Calimacil crafts almost peerless LARP weapons with their durable foam latex, hybrid carbon and fiberglass cores, and injection mold processing. Now available here at Medieval Collectables, these excellent latex weapons display incredible details in their construction, giving many of them historical or fantasy styling. In addition to their popular LARP swords, we carry a number of their LARP maces, LARP staffs, LARP daggers, LARP warhammers, LARP axes, and more. For modern LARP weapons, we also offer crowbars, wrenches, pipes, and bricks for those who prefer to role-play urban warfare. When you need top quality LARP gear for your upcoming battle, be sure to check out the foam latex weapons from Calimacil that are offered here.
Malchus, The Falchion SwordMalchus, The Falchion Sword
Item #CL-70
The Malchus, The Falchion Sword is, like all of Calimacils weapons, tested and balanced for combat. The Malchus, The Falchion Sword has a fiberglass core giving it strength and durability and measures 37 inches long.
Price: $140.00
On Sale For: $125.00
Phoenix The Dagger Of RitualPhoenix The Dagger Of Ritual
Item #CL-44
The phoenix, mythical bird of fire who can resurrect from its ashes, is one of the main symbols of this cult. Witnesses claim that during their rituals they sacrifice animals and use blades like this Phoenix the Dagger of Ritual.
Price: $61.00
On Sale For: $49.00
Tarkasis SaberTarkasis Saber
Item #CL-15
The courageous Foresters of Tarkasis woods use this formidable sword to defend their lives. This saber allow Tarkasis Foresters to make precise maneuvers in the fighting, making it a powerful weapon against the terrible cruel goblins.
Price: $131.00
On Sale For: $115.00
Megor The Sword Of The Hobbit
Item #CL-26
It is such a rare vision to see a hobbit with a sword in his hands. This peaceful people work metal only to make agricultural tools. The rare swords that are found in the hands of a hobbit are usually gifts or lucky finds.
Price: $82.00
Kiras Staff
Item #CL-46
The double-ended design of Kiras Staff makes it a truly deadly weapon, one that can transform a warrior into a whirling dervish that is capable of laying low enemies with frightening speed!
Price: $187.00
Brennus Celtic Dagger
Item #CL-27
Armed with a dagger, a billhook and a staff, Brennus, the druid, embarked in a great personal quest in search for the secrets of nature. As he was searching, he collected and tested the various plants and mushrooms that he found.
Price: $61.00
Captain Deep Sword
Item #CL-29
The Captain Deep Sword has an overall length of 37 inches with a blade length of 31 inches. This LARP sword is not your standard, ultra-light latex-foam weapons, these are realistic reproductions created by injection mold processing.
Price: $161.00
Rawal Gurkass Kukri
Item #CL-61
Throughout the centuries, since Bappa Rawal, the first Gurkha, received his from Guru Gorkhanath, the kukri has been an ever present element in our lives and on our battlefields. Countless invaders fell under its heavy blade.
Price: $58.00
The Squires Short SwordThe Squires Short Sword
Item #CL-09
The squires were young men who were assigned to a knight. Their role was to take care of the equipment and the horse of their Masters. In the presence of his knight, a squire learned the rudiments of knighthood.
Price: $79.00
On Sale For: $64.00
Scrow The Warhammer
Item #CL-33
Magnus was right. The enemy's army sent their light troupes ahead of the troupes in full armour. They marched directly into his trap, which he named the crows cage. The Scrow The Warhammer has an overall length of 32 inches.
Price: $122.00
Hangaku The Naginata
Item #CL-59
The Naginata is a weapon created for the samurais and other warriors from Japan. It could also be use as a Guan Dao, the Chinese equivalent. The fantasy universe makes it appropriate for elven warriors and other fighters focusing on agility in combat.
Price: $234.25
The Magic Staff Of RaijinThe Magic Staff Of Raijin
Item #CL-55
A short magic staff with soft foam and details. It has a 5 cm (2 in) diameter. This staff can be use has a walking stick or as a powerful weapon. Built safe and easy to handle, you will blast your opponent with more than just magic!
Price: $150.00
On Sale For: $130.00
Sword Of Berrions Knights
Item #CL-16
Berrions Knights proudly wear this powerful sword. Made in the likeness of the city of Berrion, this elegant weapon was also very useful in combat. Only the Berrions Knights are allowed to use this noble weapon.
Price: $132.00
Yantok The Kali Stick
Item #CL-108
A stick might not seem like the most efficient weapon, but thats only because youve never seen one in the hands of a master. When a skilled warrior takes up Yantok The Kali Stick, it becomes an efficient deadly weapon capable of offense and defense.
Price: $42.00
Jack the Sledge Hammer
Item #CL-86
When it comes to putting zombies down for the count, nothing works as well as Jack the Sledge Hammer. In fact, this impressive LARP weapon serves well in putting any of your enemies down for the count in any great LARP events!
Price: $91.50
Gladius II, Gladius Of Pompeii SwordGladius II, Gladius Of Pompeii Sword
Item #CL-68
The Gladius, Latin for sword, was used by the Romans between the 4th Century B.C. and the 2nd Century A.D. Its length was traditionally between 64cm and 81cm, an aspect that this LARP version copies to great effect.
Price: $115.00
On Sale For: $105.00
Moloch, The Souleater SwordMoloch, The Souleater Sword
Item #CL-75
The Moloch, The Souleater Sword, like all of Calimacils weapons, is tested and balanced for combat. The Moloch, The Souleater Sword has a fiberglass core, a wicked look, and a 42 inch long blade that is perfect for LARP fighting.
Price: $169.00
On Sale For: $152.00
Musashi-Wakizashi, The Way Of The Warrior SwordMusashi-Wakizashi, The Way Of The Warrior Sword
Item #CL-69
This sublimely elegant short sword, the secondary weapon of the samurai, was designed to be an accurate reproduction of classic wakizashi of Japan. Its decorated handle, shorter than our katana model, offers the same comfortable grip.
Price: $140.00
On Sale For: $125.00
The Dentist Studded Club
Item #CL-80
The Dentist is a realistic reproduction of a studded club, which is perfectly suited to the context of our post-apocalyptic line of products. It is also quite appropriate for classical LARPers that seek an alternative to edged weapons.
Price: $92.00
LARP Brick
Item #CL-82
This real looking brick is part of the Zombicalypse collection. The Brick, like all of Calimacils weapons, tested and balanced for combat. The Brick has no fiberglass core. This Brick measures 8 inches long and weighs 0.3 pounds.
Price: $23.00