Dynasty Forge

Employing a mix of traditional designs and modern materials, Dynasty Forge crafts weapons of extraordinary beauty. These functional swords can easily be made into unique pieces of decor when not in use. Medieval Collectables carries a selection of their best historical European sword designs, such as military sabres, medieval swords, Renaissance smallswords, and fencing swords. Made from high carbon steel, these battle ready swords show attention to detail in their production quality. Take a minute to browse through our Dynasty Forge swords, and you will find excellent pieces for display, wearing at a Renaissance fair, theatrical performances, sword training, or actual sparring.
Oakeshott Type XI Medieval SwordOakeshott Type XI Medieval Sword
Item #DF-1000
Originally dated to a period of usage from 1100 to 1175, this Oakeshott Type XI Medieval Sword echoes the look of a knights sword, while also featuring touches of appealing decoration without being too overly done.
Price: $380.00
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