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Valiant Armoury is a company in Texas that has their swords made in the Philippine Islands. Hand hammered, forged blades made from high carbon steel, and tempered to just the right spring, constitute the Valiant Armoury swords are battle ready. With the addition of their exotic hardwood handles and robust feel, the Valiant Armoury swords replicate a near perfect example of their originals. Valiant Armoury swords are traditional in design and made with modern materials. The have the new signature sword and practical swords that are designed by Christian Fletcher and Angus Trim. Valiant Armoury swords are recommended by Medieval Collectables if you are looking for a fully functional sword that will hold up to the rigors of combat and sword figting.
Classic Ninja SwordClassic Ninja Sword
Item #54-092-VA
Spies, saboteurs, and assassins, the ninja remains a figure of mystique even to this day, rooted in the lore of feudal Japan. The Classic Ninja Sword allows you to take on the role of one of these ancient Japanese warriors.
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