Here at Medieval Collectables, we carry many fine Deepeeka products to decorate your home or add authenticity to your Renaissance fair experience. We carry a variety of collectible swords, historical armour, medieval clothing, decorative shields, and more. You can create a truly impressive historical campsite with our Roman and medieval camp tools, which include everything from historical cookware to fire starters to period tents. In addition to excellent display weaponry, Deepeeka produces many fine medieval daggers and historical accessories like powder horns and leather belts. When you want to create an incomparable reenactment experience or to decorate your home or office with excellent historical touches, take a moment to browse the Deepeeka section here at Medieval Collectables.
Blank Kite Shield
Item #AH-6757
Every warrior of note had his or her own heraldries to display on their shield, and this Blank Kite Shield gives you the chance to do just that! Of course, it is also ready to go as-is, assuming you would rather just leave it be.
Price: $121.00
Blank Heater Shield
Item #AH-6758
There are so many possibilities when it comes to this Blank Heater Shield. You can leave it as-is, of course, and carry it into battle without any problems, or you can take it as a canvas, one that allows you to create your own design!
Price: $99.00
Blank Round Shield
Item #AH-6768R
For many warriors, their shield was a personal work, emblazoned with their house seal, family crest, or personal crest. This Blank Round Shield allows you to create your own shield, to show off whatever design you wish to carry.
Price: $135.00
Praetorian Guard Helmet
Item #AH-6210
Among the Roman military, few units are as legendary as the Praetorian Guard. They were well-known for their prowess, and were instantly recognizable, thanks to the helms they wore, similar in appearance to this Praetorian Guard Helmet.
Price: $518.00
Maxmillan Armour
Item #AH-3899
The armor of kings and emperors was often far more ornate then typical armors of soldiers and even knights, and this Maximillan Armour is no different, possessing impressive detailing that is as effective as it is attractive.
Price: $2,250.00
Scottish Culloden Targe
Item #AH-PRH303
The Scottish Culloden Targe, as a restored recreation, is based on a historical piece that was captured during the Battle of Culloden in 1746, during the Jacobite Rising, and has since been kept in the Museum of Royal Armouries.
Price: $225.00
Medieval Infantry Half-Plate Armour
Item #AH-6134
Full plate armor can be cumbersome, enough to slow any warrior down a bit. This Medieval Infantry Half-Plate Armour offers a solution to that issue, by equipping a warrior with plenty of protection, while leaving the legs free to move!
Price: $1,411.00
Trojan War Shield
Item #AH-6119
The shield was an important part of Greek tactics, and it was rare for a Greek warrior to ever go into battle without one. The Trojan War Shield is an effective shield, one that is modeled after those used by the warriors of Troy.
Price: $306.00
War of the Roses Archer Helm
Item #AH-PRH301
England has known its fair share of conflict, sometimes over land, religion, and of course, the throne. This War of the Roses Archer Helm is based off an artifact from a period when two rival houses fought over the throne of England.
Price: $122.00
Full Set Gothic Armour
Item #AH-6007
Gothic armor was first crafted in the regions of Germany and the Holy Roman Empire sometime around the 15th century. This Full Set Gothic Armour is a perfect example of what this protective armour would have looked like.
Price: $2,115.00
Viking Wolf Helmet
Item #AH-6770
Vikings and other Norse warriors were well-known for their attempt to emulate the fury and prowess of animals, and this Viking Wolf Helmet is likely an attempt to channel the power of the wild wolf, creating a warrior blessed by Odin.
Price: $198.00
Brass Studded Scottish Targe
Item #AH-3999
The preferred shield of the Highland warrior was the targe. Slightly smaller than the medieval round shield, this Brass Studded Scottish Targe is a reproduction of the Scottish shield, in all its impressive detail and adorned glory.
Price: $195.00
Burgonet Helmet
Item #AH-3819
The Burgonet Helmet was, in many ways, the successor to the medieval sallet. Used primarily in the late renaissance, this helmet offered similar protection to the sallet but was considered to be lighter and easier to wear.
Price: $135.00
Riveted Leather Brigandine Armor
Item #AH-6076
Not all warriors on the medieval field of battle were knights clad in plate. In fact, not all warriors even preferred plate armor. Some, like the foot soldiers, used something closely related to this Riveted Leather Brigandine Armor.
Price: $522.00
Pig Face Bassinet Helmet
Item #AH-3810
The bassinet was a helmet that came to use around the beginning of the 14th century. Originally, they had no visors, but eventually, the helmet evolved into this Pig Faced Bassinet, which was favored by warriors of all ranks.
Price: $158.00
Blank Roman Scutum Shield
Item #AH-3853NP
Among the Roman fighting forces, no shield was as preferred as the traditional scutum, and for good reason. It offered superior defensive capabilities. With this Blank Roman Scutum Shield, you can take the time to create your very own.
Price: $171.00
Archers Buckler Shield
Item #AH-3991
The buckler was designed to be a companion that a warrior would use in melee combat. Thus, this Archers Buckler Shield is the perfect shield for an archer, who would only use their shield when they entered into close quarters combat.
Price: $65.00
Engraved European Closed Helmet
Item #AH-3814E
The closed helmet is the typical helm that is often thought of when picturing a knight of the middle ages, although this Engraved European Closed Helmet takes that thought a step further by covering the helmet with ornate designs.
Price: $161.00
Gothic Gauntlets
Item #AH-6023
These Gothic Gauntlets are a product of German design, possessing a style that pairs them nicely with the gothic armor that the Holy Roman Empire was known for. Not only are they impressive to see, but they are also functional.
Price: $225.00
Archer Sword
Item #AH-3312
The archers primary weapon was the bow and arrow, but what did an archer turn to when the enemy tried to engage the archer in melee combat? In such a situation, the archer typically favored a short sword, just like this Archers Sword.
Price: $90.00