Womens Gothic Dresses

Medieval Collectables offers a wide selection of gothic dresses and gothic gowns for the lionhearted ladies who appreciate the darker side of fashion. Ranging from full-length gowns to sassy mini dresses to playful Lolita attire, all of these pieces contain chic style that will earn you many second glances. Layers of lace and mesh add intriguing elements to some of the modern dress designs, while a variety of skirt lengths and hems ensures that we offer a style for almost any occasion. Our womens gothic dresses contain sleeveless gowns, strapless gowns, long-sleeved gowns, short-sleeved gowns, and off-the-shoulder gowns, so you can find something for any season. Several of our gothic dress designs also feature bold gothic and dark fantasy prints like angels, black cats, and dragons for fans of gothic art. Whether you want a gothic ball gown, a ruffled sundress, or a sleeveless halter dress, we provide something to pique your interest!
Gothic Laced Bodice Dress
Item #FX1056
Do you desire finery to go with your gothic style? Then this is the dress for you! The Gothic Laced Bodice Dress is a piece that allows you to transform yourself into the pinnacle of gothic beauty, leaving others in awe of your look.
Price: $156.69
The Tempest's Dress
Item #DC1227
Almost shocking in its color, the Tempests Dress is a remarkable garment that is bound to add a touch of style to your wardrobe. And with its unique style, this dress is a fantastic way to stand out in a crowd and set yourself apart.
Price: $35.00
Dark Maidens Gothic Dress
Item #FX1060
Like a beautiful shadow of the night, any gothic girl wearing the Dark Maidens Gothic Dress will look like the perfect picture of classic gothic beauty. The dress is straightforward in design, yet still very beautiful in appearance.
Price: $125.29
Ladies Gothic Lace Dinner Dress
Item #FX1055
A ladies dinner dress could be an elaborate and beautiful affair, especially if she was the host. In this Ladies Gothic Lace Dinner Dress, you will be dressed in lovely fashion, ready to host parties and wow crowds with your beauty.
Price: $172.39
Corset-Laced Gothic Blouse Dress
Item #FX1084
Is it a blouse or a dress? It is all in the name, and this Corset-Laced Gothic Blouse Dress can work as either type of garment depending on what you need it to be. Beyond that, it is also a rather appealing to wear, too.
Price: $51.81
Gothic Purple Military Coat Dress
Item #DR-1188
This ensemble can be worn in several ways, making it a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. The Gothic Purple Satin Military Coat Dress can be worn separately as a coat or together as a dress for a complete look.
Price: $99.00
Full Length Gothic Lace Dress
Item #FX1057
Fine lace and satin are the way to go when you want to appear as if you belong in the lap of luxury. The Full Length Gothic Lace Dress evokes images of gothic maidens and Victorian beauties as it is a dress that will make you into both.
Price: $114.61
Vintage Goth Womens OutfitVintage Goth Womens Outfit
Item #WENCH-42
Black and white make for such a striking contrast, it is no wonder that this Vintage Goth Womens Outfit is such an eye-catching ensemble. Not to mention, it is also perfect to wear for both formal scenes and for everyday events.
Price: $172.00
On Sale For: $154.80
Gothic Black Satin Military Coat Dress
Item #DR-1093
This ensemble can be worn in several ways, making it a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. The Gothic Black Satin Military Coat Dress can be worn separately as a coat or together as a dress for a complete look.
Price: $99.00
Short Gothic Lace Dress with Bustle
Item #FX1083
One look at this Short Gothic Lace Dress with Bustle, and it is not hard to see why it could have such great appeal. The dress is casual, fun, and highly detailed, making it a great piece to wear with a variety of outfits!
Price: $102.05
Layered Pinstripe Dress
Item #FX1058
Sometimes, formality can be a good thing. In the case of this Layered Pinstripe Dress, it is a good thing, indeed. This gown is an excellent example of how some styles and patterns keep getting better with the passing of years.
Price: $103.31
Gothic Lace Mini Dress
Item #FX1087
Some occasions call for a short skirt. For those moments when you need one with gothic style, you cannot beat the Gothic Lace Mini Dress, if for no other reason than because its impressive gothic style is tough to surpass.
Price: $75.05
Metropolis Dress
Item #SR-SW232
Fans of the 1927 science fiction classic film, Metropolis, will enjoy this fun dress inspired by the work. The Metropolis Dress features a deconstructed appearance that gives it a great sci-fi aesthetic.
Price: $110.00
Gothic Black Brocade Queen Dress
Item #DR-1185
The ornate pattern of brocade elevates this charming dress to a work of art. You will look spectacular wearing the Gothic Black Brocade Queen Dress on its own or overtop a long skirt for a truly period ensemble.
Price: $83.00
Gothic Ruffle Jacket Dress
Item #RL-21136
When the weather grows cold, consider making this dress a staple of your fall and winter wardrobe! The Gothic Ruffle Jacket Dress combines two articles of clothing into one stylish piece, ready for the chill in the air.
Price: $99.00
Short Pinstriped Gothic Dress
Item #FX1085
The formal appeal of the pinstripe pattern meets the casual look of a flirty short dress! The Short Pinstriped Gothic Dress is a fantastic and fun garment that allows a gothic girl to shake things up and take the bore out of boredom!
Price: $64.37
Gothic Long Black Brocade Dress
Item #DR-1187
This long, black dress can be worn a number of different ways depending on the accessories you pair with it. The Gothic Long Black Brocade Dress falls around your ankles in waves of elegant black brocade material.
Price: $108.00
Short Gothic Tutu Dress
Item #FX1082
When you think of ballet and tutus, what comes to mind are usually bright colors like pink and peach. This Short Gothic Tutu Dress breaks the mold, possessing darker coloration and a tutu-esque design for the goth-girl to enjoy.
Price: $84.47
Gothic Knee-Length Lace Dress
Item #FX1086
Dresses are not always for formal occasions. There is nothing stopping a lovely gothic lady from wearing one purely for casual reasons. The Gothic Knee-Length Lace Dress serves well as a dress fit for everyday attire.
Price: $78.19
Gothic Matilda Dress
Item #DR-1183
Designed with a Victorian twist, this dress makes a fun piece to wear with gothic or steampunk accessories. The Gothic Matilda Dress features a black and white design that looks classic and charming on its own or with a corset.
Price: $96.00