Womens Gothic Shrugs, Boleros and Capes

When you are heading out for a night on the town or just want something that will set your gothic outfit apart from the rest, one of these goth bolero jackets or lacy shrugs from Medieval Collectables makes a great choice. These gothic cover-ups, short jackets, and sheer shawls offer a hint of protection from the elements when you are dolled up in a long gothic dress or wearing a sleeveless gothic blouse, all while showing off incredible alternative style. Some pieces cover both arms with filmy lace material, while others form only a single sleeve and collar for a dramatic gothic look. Still others wrap around your neck or shoulders with beading, feathers, faux fur, or spikes as decoration. Many items look superb with gothic eveningwear, while others also blend well with punk rock apparel. Take a moment to browse through the unique gothic styles available in this section, and you will be sure to see something that catches your eye.
Gothic Black Lace Bolero Jacket
Item #DR-1118
Enjoy the open style of this black bolero jacket with just about any piece in your wardrobe. The Gothic Black Lace Bolero Jacket cuts off high on the back and ties loosely at the front, making it a great light jacket for cooler nights.
Price: $40.00
Gothic Bell Sleeve Shrug
Item #RL-21080
Stand out from all your friends and family when you wear this eye-catching gothic accessory! The Gothic Bell Sleeve Shrug features a collar that extends over the shoulders and arms, ending in flowing bell sleeves.
Price: $60.00
Gothic Spiked Shoulder Strap
Item #RL-21195
The most important parts of any ensemble are the accessories, which provide the flair to set the outfit apart. The Gothic Spiked Shoulder Strap wraps around the neck in a collar that spread out over the shoulders.
Price: $55.00
Victorian Lace Trim Bolero Jacket
Item #PH-1103
This stunning cropped jacket displays luxurious floral print brocade fabric, making it a great choice to finish off your outfit. The Victorian Lace Trim Bolero Jacket fastens at the front of the neck with a black satin ribbon.
Price: $62.50
Gothic Moontuck Shrug
Item #PH-1081
Enjoy the playful look of this shrug with a Victorian or gothic ensemble. The Gothic Moontuck Shrug features a ruffled high collar and short sleeves, giving this cover up elegance and charm that will be sure to catch eyes.
Price: $42.50
Gothic Lace Sleeve
Item #RL-21116
When planning to attend a formal event, you ought to enjoy the opportunity to dress up in an elegant ensemble! The Gothic Lace Sleeve provides an intricate accessory that adds a touch of striking fashion and flair to any outfit.
Price: $50.00
Gothic Feathered Black Rose Neck Drape
Item #RL-21222
When an ordinary necklace just is not enough, consider a dramatic accessory like this one! The Gothic Feathered Black Rose Neck Drape includes a collar and covers the shoulders before cascading over the front of the chest.
Price: $50.00
Gothic Striped Mesh Long Sleeved Shrug
Item #PH-1114
Ruffles provide a fun and feminine look to your outfit, making this cropped jacket a great final touch. The Gothic Striped Mesh Long Sleeved Shrug provides light coverage when you head out the door for a night on the town.
Price: $22.50
Gothic Velvet Widow Shoulder Cape
Item #PH-1086
Perfect for dressing up for the opera or other formal attire events, this shoulder cape goes splendidly with long gowns and fancy gloves. The Gothic Velvet Widow Shoulder Cape displays rich velvet material trimmed with ornate lace.
Price: $52.50
Gothic Beaded Collar and Shoulder DrapeGothic Beaded Collar and Shoulder Drape
Item #RL-21106
When none of the ordinary accessories will do for your outfit, consider adding this dramatic piece to your ensemble! The Gothic Beaded Collar and Shoulder Drape features strands of beads over your chest and arms.
Price: $65.00
Gothic Long Front Tie Web Jacket
Item #PH-1077
Wear this charming gothic jacket over all of your favorite gothic ensembles for a dramatic look. The Gothic Long Front Tie Web Jacket ties in front of the bust in the front and descends almost to the ground in the back.
Price: $75.00
Gothic Lace Widow Shoulder Cape
Item #PH-1087
This versatile cape, worn over your shoulders, will keep off the chill as you take a midnight stroll in your finery. The Gothic Lace Widow Shoulder Cape features delicate rose-patterned lace that drapes over your upper arms.
Price: $42.50
Gothic Spiked Bolero Jacket
Item #RL-21142
When you need a jacket to add some flair to a gothic ensemble, this short jacket makes a great choice! The Gothic Spiked Bolero Jacket uses spikes, ruffles, chains, and crosses to create a dramatic piece of apparel.
Price: $74.00
Gothic Velvet Sheer Trim Bolero JacketGothic Velvet Sheer Trim Bolero Jacket
Item #PH-1116
Perfect for formal attire of all styles, this short-sleeved jacket works well as a light cover up. The Gothic Velvet Sheer Trim Bolero Jacket features a sheer, ruffled lace hem that wraps around the collar, front, and bottom.
Price: $32.50
On Sale For: $29.00
Short Sleeved Scalloped Lace Shrug
Item #PH-1075
Add the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble with this elegant black shrug. The Short Sleeved Scalloped Lace Shrug features a slightly sheer floral lace pattern that is trimmed with black faux leather along the sleeves and collar.
Price: $40.00
Spanish Noblewoman Shawl
Item #101571
You will look like elegance personified wearing the Spanish Noblewoman Shawl draped over your shoulders! This sheer black floral lace shawl comes in a triangular shape, detailed with a 4-inch fringe running along the edges.
Price: $35.00
Gothic Ruffled Bolero Jacket
Item #RL-21101
As the nights begin to turn cool, a short jacket like this one makes the perfect accompaniment to your favorite gothic apparel. The Gothic Ruffled Bolero Jacket combines playful ruffles along with leather-like material.
Price: $79.00
Gothic Rose Lace Ruffled Bolero Jacket
Item #PH-1111
This lacy alternative cover up looks great overtop corsets, sleeveless dresses, and blouses! The Gothic Rose Lace Ruffled Bolero Jacket offers light protection from the elements while looking delicate and elegant.
Price: $32.50
Gothic Sheer Lace Bolero Jacket
Item #PH-1113
When heading out for a fun night on the town, a light cover up is a necessary article of clothing. The Gothic Sheer Lace Bolero Jacket feels light enough to suit warm summer nights while providing a bit of coverage.
Price: $25.00
Gothic Ruffled Satin Shrug
Item #PH-1112
When your formal attire needs that final touch of something special, add this charming, cropped jacket as a cover up! The Gothic Ruffled Satin Shrug has half-length sleeves and a high neck that display distinct gathered ruffling.
Price: $62.50