Epic Armoury

With its foam latex weapons, costume accessories, and medieval clothing, Epic Armoury is a dream come true for LARPers of all kinds. Medieval Collectables proudly offers a wide variety of steel plate armour, leather armour, chainmail, medieval tunics, leather belts, and more to give you an impressive look for LARP events or Renaissance fairs. Our LARP weapons, which include LARP swords, LARP axes, LARP war hammers, LARP staffs, and others, are crafted from durable foam latex with strong cores to withstand years of use. We also provide LARP archery supplies and LARP shields. All of these foam latex products come in a range of styles from medieval to fantasy to modern, so anyone can find the perfect tool for battle. In addition to these fine items, Epic Armoury is also the proud producer of many high-quality costume effects ranging from costume make up to latex prosthetics and costume masks to colored contacts and beyond. Take a moment to browse through this category to see a mere fraction of the fine pieces that are on offer to turn your role-play into an exceptional experience!
Dark Elven Leather Armour PackageDark Elven Leather Armour Package
Item #MCI-2700
Emerge from the tunnels of the underdark, and join your fellow drow in combat against the children of the sun with the Dark Elven Leather Armour Package. This set includes the cuirass, pauldrons, a right hand gauntlet, and a tunic.
Price: $518.00
On Sale For: $492.10
RFB Fighter Leather ArmourRFB Fighter Leather Armour
Item #MCI-2717
Armor on a budget does not mean you have to sacrifice protection or looks. This RFB Fighter Leather Armor is a fine choice for any LARP warrior to wear, one that offers plenty of protection, as well as a rather distinctive look, too.
Price: $63.00
On Sale For: $56.00
Epic Dark Visored Barbuta HelmetEpic Dark Visored Barbuta Helmet
Item #MCI-2429
Barbute helmets did not have visors, although the needs of the warrior are what dictate the evolution of the helm. This Epic Dark Visored Barbuta Helmet is as protective as a typical barbute and then-some, thanks to the visor.
Price: $137.00
On Sale For: $130.15
RFB Viking Leather ArmourRFB Viking Leather Armour
Item #MCI-2718
When it comes to armor, the Vikings preferred something functional and light. If you fell overboard while traveling, plate armor made it hard to swim. This RFB Viking Leather Armour is affordable LARP armor with a Viking style.
Price: $87.00
On Sale For: $78.00
Articulated GauntletsArticulated Gauntlets
Item #MCI-2588
The Articulated Gauntlets are so flexible that you can make a fist while wearing them! This characteristic enables swift movement and more agility in handling weaponry. They prove to be an essential for the noble medieval knight.
Price: $177.00
On Sale For: $168.15
Shoulder Armour with Neck GuardShoulder Armour with Neck Guard
Item #MCI-2740
Our Shoulder Armour with Neck Guard is great for those who do not want to wear a breastplate or cuirass, as the pauldrons connect right to the included neck plate. It is crafted from 8-9 oz. leather and available in black or brown.
Price: $137.00
On Sale For: $130.15
Warriors Single PauldronWarriors Single Pauldron
Item #MCI-2741
The Warriors Single Pauldron is designed to be worn on the right side shoulder and comes with a built in chest harness that provides a very comfortable and sturdy fit. Great for LARP, Theater, Movies, Costumes, and the SCA.
Price: $75.00
On Sale For: $71.25
ConQuest Warcrafted ArmourConQuest Warcrafted Armour
Item #MCI-2640
Join the Great Host in battling the unnatural beings that threaten not only the Mirror World, but your realm as well. Become an Angel of Death before the Undead, no Ratio, and Black Ice armies with the ConQuest Warcrafted Armour.
Price: $772.00
On Sale For: $733.40
Visored Barbuta HelmetVisored Barbuta Helmet
Item #MCI-2428
The barbute has undergone many changes since it first hit the field of war in the 15th century. This Visored Barbuta Helmet expands upon the original design by adding a visor, which adds protection and makes for an intimidating sight.
Price: $116.00
On Sale For: $110.20
Knights Battle Arm BracersKnights Battle Arm Bracers
Item #MCI-2164
These Knights Battle Bracers are made of soft, chrome-tanned leather and have a suede backing so they are very comfortable to wear. They feature antique brass rivets and grommets, with lace up closure.
Price: $18.00
On Sale For: $17.10
Assassins Leather HelmetAssassins Leather Helmet
Item #MCI-2730
Join your fellow elves in an exciting journey to the human realm. Be prepared for a grand adventure and the wealth of unforgettable tales found only on the LARP battlefield with the Assassins Leather Helmet shielding your brow.
Price: $71.00
On Sale For: $67.45
King Tunic & Armour PackageKing Tunic & Armour Package
Item #MCI-2701
For LARP, Re-enactments or Ren Fairs, our King Tunic and Armour set is a great start or addition to your wardrobe. This set includes the body armour and the kingly long tunic and cape. This regal ensemble provides a truly distinctive and royal look.
Price: $538.00
On Sale For: $511.10
Hunters Leather QuiverHunters Leather Quiver
Item #MCI-2201
Made from chromed tanned leather, this stylish quiver is perfect for traditional archery or medieval re-enactments. You can use this quiver to hold either LARP arrows or classic arrows, the depth works well for both.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $28.50
Black Ice Complete Armour SetBlack Ice Complete Armour Set
Item #MCI-2650
Gird yourself with armour fashioned from the Essence of Black Ice. Become an efficient, unyielding soldier of the Rakh from the ConQuest universe. Enter your next LARP battle fully suited with the Black Ice Complete Armour Set. This stylized armour package includes the cuirass, tabard, pauldrons, tasset belt, full leg armour, and bracers.
Price: $660.00
On Sale For: $627.00
Single Leather GauntletSingle Leather Gauntlet
Item #MCI-2742
Gauntlets do not just come in steel and other varieties of metal, especially not when leather can be just as protective and desirable. A Single Leather Gauntlet is the accessory to get when creating a look that is all your own.
Price: $50.00
On Sale For: $47.50
Rangers Leather QuiverRangers Leather Quiver
Item #MCI-2204
This Hunters Leather Quiver is made of suede and features a contrasting color with a cutout sewn on top of the body. This back quiver has a harness system to keep it secure, which includes a strap to go around your upper chest and waist.
Price: $91.00
On Sale For: $86.45
Black Ice HelmetBlack Ice Helmet
Item #MCI-2654
Appear as a Rakh of the Black Ice Essence by combining your Black Ice armour set with the Black Ice Helmet. This officially licensed ConQuest helm is made from 18-gauge mild steel, able to withstand the harsh blows of LARP battle.
Price: $142.00
On Sale For: $134.90
Soldiers Leather ArmourSoldiers Leather Armour
Item #MCI-2712
Our studded leather harness is a must for a Soldier. It is crafted from quality 8-9 oz. leather, making it ideal for LARP, Theater, or Ren Fairs. It features lacing along the edges and stylish studding that gives it a nice look.
Price: $122.00
On Sale For: $115.90
Celtic Lamellar Leather ArmourCeltic Lamellar Leather Armour
Item #MCI-2715
Our Celtic Lamellar Leather Armour has a unique design with a spin on the traditional look. In between lamellar segments, there are sections of leather that have gold painted Celtic designs that set this armour apart from the others.
Price: $355.00
On Sale For: $337.25
Veterans Leather ArmourVeterans Leather Armour
Item #MCI-2713
This unique leather armour is a must for any Veteran Warrior. It is crafted from top quality 8-9 oz. leather, making it perfect for a LARP event, Theater production, or a Ren Fair. This armour features a full back plate.
Price: $132.00
On Sale For: $125.40