Robes and Loungewear

Rescue your weekends by bringing home great comic book loungewear from Medieval Collectables! Our superhero bathrobes, slippers, pajamas, lounge pants, jumpsuits, and other apparel feel so comfortable, you may not want to ever wear anything else. Inspired by popular characters from the Marvel and DC Comics universes, the superhero loungewear and sleepwear have been decorated with logos, patterns, and costume designs for eye-catching looks. Among these designs, you will find both villains and heroes, such as the Joker, Superman, Black Widow, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Batman, Spider-Man, Deadpool, the Punisher, Poison Ivy, and more! Made with bright colors and quality fabrics like satin, terrycloth, and fleece, these comic book clothing options are perfect for movie marathons and lazy mornings sipping coffee.
Black Batman Jam Shorts
Item #BM-0030
Wearing these Black Batman Jam Shorts is beneficial to the hero himself. How? Well, with everyone wearing the Batman logo, there is no way of telling if anyone who does is actually the hero himself or just an avid fan of his work!
Price: $16.00
Embroidered Superman Robe
Item #BM-0036
Great comic book style does not stop with tees, jackets, hoodies, and personal accessories. The Embroidered Superman Robe allows even the mild mannered human fans of Superman to show off Kryptonian style.
Price: $50.00
Black Punisher Jam Shorts
Item #BM-0031
The Punisher is quite fond of his skull. We imagine that he likes to wear it on all of his garments. Now, you can do the same. The Black Punisher Jam Shorts are a casual apparel option showing the iconic white skull.
Price: $16.00
Superman Sleep Pants
Item #BM-0039
Everyone needs to relax after a long day of hard work, whether you are human, Kryptonian, or anything else. The Superman Sleep Pants are casual and comfortable, a good choice to wear in your own personal Fortress of Solitude.
Price: $20.00
Blue Superman Jam Shorts
Item #BM-0037
What does Superman wear when he wants to relax on a hot day? He wears a pair of the Blue Superman Jam Shorts! Gone is the vibrant blue of the Superman costume, replaced by a dark navy which nicely accents the iconic Superman S.
Price: $16.00
Black Punisher Sleep Pants
Item #BM-0034
Even a vigilante hero like the Punisher takes the time to lounge about sometimes. After all, everyone needs a quiet day to relax. When he does, we imagine that he wears a pair of these Black Punisher Sleep Pants.
Price: $20.00
Captain America Casual Jumpsuit
Item #NW-E0517MOL
In a design which is inspired by the legendary member of the Avengers superhero team, the Captain America Casual Jumpsuit embodies the appearance of the uniform worn by Captain America throughout his crime fighting tenure.
Price: $70.00
Deadpool Casual Jumpsuit
Item #NW-E0516MOL
Featuring an extraordinarily comfortable and unique design, the Deadpool Casual Jumpsuit is a full body sweat suit which is crafted in the appearance of the attire worn by the Marvel Comics anti-hero, Deadpool.
Price: $70.00
Transformer Decepticon Sleep Pants
Item #BM-0040
Cybertronians might be among us even now, and we would never know. Thus, it is important to choose your side wisely. The Transformer Decepticon Sleep Pants carry a symbol that identifies one faction of the Cybertronian conflict.
Price: $18.00
Mens SHIELD Casual Jumpsuit
Item #NW-E0451MOL
Crafted for supreme comfort and style, the Mens SHIELD Casual Jumpsuit is a full body sweat suit which employs an eye catching theme based on, S.H.I.E.L.D., the secretive intelligence agency from the Marvel Comics Universe.
Price: $70.00
Captain Morgan Board ShortsCaptain Morgan Board Shorts
Item #BM-0015
With these Captain Morgan Board Shorts, your favorite pirate can become one of your favorite pieces of apparel too. Casual and comfortable, these shorts are a perfect choice to wear on any number of occasions.
Price: $24.00
On Sale For: $16.00
The Punisher Casual Jumpsuit
Item #NW-E0452MOL
An extraordinary means to display your love for the Punisher comics and films, The Punisher Casual Jumpsuit is designed to emulate the appearance of the attire worn by this vigilante hero in his comic book portrayals.
Price: $70.00
Spiderman Casual Jumpsuit
Item #NW-E0193MOL
An incredible way to assume the identity of Spiderman, the superhero from the Marvel Comics Universe, the Spiderman Casual Jumpsuit is designed in the likeness of the costume which Spiderman is known to wear.
Price: $70.00
Hooded Captain America Robe
Item #BM-0029
Do you think Captain America wears the logo wherever he goes, even in his down-time? Well, regardless if he does or not, you can certainly do that, especially since this Hooded Captain America Robe is quite the comfortable piece of lounge wear.
Price: $40.00
Superman Flag Logo Sleep Pants
Item #BM-0199
Superman fights for Truth, Justice, and the American Way, represented by the design of these patriotic pajama pants! The Superman Flag Logo Sleep Pants feature a modified Superman shield design that runs down one of the legs.
Price: $20.00
Marvel Hooded Deadpool Robe
Item #RB-10648
The healing powers that allow Deadpool to survive extreme injury also result in psychosis, making him a unique Marvel anti-hero. The Marvel Hooded Deadpool Robe lets any fan adopt the bold style of the unstable superhero.
Price: $50.00
DC Harley Quinn Bombshell Robe
Item #RB-11659
One of the most popular DC villains, this harlequin mistress has quite the sense of humor! The DC Harley Quinn Bombshell Robe allows you to adopt the sultry style of this psychotic siren and frequent companion of the Joker.
Price: $50.00
DC Joker Robe
Item #RB-90015
One of the most infamous villains in the DC Comic universe, the Joker certainly knows how to relax in style! The DC Joker Robe displays classic purple and green coloration as well as details embroidered on the front and back.
Price: $48.00
Marvel Hooded Wolverine Robe
Item #RB-00289
One of the most well-known mutants on the X-Men team, Wolverine shares the ferocity and claws of the animal for which he is named. The Marvel Hooded Wolverine Robe lets any fan adopt the classic style of the gruff superhero.
Price: $56.00
DC Harley Quinn Bombshell Satin Robe
Item #RB-10462
One of the most popular DC villains, this harlequin mistress has quite the sense of humor! The DC Harley Quinn Bombshell Satin Robe allows you to adopt the sultry style of this psychotic siren and frequent companion of the Joker.
Price: $40.00