Scottish and Celtic

Medieval Collectables has put together a grand selection of Scottish and Celtic merchandise for the Celtic or Highlander re-enactor. We carry Scottish clothing and Celtic clothing, including iconic pieces like Scottish dresses, Celtic kilts, Scottish chemises, and traditional sporrans. We also offer excellent leather armour and steel armour inspired by the fierce warriors of these ancient peoples. Our Scottish targes, sgian dubhs, dirks, claymores, and other Celtic blades pair well with our re-enactment armour for LARP events. Additionally, we have high-quality white bronze, pewter, and sterling silver Celtic and Scottish jewelry for daily wearing or giving as gifts. Our Celtic and Scottish collectibles extend to an excellent range of musical instruments, home decor, coin replicas, and other accessories that celebrate the rich culture and history of the Scots and Celts.
Scottish Sporrans, Celtic belts, and Highlander Accessories
At Medieval Collectables, we carry an outstanding assortment of Scottish accessories and Celtic accessories inspired by two of the most well-known groups. Our Highlander accessories include excellent Scottish pouches like leather sporrans, worn with clothing like kilts to serve in place of pockets, while our Celt accessories offer additional pieces like leather belts that work great for re-enactments and the Ren fair.
Scottish Armour, Celtic Armour, and Highlander Armour
Medieval Collectables carries functional Scottish and Celtic armour in leather armour and steel armour varieties. Many pieces of our Celt armour are decorated with Celtic crosses, Celtic knotwork, the tree of life, and other iconic Celtic symbols. Our Celtic and Highlander armour includes an assortment of leather arm bracers, wrist guards, lamellar body armour, and Scottish helms.
Scottish Clothing, Celtic Clothing, and Scottish Kilts
Medieval Collectables a vast array of Scottish clothing and Celtic clothing perfect for historical re-enactments, costume parties, and stage productions. Our Celt apparel includes Celtic smocks, Celtic skirts, and ladies bodices, while our Scottish apparel extends to tartan kilts, Scottish lass dresses, Highland shirts, and Scottish vests.
Scottish Coins, Celtic Coins, and Highlander Coins
Here at Medieval Collectables, we are proud to offer a great selection of Celtic and Scottish coins for collecting, gaming, or re-enactments. Many of these Scot and Celt coins are cast in fine pewter with gold-plating or an antiqued finish. We offer ancient coins made to resemble multiple variations of the stater currency, as well as Scottish coin replicas of monarchs like Edward II and James I.
Scottish Daggers, Celtic Daggers, and Scottish Dirks
Medieval Collectables carries many unique Celtic and Scottish daggers inspired by different historical blades. The Scotsmans dirk and the functional sgian dubh are two of the most well-known Scot daggers that can be found here in a wide variety of designs. Our Highland daggers and Celtic daggers make excellent collectibles, though many of them can also serve as battle-ready daggers, as well.
Scottish Home Decor, Celtic Decor, and Highlander Decor
Medieval Collectables provides a wide range of Celtic and Scottish home decor items showing off knotwork patterns, shamrocks, the tree of life, Claddagh designs, and other iconic motifs. Our Scottish and Celt decor includes pieces like bed linens, candleholders, ashtrays, incense holders, decorative plaques, side tables, clocks, pennants, mirrors, jewelry boxes, and more. We offer Celtic and Scottish statues, as well.
Scottish Jewelry, Celtic Jewelry, and Knotwork Jewelry
Medieval Collectables offers a wide selection of Celt and Scottish jewelry for re-enactment ensembles and daily wearing. Our Celtic jewelry includes ankle bracelets, bangles, pins, charms, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and rings that show off triskelions, trinity knots, animals, Claddaghs, shamrocks, the Green Man, Celtic crosses, the tree of life, and other distinctive knotwork motifs.
Scottish Musical Instruments, Celtic Harps, and Scottish Bagpipes
Medieval Collectables offers a large selection of historical music instruments, including a range of Celtic and Scottish instruments. We carry Scottish music instruments like the traditional bagpipe, as well as small pipes, pipe chanters, and educational materials for learning the pipes. Our Celtic music instruments include Celt harps of various styles, such as Kinnor harps, Nevel harps, and classic lap harps.
Scottish Shields, Scottish Targes, and Celtic Shields
Medieval Collectables carries many excellent Scottish or Celtic shields inspired by those taken into battle by the ancient Celts and Scots. Our Celt shields and Highland targes feature excellent decorations on their fronts that ensure they also serve well as collectibles and decorations. These round wood shields are ideal for historical re-enactments and stage productions.
Scottish Swords, Celtic Swords, and Claymore Swords
Medieval Collectables offers a wide range of Scottish and Celtic swords like claymores, Celt short swords, regimental cutlasses, and basket-hilted swords that are ideal for collectors and re-enactors. Our Celtic and Scottish swords also include designs modeled on those wielded by figures like William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, and Boudicca.
Large Glen Celtic Knife with Sheath
Item #MY100290
In a style reminiscent of tools used by the ancient Celts, the Large Glen Celtic Knife with Sheath features a functional, rustproof blade made of stainless steel. Included with this knife is its own hardened leather sheath.
Price: $22.00
Small Glen Celtic Knife with SheathSmall Glen Celtic Knife with Sheath
Item #MY100292
The Small Glen Celtic Knife with Sheath features a thick, slightly curved blade, making it a useful tool for both chopping and slicing. Small enough for use as a pocket knife, this blade comes with its own hardened leather sheath.
Price: $18.00
Medium Glen Celtic Knife with Sheath
Item #MY100291
Made of rustproof stainless steel, the Medium Glen Celtic Knife with Sheath is a historic tool inspired by the ancient ring knives of the Celts. Featuring a thick, curved blade, this knife comes with a hardened leather sheath.
Price: $20.00
Bronze Warrior Morrigan Statue
Item #CC11543
In Irish mythology, Morrigan foretells death on the battlefield and is known to often take the form of a crow. The Bronze Warrior Morrigan Statue depicts this goddess of fate in gorgeous detail with feathered armour and crow wings.
Price: $64.00
Bright Cernunnus Statue
Item #CC11542
The Bright Cernunnos Statue displays the mysterious pagan god in exquisite detail, from the elegantly curving horns on his head to the runes and vines that decorate his body down to the forest floor base upon which he stands.
Price: $40.00
Bronze Cernunnos Statue
Item #CC11541
A mysterious god of the ancient Celts, Cernunnos is also known as the Horned God, referring to his antlered head. The Bronze Cernunnos Statue proudly displays this god with intricate hand polished details and a bronze construction.
Price: $50.00