Captain America Shield Keychain
An incredible collectible which fans of the Avengers comics or films will love, the Captain America Shield Keychain is designed to replicate the appearance of the famous, indestructible shield which is wielded by Captain America.
Price: $4.00
Iron Man Keychain
Crafted for the enjoyment of people who are amused by the adventures of the fabulously wealthy and intelligent Tony Stark, the Iron Man Keychain features an eye catching design which displays the iconic mask of his exoskeleton suit.
Price: $4.00
Batman Pocket POP Keychain
Item #FK-4483
A spectacular collectible for any fan of the classic Batman television show or the early days of his comics, the Batman Pocket POP Keychain is a functional keychain that features a small, pocket sized Batman figurine.
Price: $6.50
Deadpool Logo Metal Keychain
Item #BM-0190
Known for his tendency to run his mouth and break the fourth wall, Deadpool serves as an anti-hero in the Marvel comic book universe. The Deadpool Logo Metal Keychain displays the mask logo of this unstable mercenary.
Price: $6.00
Marvel Deadpool Pocket POP Keychain
Item #FK-4984
Fans of the Merc with the Mouth can now take their favorite ambiguous superhero with them wherever they go! The Marvel Deadpool Pocket POP Keychain depicts this mentally unstable anti-hero holding a katana in one hand.
Price: $6.00
Harley Quinn Pocket POP Keychain
Item #FK-4484
An outstanding way to include your love of comics into your daily life, the Harley Quinn Pocket POP Keychain is designed in the appearance of the crafty and quick-witted villainous from the DC Universe, Harley Quinn.
Price: $6.50
Classic Oval Batman Logo Keychain
Item #BM-0139
One of the most iconic symbols of the Dark Knight hangs from the key ring of the Classic Oval Batman Logo Keychain! This Batman keychain displays the black silhouette of a bat against a bright yellow background.
Price: $6.00
Marvel Spider-Man Pocket POP Keychain
Item #FK-4983
Now you can take your favorite web-slinger with you wherever you decide to go! The Marvel Spider-Man Pocket POP Keychain depicts Peter Parker in his iconic, colorful superhero suit with one hand extended to shoot his web.
Price: $6.00
SHIELD Logo Keychain
An exceptional means for adding a splash of personality into your everyday gear and displaying your enjoyment of Marvel Comics, the SHIELD Logo Keychain is designed in the likeness of the logo of the agency known as SHIELD.
Price: $4.00
Avengers Logo Keychain
Keychains are a fantastic way to express your personality within your daily life and due to its eye catching Avengers theme, the Avengers Logo Keychain is a terrific means to accomplish this for fans of the Marvel Comics Universe.
Price: $4.00
Punisher Logo Metal Keychain
Item #BM-0194
Frank Castle becomes a vengeance-driven vigilante following the death of his family by the mafia, beginning a war on crime. The Punisher Logo Metal Keychain displays the logo of this violent anti-hero, a deaths head skull.
Price: $6.00
Wonder Woman Logo Keychain
Item #BM-0156
No Amazon warrior princess is better recognized in pop culture than the majestic superheroine known as Wonder Woman! The Wonder Woman Logo Keychain displays the iconic winged W emblem of this classic DC Comics character.
Price: $6.00
S.H.I.E.L.D. Eagle Logo Keychain
Item #MG-67886
An eye-catching keychain is a wonderful way to show off a bit of your personality in your everyday life, and this S.H.I.E.L.D. Eagle Logo Keychain will complete the task of telling the world you love this Marvel government agency!
Price: $9.00
Joker Face Keychain
Item #MG-45087
The Joker has been portrayed as campy and funny, but his most memorable versions are definitely those where his criminal insanity shines through. This Joker Face Keychain depicts one of the most wicked comic book villains of all time.
Price: $9.00
Loki Helmet Keychain
Item #MG-67987
Famously depicted as the archenemy of Thor, Loki is one of the most diabolical tricksters in the Marvel universe. His iconic headwear is depicted in the Loki Helmet Keychain, a great item for fans of Marvel Comics and the Avengers.
Price: $9.00
Avengers Thor Hammer Keychain
Item #MG-67419
Fans of Marvel Comics know that every time they hear thunder strikes or see a bolt of lightning, Thor is raising his mighty hammer! Now you can wield the weapon of Thor in your everyday life with the Avengers Thor Hammer Keychain.
Price: $9.00
Batman Logo Harley Quinn Keychain
Item #BM-0137
A frequent companion of the Joker, Harley Quinn retains her status as a supervillain based on her own demerits. The Batman Logo Harley Quinn Keychain displays the classic Batman logo with a red and gray harlequin design.
Price: $6.00
Hulkbuster Mask Keychain
Item #MG-68371
Many fans of the Avengers Age of Ultron film vividly remember the Hulkbuster suit as one of Iron Mans most awe inspiring sets of armor. Now, you can keep a memento of this suit on you at all times with this Hulkbuster Mask Keychain!
Price: $9.00
Batman Logo Joker Keychain
Item #BM-0138
One of the most nefarious and infamous supervillains of any comic book universe, the Joker showcases a mix of insanity and brutality that is hard to beat. The Batman Logo Joker Keychain displays the unstable laugh of the Joker.
Price: $6.00
Hydra Logo Keychain
Item #MG-68344
Based off of a mythical beast, Hydra is a sinister terrorist group in the MCU and Marvel comic books that poses a great threat to the Avengers. With this Hydra Logo Keychain, you can display their logo in a fun and unique way!
Price: $9.00