Poison ChalicePoison Chalice
Item #AG-AAG17
The Poison Chalice is a classic 15th or 16th century chalice of grand proportions, built on a sexfoil base with encroaching ivy, and it's fluted column set with six red and black Austrian crystal poison ivy berries.
Price: $327.75
On Sale For: $294.98
Hang Man's Noose EarringHang Man's Noose Earring
Item #AG-E256
A short drop and a sudden stop has been the end of many lives over the centuries. The Hang Man's Noose Earring fuses the executioners knot with the skull, creating a potent symbol of mortality to add to your ensemble.
Price: $18.00
On Sale For: $16.20
The Chemical Wedding PendantThe Chemical Wedding Pendant
Item #AG-P453
The Chemical Wedding Pendant depicts a great metaphysical union of opposites, rendered in a two-tone finish. A beastly demon faces a lovely angel as they pose in similar posture with their arms thrust behind them.
Price: $40.00
On Sale For: $36.00
Draconis Celtica RingDraconis Celtica Ring
Item #AG-R86
The Draconis Celtica ring features a head of a dragon that lurks beneath this pool of Celtic spring. This Gothic ring is hand cast from fine English pewter and does not need regular polishing to maintain its gorgeous look.
Price: $32.00
On Sale For: $28.80
Dr Von Rosensteins Induction Principle RingDr Von Rosensteins Induction Principle Ring
Item #AG-R44
The Dr Von Rosensteins Induction Principle Ring is made of pewter and solid brass, an authentic reproduction of Dr. Von Rosensteins indispensable key to the induction matrix. This Gothic ring has a bright, gleaming finish.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $27.00
Strigoli Wine GlassStrigoli Wine Glass
Item #AG-AAG33
This beautiful pewter Strigoli Wine Glass is a bat infested wine glass of a darkly Romanian flavour with a hand-blown, black glass cup and antiqued cast-pewter stem. The Strigoli Wine Glass is safe for all cold beverages and stands 8 inches tall.
Price: $171.35
On Sale For: $154.22
Viking Horn TankardViking Horn Tankard
Item #AG-AAT25
Take hold of this Viking Horn Tankard and down your meat like a real warrior! This impressive tankard takes the classic medieval drinking vessel and transforms it with a horn handle that you will love to get your hands on!
Price: $130.00
On Sale For: $117.00
The Posthumous Service MedalThe Posthumous Service Medal
Item #AG-AMA1
The Posthumous Service Medal was awarded to brave chaps and rare individuals for exceptional service, achievements, and gallantry bordering on the stupid, in the great age of intrepid adventure. Great Steampunk Accessory.
Price: $40.25
On Sale For: $36.23
Illuminati Cross PendantIlluminati Cross Pendant
Item #AG-P397
The Illuminati Cross Pendant draws its design from one of the most mysterious groups of legend. This gothic cross pendant represents Rome, where the angels of Bernini steer the sacred path of light through the altars of science.
Price: $55.00
On Sale For: $49.50
Anguistralobe PendantAnguistralobe Pendant
Item #AG-P188
The Anguistralobe Pendant features a working miniature of the 18th century tool used to measure the path of destiny among heavenly bodies. The gothic instrument employs a dark design tailored to the crueler twists of fate.
Price: $39.00
On Sale For: $35.10
Alpha Omega Secret Shot Walking CaneAlpha Omega Secret Shot Walking Cane
Item #AG-WS7
The mysterious seals and sigils engraved upon the Alchemist's skull represent the arcane knowledge of thousands of years of secret wisdom. The Alpha Omega Secret Shot Walking Cane fortuitously conceals a 1 fluid ounce double shot volume of liquor inside of this genuine beechwood cane.
Price: $345.00
On Sale For: $310.50
Betrothal RingBetrothal Ring
Item #AG-R134
The Betrothal Ring features a miniature, Rococo masterpiece of romantic tokenism perfect as a gift for your loved one or yourself with the blood red enamel heart of passion. This gothic ring is made from fine English pewter.
Price: $25.00
On Sale For: $22.50
Mjollnir PendantMjollnir Pendant
Item #AG-VAP2
The Mjollnir Pendant references the name of Thors magical hammer, appearing on a split chain. This Gothic pendant is handmade in fine English pewter and does not need regular polishing to maintain its gorgeous appearance.
Price: $23.00
On Sale For: $20.70
Marquis De Lune Walking CaneMarquis De Lune Walking Cane
Item #AG-WS6
The Marquis De Lune Walking Cane displays an ornate, cast pewter top, mounted with a giant sparkling, multi-faceted Austrian Swarovski crystal, as befitting the nobility who prefer the nocturnal hours.
Price: $250.00
On Sale For: $225.00
Angels Eye RingAngels Eye Ring
Item #AG-R124
The Angels Eye has a deep Swarovski crystal eye is engraved with the pentagram. This Gothic ring is hand cast from fine English pewter and in many cases, including other high quality materials and finishes.
Price: $35.00
On Sale For: $31.50
Black Hemlock Poison RingBlack Hemlock Poison Ring
Item #AG-R96A
The Black Hemlock Poison ring is an egregious and formidable dress-ring concealing a generous cavity beneath its brass hinged, imperious crystal gem lid. This pewter gothic ring is made in Sheffield, England and crafted by master craftsman.
Price: $67.85
On Sale For: $61.07
La Fleur De Baudelaire ChokerLa Fleur De Baudelaire Choker
Item #AG-P517
The La Fleur de Baudelaire Choker celebrates the 19th century Parisian gothic poet and visionary who championed the supernaturally creative powers of absinthe. This ornate gothic necklace offers an elegant formal accessory.
Price: $65.00
On Sale For: $58.50
Raven Flight RingRaven Flight Ring
Item #AG-R197
Beware the raven, for its eyes are not only its own. What it sees, Odin himself may also see! The Raven Flight Ring fits a captive corvus on your finger, making one of Odins own messenger-birds into an accent for your look.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $27.00
Pentagram Gaelic Plait Leather BraceletPentagram Gaelic Plait Leather Bracelet
Item #AG-A37
The Pentagram Gaelic Plait Leather Bracelet is a hand plaited, black leather wristband with pewter pentagram button fastening. The Pentagram Gaelic Plait Leather Bracelet makes a great gothic bracelet for everyday use.
Price: $25.00
On Sale For: $22.50
Arachnia Wine GobletArachnia Wine Goblet
Item #AG-AAG38
The Arachnia Wine goblet is crawling straight from the oaken hall table of any classic gothic horror film set. This hideously webbed goblet is carried atop a chillingly monstrous and realistic spider. The Arachnia goblet is safe for all cold beverages.
Price: $201.25
On Sale For: $181.13