Darksword Armoury

Darksword Armoury produces top of the line swords, daggers, axes, and medieval armour, which we offer here at Medieval Collectables. Their high carbon steel swords have full tangs and make use of threading and peening to secure the hilts, so you end up with high-quality products that can withstand extreme use. These pieces, inspired by historical an fantasy designs, come in a variety of styles, such as Viking swords, stiletto daggers, arming swords, longswords, claymores, medieval bardiches, sallet helmets, parrying daggers, and much more. When you need an exceptional weapon or piece of armor, be sure to browse the fine selection of products in this category.
German Gothic Sallet Helmet With Bevor
Item #DS-1725
As art experienced a new style known as gothic, so too did armor. This German Gothic Sallet Helmet with Bevor is a view of how armor took on the gothic styles of the time, creating appealing armor that was also protective to wear.
Price: $395.00
Gothic Fantasy Gauntlets
Item #DS-1705
Not all armor is made to complete the image of a knight in shining armor, and these Gothic Fantasy Gauntlets are proof of that. Rich in detail and design, these gauntlets echo the look of hand guards for the most nefarious of villains.
Price: $510.00
Fantasy Leg Armour
Item #DS-1709
If you think about it, your knees are very important when it comes to combat. If you take out a warriors knees, they are bound to crumple to the ground. That is why this Fantasy Leg Armour is integral to any warriors armored attire.
Price: $400.00
Medieval GauntletsMedieval Gauntlets
Item #DS-1706
A good pair of gauntlets will serve any warrior well, by not only keeping their hands protected, but by also enhancing their overall look. And these Medieval Gauntlets are some of the best that any warrior could ask for!
Price: $500.00
14 Gauge Steel Norman Helmet
Item #DS-1713
This style of helmet was commonly used from the 6th to the 12th century, due in part to its effective and straight-forward nature. That makes helmets like this 14 Gauge Steel Norman Helmet quite iconic, and instantly recognizable, too.
Price: $275.00
Gothic Sallet Helmet With BevorGothic Sallet Helmet With Bevor
Item #DS-1735
A lords armor was often adorned with detailing, while a foot soldiers armor was a bit more unadorned. That does not make it any less effective, and that point is proved when it comes to this Gothic Sallet Helmet with Bevor.
Price: $395.00
14 Gauge Steel Viking Helmet
Item #DS-1703
The Vikings were walking proof that you did not need to have an overly complex helmet to keep your head safe. This 14 Gauge Steel Viking Helmet is a modern-day reproduction of the same helm that Viking warriors would have favored.
Price: $275.00
Gothic Gorget
Item #DS-1710
In battle, it is best to not lose your head, especially if you are being literal. Warriors in both the old days and modern reenactments favor protections like this Gothic Gorget to ensure that their neck is not in any real danger.
Price: $125.00
Viking Axe
Item #DS-1742
The axe is a powerful weapon and an equally powerful tool, and in Viking hands it became a legend. This Viking Axe has a hand-crafted look and a brutal design, one that makes it a weapon to be feared by all those who face it in battle.
Price: $195.00
15th Century Gothic Gorget
Item #DS-1717
Even the foot soldier had their head to think about, and this 15th Century Gothic Gorget echoes the design of the armor that the lower ranks would have favored, possessing an unadorned style that was still extremely effective in battle.
Price: $145.00
Gothic Couters
Item #DS-1740
The joints are often were armor is weakest, which is why there are so many specialized pieces that protect those areas. These Gothic Couters, for instance, are designed to protect your elbows, keeping them safe from directed strikes.
Price: $110.00
14th Century Gothic Gorget
Item #DS-1712
Not all warriors want something showy and flashy when it comes to their armor and their protection. Sometimes, raw steel is all that is wanted. If that is the case, this 14th Century Gothic Gorget blends fine lines with fine protection.
Price: $145.00
Sallet Helmet
Item #DS-1715
This particular Sallet Helmet is based on an early 16th century design, which is when this style of helmet first began to circulate among medieval warriors. Helmets like this were useful to archers, thanks to its open faced design.
Price: $275.00
Norse Viking Axe
Item #DS-1743
Rarely can a tool go from splitting logs to splitting heads in a matter of seconds, but this Norse Viking Axe is definitely capable of just that, serving well weapon of war for any and all Viking warrior out there.
Price: $275.00
Viking Beard Axe
Item #DS-1741
The axe was, perhaps, among the first of the tools made by mankind and has remained important to many cultures in history. The Vikings are the most associated with the axe, and weapons like this Viking Bearded Axe are the reason why.
Price: $180.00
The Einar Viking Sword with Sword Belt
Item #DS-1338B
The Einar Viking Sword with Sword Belt is limited to 800 pieces worldwide, making this a great opportunity to get your hands on a unique piece of historical weaponry. This functional sword is inspired by Norse mythology.
Price: $805.00
Crusader Sword With Scabbard
Item #DS-1303
Make no mistake about it, this Crusader Sword with Scabbard is proof positive that a sword doesn't need to be complex to be effective. In fact, the no-muss, no-fuss design of this sword is what makes it so effective.
Price: $410.00
The Messer Sword With Scabbard
Item #DS-1350
The grosse messer was a German blade, designed to take the place of the sword as a side-arm. They were used by nobles and commoners alike, although This Messer Sword with Scabbard certainly has the look of a weapon fit for noble hands.
Price: $395.00
Fantasy Scimitar With Scabbard and Belt
Item #DS-1370B
Based on historical and fantasy concepts, this Fantasy Scimitar with Scabbard and Belt encompasses not only a pleasing visual aesthetic but also embodies the destructive cutting strength for which curved scimitars were so well known.
Price: $515.00
Arming Sword With Scabbard
Item #DS-1313
By the 14th century, the classical view of the knights sword took shape in the arming sword. This Arming Sword with Scabbard demonstrates exactly why, as its pronounced taper and tip make this blade a quick yet devastating weapon.
Price: $395.00