Womens Gothic Skirts

When goth trousers are not working for your style, check out the selection of chic gothic ladies skirts available at Medieval Collectables. Our gothic skirt section holds a number of impressive garments that will pair well with gothic fashions ranging from cute and casual to formal and fancy. We offer a number of punk mini skirts, beautiful knee-length skirts, and elegant full-length skirts to ensure you can find the length you want. When you want a vintage look with a gothic twist, try a bustle skirt or high-waisted skirt. Gothic asymmetrical skirts, Victorian skirts, layered skirts, mermaid skirts, fishtail skirts, and gothic waterfall skirts give you a wealth of options for your gothic style. Whether you prefer a tattered skirt or a lacy ruffled skirt, you will be able to find something to match any occasion.
Long Lace Gothic Handkerchief Skirt
Item #FX1065
There is something luxurious about velvet. That is why the Long Lace Gothic Handkerchief Skirt is a great addition to any outfit, as it brings a rich appeal to any look, thanks to the fine materials from which it is made.
Price: $59.35
Black Net Fishtail Skirt
Item #FX1090
Showing a bit of leg never hurt any look, especially not if you were going for one with just a touch of exotic style. This Black Net Fishtail Dress is perfect for building an outfit that will leave others with their jaws on the floor.
Price: $32.97
Jagged Hem Gypsy SkirtJagged Hem Gypsy Skirt
Item #FX1129
Do not let the name fool you into thinking that this Jagged Hem Gypsy Skirt is just for gypsy looks and costumes. Instead, consider it a classification of style for a garment that can look great in just about any outfit.
Price: $39.25
Satin Pegged Skirt
Item #DC1225
Sleek, stylish, and without equal, the Satin Pegged Skirt truly is a striking skirt that is covered with impressive details. Wearing this skirt almost makes it a challenge to look like anything but a member of the social elite.
Price: $63.00
Layered Bustle Skirt
Item #DC1218
Nothing quite says old time style for a woman quite like a bustle. And this Layered Bustle Skirt is a simple yet beautiful looking garment with a long, flowing form, giving it a look that immediately resonates with an older style.
Price: $75.00
Layered Lace Long Gothic Skirt
Item #FX1066
The Layered Lace Long Gothic Skirt is the perfect way to add a sense of complex beauty and detail to attire with ease. After all, you just slip it on, and you are done. Any outfit you wear can benefit from this skirt.
Price: $75.05
The Duggin Frilly Skirt
Item #DC1207
Simple and elegant in its appearance, this Duggin Frilly Skirt is the perfect way to complete a wide assortment of different ensembles and outfits, ranging from Victorian styles to incredible neo-technological Steampunk looks.
Price: $59.00
Black Lace Accented Long Skirt
Item #FX1063
When a situation demands formality, a skirt might be a good garment to consider. This Black Lace Accented Long Skirt carries a casual look and comfort, as well as a rich design that makes it just formal enough for most occasions.
Price: $76.93
Layered Jagged Gothic Skirt
Item #FX1062
Layered skirts offer visual appeal and movement, and the Layered Jagged Gothic Skirt does not fall short in that regard. Its versatile design makes this a skirt that a gothic lady can wear with just about any attire in her closet.
Price: $51.81
Mary Kingsley's Safari Skirt
Item #DC1219
This skirt is a skirt made for adventure, for a woman who wants the elegance of a skirt while retaining the ability to move and be active. The Mary Kingsleys Safari Skirt delivers on that front, elegant and very easy to move about in.
Price: $41.00
Straight Gothic Jagged Skirt
Item #FX1064
Sometimes, a skirt can do what pants cannot - offer a flattering and fun style that makes a woman look good. The Straight Gothic Jagged Skirt combines casual elegance with gothic style to do that with a dark hint of gothic detail.
Price: $26.69
Jagged Hem Gothic Skirt
Item #FX1061
Why would you want to wear pants when a lovely skirt like this Jagged Hem Gothic Skirt is available? This elegant piece will help you to bring a touch of ladylike style to any attire, while offering that punch of gothic appeal.
Price: $34.23
Gothic Short Skirt with Netting
Item #FX1092
Poetry in motion applies to something beautiful to watch. This Gothic Short Skirt with Netting could be considered poetry in motion, as the layered design creates a beautiful flow of fabric that is rather stunning.
Price: $43.65
Fairytale Skirt
Item #JD-0007
The best kinds of pieces in your closet are the ones that possess flexible functionality. The Fairytale Skirt can be worn in a number of ways depending on your desire, from gothic ensembles to fairy or peasant costuming.
Price: $68.00
Layered Knee Length Gothic Skirt
Item #FX1089
Not all gothic clothing is hard-edged, new age style. Sometimes, something new is infused into classic style. This Layered Knee Length Gothic Skirt is a case of the latter, making it a bit more subdued, but no less appealing.
Price: $45.53
Victorian Ruffled Skirt
Item #JD-0011
Though the Victorian style does not show up much in modern clothing, it makes quite a statement when it does appear. The Victorian Ruffled Skirt features divided sections of ruched material to create a great bell shape in this skirt.
Price: $84.00
High Waisted Gothic Skirt
Item #JD-0002
Dress as an elegant fairy or a gothic princess with this fashionable skirt. The High Waisted Gothic Skirt features a waist that rises all the way to an underbust to create an attractive silhouette and trim waistline.
Price: $50.00
Gothic Black Layered Widow Skirt
Item #DR-1125
When you want a playful skirt that can go with almost any top in your wardrobe, try out this black skirt! The Gothic Black Layered Widow Skirt shows off a sheer underlayer and solid black overlayer that suits any color combination.
Price: $54.00
Satin Mid-Length Skirt
Item #JD-0012
When you want a charming skirt to go with all of your favorite gothic tops, the Satin Mid-Length Skirt makes a great choice. This ruched skirt works well with casual or formal ensembles, making it a versatile piece of attire.
Price: $66.00
Tasseled Tapestry Skirt
Item #SR-SW174T
Show off the sashay in your stride with this fun, flirty skirt! The Tasseled Tapestry Skirt adopts a burlesque and belly dancer-inspired aesthetic in its style and can be worn as an extravagant tapestry kilt or extra wide belt.
Price: $110.00