim reaper as well as a fearsome dragon.
Price: $16.00
Black Romance  BraceletBlack Romance  Bracelet
Item #AG-A83
Now you can not only figuratively wear your heart on your sleeve, but you can literally wear one there too! The Black Romance Bracelet is a winged black heart that is symbolic of the fine, volatile line that separates love and hate.
Price: $49.50
On Sale For: $44.55
Grim Reaper Bracelet
Item #CCJ141
The stylish Grim Reaper Bracelet is an attractive accessory that features the grim reaper itself. This cuff bracelet is a great accent that complements a variety of looks, ranging from fantasy to medieval to modern in style.
Price: $16.00
Betrothal BraceletBetrothal Bracelet
Item #AG-A89
The Betrothal Bracelet is both a rococo masterpiece and a romantic metaphor all in one, as it features stunningly artistic lines while also acting as a resting place for a beautiful, vivid, and altogether passionate looking heart.
Price: $69.00
On Sale For: $62.10
Skull and Crossbones Bracelet
Item #CCJ230
The Skull and Crossbones Bracelet is an attractive cuff bracelet that is perfectly styled for any pirate. This accessory features several skull and crossbones as decoration, as well as several smaller skulls for accents.
Price: $15.70
Sailors Pledge Cord Bracelet
Item #AG-ULFA4
From one friend to another, nothing bonds quite like a friendship bracelet. This Sailors Pledge Cord Bracelet has a nautical look that has been infused with touches of gothic style, making it a unique accessory to wear.
Price: $45.00
Pentagration BraceletPentagration Bracelet
Item #AG-A85
You will never be without a mystical symbol of power on your person so long as you wear this Pentagration Bracelet. This bracelet has taken the classic pentagram and infused it with modern-day attitude, creating a symbol for a new age.
Price: $45.00
On Sale For: $40.50
Carpe Diem Leather BraceletCarpe Diem Leather Bracelet
Item #AG-ULA7
Seize the day while you can, and do not put too much faith into an uncertain future. Freedom and living in the present are two key concepts that make this Carpe Diem Leather Bracelet more than a stylish personal accent.
Price: $49.50
On Sale For: $44.55
Vis Viva Dragon BraceletVis Viva Dragon Bracelet
Item #AG-A88
Are you looking for a bracelet that embodies fantasy and gothic style in one nice package? Then look no further, because this Vis Viva Dragon Bracelet is a lively accessory with impressive detailing and a style fit for all occasions.
Price: $79.00
On Sale For: $71.10
Pain is Pleasure Leather BraceletPain is Pleasure Leather Bracelet
Item #AG-ULA4
This Pain is Pleasure Leather Bracelet holds a nugget of wisdom that anyone who loves tattoos has likely learned for themselves. Luckily, you need not feel the sting of a needle to enjoy the style of this adornment.
Price: $39.00
On Sale For: $35.10
Ace of Dead Spades Leather BraceletAce of Dead Spades Leather Bracelet
Item #AG-ULA1
It is time to play your hand, and if you have this card up your sleeve, it is sure to be a winning one. The Ace of Dead Spades Leather Bracelet allows you to keep an ace up your sleeve without breaking the rules of the game.
Price: $33.50
On Sale For: $30.15