Black Twin Ninja Sword Set
Item #MC-HK-1456
If one sword is good, then two swords have got to be better, right? You tell us. This Black Twin Ninja Sword Set puts two ninja blades into your hands, allowing you to experience the power and the dizzying grace of wielding two blades.
Price: $26.00
Double Ninja Sword Set
Item #MC-SW-896BK3
What is better than wielding one sword? Wielding two, of course! This Double Ninja Sword Set is a dual-wielders dream, as it comes complete with not just fine swords, but also the scabbards and shoulder straps necessary to carry them!
Price: $80.00
Ninjato with Blow-Gun Sheath
Item #MC-R-001
The legend of the ninja is that of a master assassin, who strikes without being seen and leaves no trace of his passing, save for a body. This Ninjato with Blow-Gun Sheath lends some credence as to how a ninja might have done just that.
Price: $76.00
Qing Dynasty Dragon Dao
Item #MC-SW-258
One of Chinas four major weapons, the Dao is a sword no practitioner of martial arts should be unfamiliar with. The Qing Dynasty Dragon Dao features a hand-forged Damascus carbon steel blade.
Price: $144.00
Traditional Black Ninja Sword
Item #MC-JL-054
The shinobi of Japanese myth inspired many legends about their prowess, the least of which is how they would appear from the shadows, seemingly at will, wielding blades like this Traditional Black Ninja Sword with nearly unmatched skill.
Price: $40.00
Black Japanese Ninjato Sword
Item #MC-SW-336B
The katana is often thought to be one of the finest swords, but this Black Japanese Ninjato Sword is a blade that would give any common sword a run for its money, possessing matching Japanese style fit for any oriental warrior.
Price: $34.00
Chinese Emperor Sword
Item #MC-SW-275
You can feel like royalty with a weapon that is so ornate, anyone who wields it may be mistaken for a member of the royal court. Get the Chinese Emperor Sword, and rule your budding kingdom.
Price: $112.00
Black Tsunami Ninjato
Item #MC-SW-362B
Every ninja needs a sword that can harness the devastating power of the tsunami - a sword like the Black Tsunami Ninjato. Like water retreating from the coast, if this blade pulls from its scabbard, it is too late for those in its path.
Price: $46.00
Hand Forged Samurai Sword with Green Scabbard
Item #MC-TR-029GN
A stunning and handmade piece of Japanese inspired weaponry, the Hand Forged Samurai Sword with Green Scabbard will be a special addition to any display, with several extra touches that would make it a wonderful gift for a loved one.
Price: $106.00
Silver Tsunami Ninjato
Item #MC-SW-362
Every ninja needs a sword that can harness the devastating power of the tsunami - a sword like the Silver Tsunami Ninjato. Like water retreating from the coast, if this blade is unsheathed, it is too late for those in its path.
Price: $46.00
Yin Yang Tai Chi SwordYin Yang Tai Chi Sword
Item #ZS-926860
Tai Chi is a celebrated form of martial arts which has become popular throughout the world for its breadth of benefits. The Yin Yang Tai Chi Sword is an exceptional jian style sword which is perfect for use in Tai Chi.
Price: $49.90
On Sale For: $44.91
Blue Handled Dragon Katana
Item #MC-SW-73BL
Two iconic symbols of Japanese culture and history have come together in the exceptionally decorative Blue Handled Dragon Katana. This samurai sword is the perfect way to add a piece of Eastern inspiration into your display.
Price: $60.00
Red Handled Dragon Katana
Item #MC-SW-73BR
Samurai are some of the best warriors in history, and their sword of choice, the katana, is arguably among the finest weapons in world military history. Now, you can own one for yourself with the beautiful Red Handled Dragon Katana.
Price: $60.00
Black Handled Gray Dragon Katana
Item #MC-SW-73BS
Not only do katanas have a reputation as the preferred sword of the feudal samurai, but their iconic shape allows for awe inspiring design variations. The Black Handled Gray Dragon Katana is one such adaptation to enhance your display.
Price: $60.00
Hand Forged Ninja Sword
Item #MC-TR-028
In between missions, ninjas need great display swords with which they can decorate their homes. The Hand Forged Ninja Sword is a sword to be bragged about, with its sleek design and quality that only comes from making it by hand.
Price: $64.00
Hand Forged Samurai Sword with Red Scabbard
Item #MC-TR-029BG
The perfect gift for any weaponry collector or Eastern history buff, the Hand Forged Samurai Sword with Red Scabbard is expertly crafted to create a beautiful and one of a kind display inspired by the rich Japanese culture.
Price: $106.00
The Walking Dead Katana
Item #MC-WD001P
Referred to lovingly by her fans as Samurai Girl, Michonne from the hit AMC series The Walking Dead uses her katana to slash and slay zombies. Now, you can have your own version of her famed sword with The Walking Dead Katana.
Price: $216.00
Musashi Dual Samurai Sword SetMusashi Dual Samurai Sword Set
Item #ZS-926763
The Japanese fighting style of using two swords originated with the teachings of Miyamoto Musashi, a medieval swords master whose philosophy is still taught today. Pay homage to this master with the Musashi Dual Samurai Sword Set.
Price: $59.90
On Sale For: $53.91
Purple Handled Dragon Katana
Item #MC-SW-73BP
Every display of weapons needs a bright and unique addition that will add a touch of variety. The Purple Handled Dragon Katana has so many eye catching features that it will undoubtedly become the favorite sword in your decor.
Price: $60.00
Black Handled Dragon Katana
Item #MC-SW-73BK
No weapons display is complete without a sleek and unique version of one of the most well known weapons in military history, the katana. The Black Handled Dragon Katana is the perfect addition to your collection of decorative swords.
Price: $60.00