Leather Brigandines from Medieval Collectables

Leather brigandines are a revised version of the earlier coat of plates. Brigandines featured small leather or steel plates sandwiched in between two pieces of suede. Leather brigandines first surfaced in the 14th Century and became very popular in the 15th Century. Brigandines made of leather were used by everyone, from Archers and Knights to Bandits and Outlaws. Our leather brigandines allows re-enactors flexabiltiy while providing protection to the upper body. Our leather brigandines are made of 13/15 ounce armour grade leather and come in colors black or brown.
Leather BrigandineLeather Brigandine
Item #MCI-2716
This Leather Brigandine is an impressive piece of work. It has a base of vegetable-tanned leather covered with medium weight leather plates. This brigandine is ideal for LARP. It is actually form-fitting and comfortable to wear.
Price: $340.00
On Sale For: $323.00
Riveted Leather Brigandine Armor
Item #AH-6076
Not all warriors on the medieval field of battle were knights clad in plate. In fact, not all warriors even preferred plate armor. Some, like the foot soldiers, used something closely related to this Riveted Leather Brigandine Armor.
Price: $522.00
Roman Leather Subarmalis
Item #AH-6082
What the padded gambeson was to the knight in shining armor, this Roman Leather Subarmalis was to a legionary in gleaming steel lorica. Designed as a padded under-armor, this protection was worn by most armored soldiers in the Legion.
Price: $400.00
Robert Brigandine
Item #MY100338
The Robert Brigandine is a great option for those who prefer to wear lighter armour for historic reenactment. This armour vest is made up of thick suede straps woven together, and metal rivets secure these straps at every crossing.
Price: $219.89
San Mauricio Suede Leather Brigandine
Item #MHR-A0930S
The San Mauricio Suede Leather Brigandine is inspired by a sculpture of St. Maurice in the Magdeburg Cathedral. Our recreation of his leather armour combines mobility and protection with its overlapping plates on the flexible body.
Price: $340.00
Berengar Ring Armour Jacket
Item #MY100257
Featuring a grid of leather strips throughout, fastened with rivets and adorned with steel rings, the Berengar Ring Armour Jacket is something to behold. This intense piece of LARP armour is great for a variety of fierce looks.
Price: $275.00
Wisby Suede Leather Brigandine
Item #MHR-A0931S
Inspired by the 14th century Battle of Wisby in Gotland, the Wisby Suede Leather Brigandine offers protection equivalent to a cuirass while allowing more flexibility because of superposition of bands along the leather body.
Price: $332.00
Roman Soldier Subarmalis
Item #AH-6082E
A Roman legionary needed as much protection as possible in order to stay safe from offensive blows to his torso. Even the best warriors need the Roman Soldier Subarmalis, just in case an attack from the enemy damages your armor.
Price: $248.00
Leather Plated Armor Coat
Item #300453
An early form of what later knights would turn into metal coats of plated armor, this long coat guards your torso and legs. The Leather Plated Armor Coat can be worn with or without a chainmail shirt for additional protection.
Price: $349.00
Leather Coat of Plates
Item #DK5018
More flexible than plate and lighter than chainmail, this Leather Coat of Plates is an excellent choice for men at arms, squires, and skirmishers. This leather armour is great for LARP combat or can be layered for more protection.
Price: $440.00