Ranger Bow
Item #WB-303
Our Ranger Bow is a very unique bow. The bow is painted black, and all the growth rings of the wood are a silver color, creating an effect not seen before. It has the 2 gold painted tree symbols on either side of the handle.
Price: $155.00
Lord of the Rings Legolas Style LongbowLord of the Rings Legolas Style Longbow
Item #WB-106
Inspired by the bow used by Legolas in the Lord of the Rings movies, this bow is available in a variety of weights with a 28 inch draw. The bow is finely crafted from a single piece of Red Oak backed with linen and is solid black.
Price: $130.00
The Green Leaf Bow
Item #WB-314
Our Green Leaf Bow is adorned in green leaves and vines. The bow is also painted green with the green fading at the tips. Made from a solid piece of hickory, this bow is a great target bow or costume bow, and still fully functional.
Price: $155.00
Linen Backed Medieval Longbow
Item #WB-111
Our Linen Backed Medieval Longbow is finely crafted from red oak and then backed with linen for added strength. Our Linen Backed Medieval Longbow is made in an array of draw weights for your convenience.
Price: $130.00
Prologue Bow
Item #WB-308
The bow that was used by the elvish prologue armies. The designs on the front of the bow are hand painted in metallic gold and are located just above and below the handle. The handle area of the bow is black, and then fades to a dark brown.
Price: $155.00
Elven Scout Bow
Item #WB-312
Armies of Elf scouts armed with bows, though small in number, are a potent force in the city of the damned. Our Elf Scout bow is approximately 72 inches long. The bow is made from solid hickory and the handle is wrapped with a tan grip.
Price: $155.00
Katniss Everdeen's Bow
Item #WB-317
The bow has been a classic weapon since time immemorial, and this bow is no different, having been used by a skilled hunter to provide for her family. Katniss Everdeen s Bow is inspired by the bow used by the heroine of The Hunger Games.
Price: $165.00
You Finish Hickory LongbowYou Finish Hickory Longbow
Item #WB-UF72
If you want a project, than this You Finish Hickory Longbow may be the thing for you! This bow is for the archer who wants the satisfaction of having finished their bow themselves, as well as a template that is open to customization!
Price: $70.00
Green Elven Arrows
Item #WB-319
Elves are notoriously good archers, as much because of their skill as their skill in bow-crafting and fletching. These Green Elven Arrows recreate the famed design of the woodland elf archers, in a functional, modern-day arrow!
Price: $145.00
Katniss Everdeen's Arrows
Item #WB-318
These arrows are modeled after the arrows used by the heroine of The Hunger Games books and motion picture. Katniss Everdeen s Arrows are handcrafted to feature a primitive look with an uncompromised effectiveness worthy of any huntress.
Price: $159.00
Lothlorien Arrows
Item #WB-322
Anyone who has seen Lord of the Rings can tell you that elves are deadly archers. Now, you can maybe channel some of their peerless skill by tucking a dozen or so of these Lothlorien Arrows into your quiver when you go shooting.
Price: $160.00
Solid Hickory Medieval Siege Warbow
Item #WB-604
Large is a good way to describe this Solid Hickory Medieval Siege Warbow. From the grip to the limbs, it offers an intimidating look, and it does not lack for function either - it can easily send an arrow hurtling down-range at-speed.
Price: $215.00
Rustic Youth Longbow with Leather Wrapped Handle
Item #WB-603
Just because an archer is young does not mean that they have to settle for a sub-par bow. This Rustic Youth Longbow with Leather Wrapped Handle offers a mix of detailing and functionality, making it one bow that any archer would enjoy.
Price: $95.00
Youth Ranger Bow
Item #WB-602
The rangers were the last men of the west and were destined to wander the land until the Return of the King. They were traditionally armed with both blades and bows. This Youth Ranger Bow recreates one such weapon for any young archer to wield.
Price: $99.00
Youth Greenleaf Longbow
Item #WB-601
Elves are known for their love of nature, and this Youth Greenleaf Longbow reflects that. It is adorned in leaves and vines, while also being painted green over its whole length. The color fades towards the tips, transitioning from leaf-green to bark-brown.
Price: $99.00
Hungarian Style Horsebow
Item #GI-018
When you want a truly impressive traditional bow, make sure to check out the Hungarian Style Horsebow. This Magyar horsebow hearkens back to the renowned warrior-archers of old with its stunning look and top-notch construction.
Price: $199.00
Youth Linen Backed English Longbow
Item #WB-300
Archery is not solely for adults. Not anymore, at least. This Youth Linen Backed English Longbow echoes the overall look of our adult version, in a smaller size that is perfectly made for the young archer to own, shoot with, and enjoy!
Price: $85.00
Youth LOTR Legolas Style Bow
Item #WB-301
A lot of people love Lord of the Rings, adults and kids alike, and for those youths who love Legolas and his archery, nothing beats this Youth LOTR Legolas Style Bow, which puts an authentic elf bow into a young archers eager hands.
Price: $85.00
Youth Prologue Bow
Item #WB-600
Our Youth Prologue Bow is on a bow design that is worthy of any elf. The front of the bow is hand-painted with fine scrollwork in metallic gold, while the handle is black, which fades to a natural brown along the bow's length in a very cool transition.
Price: $99.00
72 Inch Hickory Bow Kit
Item #GI-007
When you want to create a fully functional longbow that you can customize to your preferences, the 72 Inch Hickory Bow Kit makes a great place to start. This bow making kit includes a shaped stave, backing strip, and bowstring.
Price: $77.00