Viking Wolf Axe Earrings
Item #SC2940
In the Viking culture, the wolf was often considered a creature of Odin. Odin himself had two who served him personally. These Viking Wolf Axe Earrings embody not only these creatures but also the shape of the iconic Viking weapon.
Price: $7.00
White Bronze Urnes Earrings
Item #PS-WZER482
Sometimes called runestone style art, the Viking Urnes style features slim, stylized, tightly interwoven patterns often depicting animals. The White Bronze Urnes Earrings show off curling and crisscrossing spike designs.
Price: $25.00
White Bronze Viking Round Shield Earrings
Item #PS-WZER413
This pair of earrings, patterned after a Viking shield, offers its wearer protection just like the shield did to Viking warriors of old. The White Bronze Viking Round Shield Earrings show off a circular shape with fine details.
Price: $25.00
White Bronze Borre Knot Earrings
Item #PS-WZER479
Embracing geometric knotwork patterns, Borre style artwork motifs are named for the Borre mound cemetery in Norway. The White Bronze Borre Knot Earrings show off an attractive knotwork pattern that Viking enthusiasts will love.
Price: $25.00
Osberg Dragon Ear Wrap
Item #AG-E361
The striking interlaced knotwork dragon design of the quality pewter Osberg Dragon Ear Wrap is inspired by the intricate Norse wood carving that decorated a 9th century Viking ship discovered beneath a burial mound in Norway.
Price: $30.00
Thunderstick Earring
Item #AG-E368
Thrust through the ear lobe, the Thunderstick Earrings displays a richly detailed Nordic Thors hammer. The Viking earring features a unique design with a convincing back piece intended to create the effect of a stretched ear.
Price: $25.00
Thor Hammer Earrings
Item #AG-E384
Mjolnir, or Thors Hammer, is an ancient Norse symbol, a stylized depiction of the Gods magical weapon. The Thor Hammer Earrings are inspired by a Viking Age pendant displaying a triquetra in the center, with spirals above and below.
Price: $18.00
Hammer of Thor Pendant Earrings
Item #PS-TER1563
Mjolnir, the hammer of the Norse god Thor has been viewed as a symbol of strength for centuries. Granted the power of this Norse god, the Hammer of Thor Pendant Earrings is a unique way to bring a Viking touch to your everyday life!
Price: $58.00