Mens Gothic Hoodies

Gentlemen, you do not need to act tough when cold weather comes around. Instead, you save yourself from frostbite by picking out one of these gothic mens hoodies from Medieval Collectables. Not only will they keep you feeling warm, but they will also provide you with your choice of gothic designs. Our selection of mens gothic pullovers includes a diverse array of designs that are bound to appeal to any guy out there. Almost all of our goth hooded sweatshirts are made using heavy cotton, which provides both comfort and warmth, ensuring that you feel good and stylish when you wear them. Many are creatively designed, displaying bold gothic artwork on the front, back, and sleeves. The dark prints on these gothic hoodies range from skeletons to bats to crosses to dragons to fallen angels and beyond, ensuring that no matter what type of gothic dude you are, you can likely find gothic fashion that speaks to you here. The long cold winters will not affect your style so long as you shop here at Medieval Collectables.
Oak King Hoodie
Item #SL-00181
Allow us to introduce you to the Oak King, master of the forest and sage, whose branches and leaves know more than vast libraries of lore. Now, you can know this legendary figure personally, just by wearing this Oak King Hoodie.
Price: $49.95
Seduction Hoodie
Item #SL-00099
Duality and submission are this shirts prime designs. The Seduction Hoodie shows the seductive powers of the dark, revealing how even angelic innocence can be corrupted by the alluring power of a dark predator of the deepest night.
Price: $49.95
Mens Undead Vikings Hoodie
Item #SL-00251
After spending many years in Valhalla, many Viking warriors have returned to the mortal realm to resume their days of pillaging. The Mens Undead Vikings Hoodie commemorates this monumental event in a comfortable and vibrant design.
Price: $39.00
Dragon Rip Hoodie
Item #SL-00179
Unleash the beast! Do you harbor a powerful creature in your soul? With this Dragon Rip Hoodie, you can let it out, all while the world watches as this dragon rends its way through the fabric of the garment, leaving only tatters behind.
Price: $49.95
Wolf Wings Hoodie
Item #SL-00256
A silent predator wanders the night woods alone waiting for an opportunity to prove that he is the ultimate protector. You will never have to be without a guardian wolf again while wearing the stylish Wolf Wings Hoodie.
Price: $51.00
Skull Shock HoodieSkull Shock Hoodie
Item #SL-00490
A streak of crimson on skeletal bone makes for quite the striking accent, especially when it is seen as the main design of this Skull Shock Hoodie! Worn casually, this garment is perfect for adding gothic style to any guys look.
Price: $49.95
On Sale For: $45.00
Companion Hoodie
Item #SL-00057
Often jubilant and carefree, fairies are rarely a lonely lot, yet it does happen. This woodland fairy finds companionship in the magical, moonlit scene that is this Companion Hoodie, and she finds it in a pixie like herself.
Price: $49.95
Goth Skull Hoodie
Item #SL-00419
Sometimes, you just cannot beat a good skull. This Goth Skull Hoodie gets back to the roots of gothic wear, featuring a classic skull in awesome detail, while also possessing a sinister design that will leave others in awe.
Price: $49.95
Dragon Kingdom Hoodie
Item #SL-00184
Is this kingdom being assaulted by a dragon or ruled by one? The choice is yours when you wear this Dragon Kingdom Hoodie, which features a great fantasy style in the form of a dragon that perches atop a medieval castle.
Price: $49.95
Death Rage Hoodie
Item #SL-00612
Because skulls are a staple part of a gothic wardrobe, you need bold and timeless pieces with this iconic image for every type of weather. The Death Rage Hoodie is the perfect way to showcase your sinister style year round.
Price: $47.00
Assassin Hoodie
Item #SL-00402
A new age calls for a new reaper. No longer does the reaper of souls carry a scythe. Instead, this assassin of souls favors more modern implements, and as this Assassin Hoodie shows, the new reaper is just as deadly as the old.
Price: $49.95
In Goth We Trust Hoodie
Item #SL-00090
There are few things in this world that can be trusted fully but with this great In Goth We Trust Hoodie, you can show exactly where your trust lies. Adorned with an intricate Goth design, this hoodie is both dark and beautiful.
Price: $51.00
Shut Up And Ride Hoodie
Item #SL-00422
Is there any way to outrun the Reaper? You will just have to go full throttle and see if you can. Who knows, maybe the biker reaper on this Shut Up And Ride Hoodie might just let you go if you can earn his respect when you ride.
Price: $49.95
Goth Fangs Hoodie
Item #SL-00069
The scariest part about vampires is that you may never know that you are talking to one until they are going for your throat! This Goth Fangs Hoodie offers a graphic glimpse of one such set of vampiric fangs as they prepare to feast!
Price: $49.95
Wolf Queen Hoodie
Item #SL-00254
She is leading the charge with her snarling wolf onto this unforgiving battleground, which is littered with the bodies of the fallen. Now you can join the ranks of this unstoppable army of the dead with the stylish Wolf Queen Hoodie.
Price: $51.00
Gothic Maiden Hoodie
Item #SL-00247
Close your eyes and think on the nature of sin and forgiveness with the Gothic Maiden Hoodie. Now you can easily reflect on any wrong doings while featuring a stunning shirt that reflects your own personal, great, gothic style.
Price: $51.00
Viking Dead Hoodie
Item #SL-00210
The tormented souls of fallen Norse warriors return to reclaim their rightful place, at the helm of their longboat, in the Viking Dead Hoodie. These dead Vikings display the severed heads of enemies and brandish well-worn weapons.
Price: $51.00
Wanted Charcoal Hoodie
Item #SL-00003
This shirt evokes memories of the old days in the West, when lawmen put up wanted posters all over town. The Wanted Charcoal Hoodie does not depict any regular old outlaw, though. It offers a bounty for Death itself!
Price: $49.95
Dragon Heritage Hoodie
Item #SL-00470
Myths of dragons are in nearly every corner of the world. Embrace the long history of the dragon with the Dragon Heritage Hoodie. This hoodie is made from 100 percent cotton making it the perfect companion for rough winter months.
Price: $51.00
Black Legend of the Wolf Hoodie
Item #SL-00546
Legend speaks of the monstrous dire wolf, the alpha of the pack, with blood red eyes and a craving for mortal flesh. The back of the Black Legend of the Wolf Hoodie displays a pair of snarling wolves on the sides of an ankh.
Price: $47.00