Full Leather Leg Armour from Medieval Collectables

Here you will find full leg armour that protects the lower legs, knees and thighs. Full Leather leg armour is crafted from 13/15 oz heavy armour grade leather. Our quality full leather leg armour is great for SCA and LARP events and functions. Our full leather leg armour is custom made to the users measurements to ensure a proper fit and provide full leg protection.
Full Leather Leg Armour
Item #DK5233
If you are looking for total leg protection, then look no further than here, at our Full Leather Leg Armour. It offers nearly complete and total protection to the front of your legs without weighing you down with a lot of excess metal.
Price: $150.00
3/4 Mercenary Leather Legs
Item #DK5230
Our 3/4 Mercenary Legs are made of thick, combat ready 13/15 oz. leather. The knee features your choice of a classic clover style or fishtail style design. These legs are fully articulated and includes all straps and buckles needed.
Price: $110.00
Knightly 3/4 Leather Leg Armour
Item #DK5231
Our Knightly Leather Leg Armour is protective coverings for your legs. It is a combination of leather cuisses, which protect your upper legs, and leather poleyns, which protect your knees, while still allowing for ease of movement.
Price: $110.00
Fighter 1/2 Leather Leg Armour
Item #DK5232
Your knees are a vitally important part of your body, especially in battle. Cripple your opponent at the knees and you take away mobility. If you do not want this to be you, protect your knees with our Fighter Leather Leg Armour.
Price: $99.00