Leather Gauntlets from Medieval Collectables

Protect your hands in style with our quality leather gauntlets. Most of our leather gauntlets are made from 13-15 ounce leather, this ensures long life and durability. Medieval Collectable's leather gauntlets will protect your hands and wrist safe in sword fighting. We have full leather gauntlets and half gauntlets available. Our leather gauntlets come in various colors, sizes, and styles. Medieval Collectables has leather gloves to provide a better handling of your medieval sword.
Single Leather GauntletSingle Leather Gauntlet
Item #MCI-2742
Gauntlets do not just come in steel and other varieties of metal, especially not when leather can be just as protective and desirable. A Single Leather Gauntlet is the accessory to get when creating a look that is all your own.
Price: $50.00
On Sale For: $47.50
Suede Swordsman GlovesSuede Swordsman Gloves
Item #MCI-2231
These gauntlets are made from suede leather and are very comfortable and soft. Whether you do real sword reenacting or LARPing, if you want to avoid losing grip of your weapon due to sweaty hands, you will need a good pair of gloves.
Price: $24.00
On Sale For: $22.80
Squire's Leather Gauntlets
Item #DK6083
Designed for protection and flexibility, the Squires Leather Gauntlets guard your forearms and hands from harm. A flexible piece of suede connects the hand guard to the arm bracer, allowing for uninhibited use of your hand and wrist.
Price: $50.00
Leather Swordsman Gauntlets
Item #200376
The long-cuff construction of these supple, leather gauntlets has been seen throughout the ages. Our gauntlets come undecorated to let you customize for your favorite era. They go great with almost any look imaginable.
Price: $45.00
Knightly Leather Half Gauntlets
Item #DK5301
Leather half gauntlets provide great protection for your wrist and the top of your hand when sword fighting. Made of 13/15 oz. leather, they are suitable for SCA and LARP. They are offered in one size but are available in many colors.
Price: $32.00
Warriors Leather Half Gauntlets
Item #DK5300
A warrior should always protect his or her hands. These Warriors Leather Half Gauntlets are made from 13/15 oz. leather and are designed to fit SCA standards. That makes them a great way to defend your hands when you go into battle!
Price: $32.00
Medieval Leather Gloves
Item #AH-6174
A good pair of gloves goes great with just about any medieval look. Knights, kings, brigands, swordsmen, warriors, wizards, rogues, and more can benefit from the style and versatile appeal that these Medieval Leather Gloves offer.
Price: $60.00
Odomar Viking Leather Half Gauntlets
Item #RT-250
Wielding a massive battle-axe, the Nordic raider rips through enemy lines. A hand catches the impact of a mighty blow, but the Odomar Viking Leather Half Gauntlets takes the brunt, allowing the warrior to concentrate on victory.
Price: $95.00
Sulla Leather Gauntlets
Item #MY100202
A raging foe charges toward you. You grip your sword steadily and set a firm foothold. Their weapon clips your hand, but you calmly fend off the attack. Your hands remain unscathed, safely shielded by the Sulla Leather Gauntlets.
Price: $88.00
Suede Leather Gloves
Item #AH-6172
Fine gloves go well with just about any look you can imagine. Knights, kings, warriors, swordsmen, soldiers, brigands, bandits, wizards, and more can all enjoy the look of good gloves, and these Suede Leather Gloves are just that.
Price: $48.00
Decius Leather Gauntlets
Item #MY100175
How does a small cut to the hand make a firm grip painfully unbearable? Steady hands are required for powered strikes. Avoid this unfortunate situation, and properly fortify these important limbs with the Decius Leather Gauntlets.
Price: $77.00
Odomar Viking Leather Gauntlets
Item #RT-247
The brave Nordic warrior unleashes a powerful strike with a mighty war hammer. The brunt of a sword attack hits the right hand, but the damage is minimal thanks to the protection provided by the Odomar Viking Leather Gauntlets.
Price: $210.00
Woodland Leather Gauntlets
Item #RT-253
The forest echoes with the whispers of ancient beings, the trees call forth the Elven guardian for its protection. Arise swiftly, bring out your finest armour, and wisely shield the forearms with the Woodland Leather Gauntlets.
Price: $250.00
Warriors Leather Gauntlets
Item #DK6087
In recreational combat, death is temporary and everyone gathers to share tales of glory around the feast hall or campfire afterward. Protect your hands from damage with these Warriors Leather Gauntlets, suitable for SCA or LARP.
Price: $65.00
Brown Leather Historical Gloves
Item #MH-S0602M
Protect your hands when entering into combat with the help of these top notch leather gloves! The Brown Leather Historical Gloves are ideal for training, drilling, and dressing for re-enactments with their comfortable fit.
Price: $43.00
Black Leather Historical Gloves
Item #MH-S0602N
Protect your hands when entering into combat with the help of these top notch leather gloves! The Black Leather Historical Gloves are ideal for training, drilling, and dressing for re-enactments with their comfortable fit.
Price: $43.00
Suede Gauntlet Gloves
Item #MH-S0606
Most gauntlets are not intended to be worn without an underlayer of protection, and these Suede Gauntlet Gloves offer that protection in comfortable style. They feature a top stitched quilted appearance and moderately extended cuff.
Price: $29.00