Gothic Feastware

Here at Medieval Collectables, we embrace the strange and the esoteric, especially in our range of gothic tableware. If you happen to have a lingering fancy for gothic dining of any sort, we have the items to fulfill that desire. These gothic forks, gothic knives, gothic bowls, and gothic glasses will serve up your fare in sinister style. Pieces like skull salt shakers and cracked skull egg cups extend our selection of unique gothic feastware beyond the mainstream. Our gothic goblets, chalices, flasks, steins, and gothic cocktail glasses are the perfect choice for enjoying your favorite beverages - best check to make sure they are not poisoned, though! Decorated with skulls, bullets, roses, pentagrams, dark angels, and other wicked iconography, these gothic ceramic mugs and other dinnerware are sure to add a bold aesthetic to your table.
Dragon Claw Shot Glass
Item #AG-CWT26
Dragon motifs decorate the flowered cross base of this luxury hard liquor glass. The Dragon Claw Shot Glass makes a stunning addition to your barware with its quality construction of glass and the finest English pewter.
Price: $43.00
Caput Ovum Egg CupCaput Ovum Egg Cup
Item #AG-CW12
Crack open a skull for breakfast every morning! This Caput Ovum Egg Cup is a grim table companion that allows you to start your day in a gothic way, by allowing you to enjoy a tasty egg breakfast from pewter mortal remains.
Price: $57.50
On Sale For: $39.00
Turpin's Gallows Leather TankardTurpin's Gallows Leather Tankard
Item #AG-AAT36
An enduring tribute so you can drink a pint to the memory and death of the legendary London to York highwayman, Dick Turpin. The Turpins Gallows Leather Tankard captures his last moment for you to enjoy, in more ways than one.
Price: $120.00
On Sale For: $108.00
Alchemist's Potion Bottle FlaskAlchemist's Potion Bottle Flask
Item #AG-AAF52
The Alchemist's Potion Bottle Flask holds 2.5 ounces of your favorite fluid. This medieval flask is great for fairs, re-enactments, parties, and every day use. One advantages of this flask is that it does not need regular polishing.
Price: $85.00
On Sale For: $76.50
Dracula Blood Drop Wine Glass
Item #AG-CWT43
Blood red Swarovski crystals drip from the thorns of this menacing piece of glassware. The Dracula Blood Drop Wine Glass features red enamel pooling around the base of the design, hinting at a dangerous encounter.
Price: $150.00
Chrysler Bat Shot GlassChrysler Bat Shot Glass
Item #AG-CWT44
There is something about the Chrysler Bat Shot Glass that just evokes thoughts of New York, circa the 1930s. This shot glass features creative Art-deco decorations combined with nocturnal nuances that fit the metropolis all too well.
Price: $40.00
On Sale For: $36.00
The Wormwood Tree Absinthe Shot GlassThe Wormwood Tree Absinthe Shot Glass
Item #AG-ACWT9
A drink as refined and famous as absinthe deserves to have a special vessel. The Wormwood Tree Absinthe Shot Glass is a decadent choice to use when you want to enjoy, neat, the gratifyingly creative delights of this distinctive drink.
Price: $49.00
On Sale For: $44.10
Steel Casket Flask
Item #CG8903
Do you dare have a drink with death? Are you brave enough to sip your spirits from the Steel Casket Flask and risk awakening the spirits of the dead? This flask is gothic accessory that is perfect for accenting your own dark style.
Price: $36.00
Pewter Skull Flask
Item #CG5295
The grin of this spooky skull could easily lead anyone to believe that there is something good inside of this flask. Indeed, there might be, assuming that, when you filled it, you filled this Pewter Skull Flask with a drink that you enjoy.
Price: $79.00
The Alchemist Shot GlassThe Alchemist Shot Glass
Item #AG-CWT47
Even an ageless figure like the legendary Alchemist likes to enjoy a nice spirit every now and then, and The Alchemist Shot Glass, touched by his likeness, makes the perfect vessel for him and others to enjoy their own favorite spirits.
Price: $25.00
On Sale For: $22.50
Human Heart Gelatin Mold
Item #ZB-5002
Just because zombies are flesh-eating monsters does not mean you cannot treat them to a meal. When cooking to suit zombie tastes, nothing makes a better appetizer than a dish from the heart, like the Human Heart Gelatin Mold.
Price: $5.40
Pewter Casket Flask
Item #CG5410
Do you dare have a drink with death? Are you brave enough to sip your spirits from the Pewter Casket Flask and risk awakening the dead? This flask is gothic little accessory that is perfect for accenting your own dark style.
Price: $62.00
Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold
Item #ZB-5006
Zombies have always treated living people as food, but survivors can now turn the tide and feast on them instead! The Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold makes disturbingly realistic brain snacks that are squishy, soft, and tasty.
Price: $5.40
XXX Black Rose Ale GlassXXX Black Rose Ale Glass
Item #AG-CWT48
A nice pint is sometimes just what you need to relax after a long day. The XXX Black Rose Ale Glass holds an imperial pint and is badged with a cast pewter accent to create a glass that will appeal to and intrigue all ale aficionados.
Price: $37.50
On Sale For: $33.75
Aracnafaria Goblet
Item #CC10375
If you shudder at the thought of spiders, this goblet may excite that same sense of fear. The Aracnafaria Goblet features an oval print depicting a spider fairy along with a number of bright red accent crystals.
Price: $20.00
Angel Rose Goblet
Item #CC10372
Ensure that your dishware stands out from the crowd by setting your table with this dramatic goblet! The Angel Rose Goblet, inspired by the art of Anne Stokes, features an oval print on the side and multiple red accent crystals.
Price: $20.00
Dragons Night Ceramic Mug by Tom Wood
Item #CC90108
Crafted for individuals who love dark fantasy and are fascinated with mythical beasts, the Dragons Night Ceramic Mug by Tom Wood is a functional ceramic drinking mug which features a stunning depiction of a dragon.
Price: $10.00
Skeleton Hand Dessert Wine Glass
Item #WU-1346
Make a toast that will have the dead rolling in their graves with the Skeleton Hand Dessert Wine Glass. Crafted from polystone with a glass bowl, this drinking glass is perfect for a horror themed Halloween party.
Price: $13.00
Dragon with Pentagram Shot Glass
Item #WU-1422
Allow the elegant Dragon with Pentagram Shot Glass to add a new dimension to your current kitchen set. This item is based on gothic fantasy and will inspire you to embrace a new style for your homes tired theme.
Price: $11.00
Gothic Prayer Goblet
Item #CC10373
No other goblet will send quite the same message as this dramatic piece. The Gothic Prayer Goblet features an oval print on its bowl, based on the work by Anne Stokes, with clear accent crystals around its stem and bowl.
Price: $20.00