Womens Sleeveless Gothic Shirts

Here at Medieval Collectables, we try to provide women with a plethora of gothic apparel, ranging widely in design and style. Our selection of goth sleeveless shirts for ladies includes racerback tank tops, ruffled gothic camisoles, gothic halter vests, corset tops, and more. All of our pieces are designed to stand on the cutting edge of gothic fashion. Choose from gothic formal styles with our satin blouses and sweetheart camis, or go the casual route with gothic print tops. The artwork on our sleeveless gothic blouses shows off dark fantasy images like dragons, fallen angels, and wolves, as well as classic gothic icons like skulls, crosses, and roses. Our two-in-one shirts come complete with mesh underlays, providing the perfect gothic style for casual daily wear. Browse through this category to discover the bold gothic fashions within our variety of ladies sleeveless tops.
Gothic Style Camisole
Item #JD-0001
When the weather is hot or you need an undergarment for a blouse, a camisole can be the perfect solution. The Gothic Style Camisole offers a satiny black spaghetti-strap top that works great in a variety of ensembles.
Price: $24.00
Jacquard Corset-Style Blouse
Item #FX1042
The Jacquard Corset-Style Blouse delivers the best of both worlds. This appealing accent looks like a corset, allowing it to pair with existing ensembles with ease. It can also be worn like a casual blouse as a standalone top!
Price: $48.67
Gothic Lace Corset Top
Item #JD-0014
Dress with sultry gothic fashion when you make this elegant gothic bodice a part of your wardrobe. The Gothic Lace Corset Top displays a ruffled lace trim along the neckline and bottom hem and an intricate lace overlay.
Price: $42.00
Gothic Skull Tat Strap Top
Item #FX1045
A bold print is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to fixing up your stylish look. For immediate effect, take one Gothic Skull Tat Strap Top, and then you can simply reap the rewards of looking gothic and stylish.
Price: $18.84
Gothic Grimoire Blouse
Item #DR-1060
Are you looking for a top that combines gothic style with feminine flourishes? The Gothic Grimoire Blouse shows off playful ruffles down its front and over its capped shoulders, as well as around its collar.
Price: $72.00
Gothic Red Satin Ophelia Blouse
Item #DR-1064
For a dramatic piece that will add a pop of color to any outfit, make the Gothic Red Satin Ophelia Blouse your top of choice. The vivid hue of this sleeveless shirt makes it stand out among darker gothic attire.
Price: $72.00
Gothic Studded Tailcoat Vest
Item #RL-21057
A vest can add sophistication and charm to any outfit, emphasizing your trim waist while elongating your neckline. The Gothic Studded Tailcoat Vest does all these things with its solid black color, studded details, and folded collar.
Price: $54.00
Gothic Front Cutout Eyelet Top
Item #PH-1035
With its bold design, this top makes a jaw-dropping addition to any ensemble, gothic or otherwise. The Gothic Front Cutout Eyelet Top shows off black faux leather with metal eyelets that run around the neckline and middle panel.
Price: $62.50
Gothic Queen Applique Lace Cameo Top
Item #PH-1050
You will look better than royalty when you wear this elegant halter top as a part of your ensemble! The Gothic Queen Applique Lace Cameo Top features intricate applique lace along its front and up around the neck in a halter design.
Price: $52.50
Gothic Dieselpunk Top
Item #DR-1058
When you need clothes that embrace avant-garde fashion, this top offers a stylish choice for those with a taste for unique looks. The Gothic Dieselpunk Top shows off swathes of skin on the upper chest and back and shiny buckle accents.
Price: $47.00
Gothic Eye and Hook Attitude Top
Item #PH-1048
Show off your free spirit and dramatic taste by wearing this fun and flirty top! The Gothic Eye and Hook Attitude Top features hook and eye fasteners running down the center and the sides of the front as decoration.
Price: $70.00
Monochrome Checkered Strap Top
Item #FX1047
Not everything gothic is outlandish, surreal, or strange. Sometimes, it is a touch of the right color and design, applied in stylish unison. Take this Monochrome Checkered Strap Top, for example, which fits right in with gothic style.
Price: $17.27
Gothic Rose Trim Top
Item #PH-1039
Look like a star when you wear this flattering and flirty top with your favorite skirts and accessories! The Gothic Rose Trim Top features a sleeveless design decorated with elegant rose details around the scooped neckline.
Price: $62.50
Layered Fire Dragon Mesh Sleeveless Top
Item #SL-00604
Summoned from the beyond, the fiery specter of a dragon emerges from the mouth of an engraved skull among a tribal talisman. The Layered Fire Dragon Mesh Sleeveless Top shows the dragon entirely immersed in flame.
Price: $23.00
Sleeveless Antoinette Top
Item #SR-SW281
Combine modern day fashion with the elegance of the 18th century and the lavish court of Marie Antoinette. The Sleeveless Antoinette Top takes a flirtatious twist on the period dress as a midriff-baring shirt.
Price: $74.00
Gothic Spidernet Strap Top
Item #FX1046
Spiders have long been a part of gothic style, and now, you can wear their webs as a chic addition to your ensemble! This Gothic Spidernet Strap Top takes out the creepy, crawly parts and leaves the lovely look of a well-spun web!
Price: $20.41
Gothic Front Cutout D-Ring Top
Item #PH-1036
Is your current wardrobe lacking some of the drama you would like it to have? Then, consider adding a piece like the Gothic Front Cutout D-Ring Top! This blouse combines soft black velvet with a bold style that shows some skin.
Price: $32.50
Gothic Lacy Bow Top
Item #PH-1049
You can feel like a goddess wearing this elegant and flirty black top to your next formal occasion. The Gothic Lacy Bow Top adopts a feminine and figure-flattering design that goes well with skirts and gothic accessories.
Price: $52.50
Legend of the Wolf Racerback Tank Top
Item #SL-00542
Legend speaks of the monstrous dire wolf, the alpha of the pack, with blood red eyes and a craving for mortal flesh. The Legend of the Wolf Racerback Tank Top displays a pair of snarling wolves on the sides of an ankh.
Price: $26.00
Layered Dragons Wrath Mesh Sleeveless Top
Item #SL-00574
Anyone who dares disturb the slumber of the beast risks facing its wrath - the flame, fire, and brimstone of a dragon! The Layered Dragons Wrath Mesh Sleeveless Top displays a red dragon as it prepares to breathe out molten death.
Price: $23.00