Woodland Adventurers Accessory KitWoodland Adventurers Accessory Kit
Item #PKG-11
For a proper adventure you need the proper gear! If you are planning an adventure in the woodland realms, look no further for the right selection of accents and add-ons than this great Woodland Adventurers Accessory Kit.
Price: $295.00
On Sale For: $265.50
Ren Fair Starter Kit - MedievalRen Fair Starter Kit - Medieval
Item #PKG-07
Whether it is your first or your fifth time at the Renaissance festival, this Medieval Ren Fair Starter Kit is sure to a great choice as it includes all the basics you need to start a new look with great medieval style.
Price: $54.20
On Sale For: $48.78
Archers Dragonscale Accessory KitArchers Dragonscale Accessory Kit
Item #PKG-31
What creature is more powerful than the dragon? None! With the Archers Dragonscale Accessory Kit, you can imbue your archery outfit with the might of the dragon with several pieces that show a striking dragonscale pattern.
Price: $113.00
On Sale For: $102.00
Ren Fair Starter Kit - CelticRen Fair Starter Kit - Celtic
Item #PKG-08
Starting a Celtic look is easy when you have this Celtic Ren Fair Starter Kit. Based on the classic elements of Celtic design, this kit includes a belt, bracers, and a pouch to get you started on your historic ensemble.
Price: $97.10
On Sale For: $87.39